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Guerlain Idylle Duet Jasmin-Lilas Guerlain for women

Guerlain Idylle Duet Jasmin-Lilas Guerlain for women
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Guerlain Idylle Duet Jasmin-Lilas Guerlain for women Pictures Guerlain Idylle Duet Jasmin-Lilas Guerlain for women Pictures

After last year's Idylle flanker, Idylle Duet Rose-Patchouli, which played on the two main notes of the composition of the original Thierry Wasser creation Idylle, Guerlain will issue a special edition for 2012. This time Idylle takes on the bright nuance of spring blossoms of lilacs and jasmine. The vivid floralcy with fresh, optimistic notes is a welcome introduction to the warmer weather.

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Guerlain Idylle Duet Jasmin-Lilas Fragrance Reviews


A fresh, clean, non indolic, but quite sweet lilac smell. It's not really a true lilac that I smell here, in this smell it's interpreted in a green/blue vibe. In the beginning it has the typicall Idylle smell (rose+white flowers), but after that it turns different.

It's nice and a little powdery so it's very calming and elegant. The powdery side is like in L`Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo, but here it's without the sweet tonka bean/amber base.


This is my signature scent from last week. I fell in love:)
Such a wonderful scent


Guerlain Idylle Duet Jasmin Lilas is essentially what the name suggests; Idylle with a floral twist of jasmine and lilac. Lilas means lilac when translated from French, and is not to be confused with lily.

It's quite a fresh scent, with the floral accords being rather dewy, green and soft. One of my dear friends suggested that I should try it, so I did, and while it's not something that I would personally buy, I do find it rather pretty and elegant.

The opening tends to smell watery and crisp on my skin. In the initial stages, I did find this fragrance a little bland, however the more it settles, the prettier it in turn becomes.

The heart is a smooth and delicate blend of sweet, indolic jasmine and slightly powdery lilac. The rose is also present, however it is much more subdued than it is in the original Idylle. At this stage in the composition, I would recommend Idylle Duet Jasmin Lilas for Spring and Summer.

I learnt to appreciate this fragrance more once I reached the drydown. The base has a gorgeous and sensual floral muskiness, which concludes this scent perfectly. I was most pleased that the lasting strength was good enough to allow me the enjoyment of the drydown for a few good hours.

I unfortunately never got around to testing the first Idylle Duet flanker, but I must say that I am most impressed with this one. I recommend.

khalid al mudares
khalid al mudares

today i smell it in Baghdad and i find it rather sharp smell not like the soft smell of Dior jaddor or pure poison which all got the floral and white one lovely smell which is my favorite to wear by lovely women


I just tested this about two hours ago, very surprised it's available in Beijing! Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of smelling the Rose+Patchouli duet, but I have tried the original and I love this so much more that I'm moved to write a review about it.

The original EDP is perhaps "prettier" for lack of a better word and I think it's a better crafted and more complex perfume, but for me there is just too much lily of the valley. My boyfriend told me the original smells like "old lady" on me, which vexed me to no end because I'm no spring chicken myself and I don't like that term being used as a pejorative. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but to agree with him just slightly. That I also blame on the lily of the valley, which has become forever tied to my dear aunt who used to wear lots of Diorissimo. In the 2012 duet, lilac and jasmine are beautifully mixed and they take turns playing supporting and leading roles. I'm very sensitive to white florals in warm weather. It usually gives me headaches, and I'm happy to report that this does not (today it was 29C/84F degrees).

There are a few cons. While it's not as long lasting as other Guerlains I've experienced, it's still acceptable compared to other houses. On my wrist, the smell is a ligher version of itself on a warm day after 1 spritz. The 2nd con is the price, nearly 100USD for 30ml and 145USD for 50ml! I thought it was just in this country as imported goods carry a high premium, but from the reviews below where the price was mentioned, it appears to be a set price world wide. My hopes of finding a cheaper price at the duty free is dashed.


Me thinks I was LIED to! LOL!!! My family was on vacation at "rhymes with Lisneydand" in California last week and there is a perfume store there. The lady told my daughter and I that this Idylle perfume was SPECIFICALLY and specially designed for Disney and was a signature scent. I was skeptical for two reasons:

1.) She pronounced Guerlain incorrectly. (lol!!!)
2.) There was no other advertising gimmicks, marks on a box/the bottle or otherwise to indicate that this juice was mass produced for a theme-park.

I thought the whole sales pitch sounded totally weird, and I also told my daughter that it was obvious that the people there worked on commission. We were inundated with sales people the second we walked in that shoppe. It was odd, to say the least and I didn't spent the $100.00 for the small bottle. The perfume itself was UNREAL. If you are in love with lilac's in particular or soft white spring floral's this is intense, long lasting and beautiful. To me it captures the scent of spring air after a rain shower when you are standing next to a lilac bush~~ in a bottle. I hope to find a less expensive bottle of it outside of D-land. :)


I could test this new idylle in Switzerland. I simply fell in love!
The focus here is all about jasmin with a crown of lilas, but it's not your usual springtime floral and that's all. I think that many years Samsara and after Jasminora, eventually Guerlain came out with a true fresh yet indolic jasmin to put my brain on my heels. Flanker? maybe, but with a good reason to exist.
I'm now a long term Idylle wearer as I had been many years before with Samsara. I wear regular Idylle EdP and I love EdT too. I don't care for Eau Sublime. I swooned for first Duet Rose&Patchoili and I'm swooning now for new Duet Jasmin& Lilas. It seems that I need alternatively a rose-based or a jasmin-based fragrance in my life, but not a flat kind of rose and jasmin. I love this complex scents.
This Duet Jasmin& Lilas fuses with my skin and it is so much "me": strongly floral with a soft musky base :-)
What really strikes me here is that Duet so strongly reminds me of something of the past. It really has a vibe of old jasmin ladies perfume with a good dose of indolic jasmin, revised in a modern way in Duet. We are not used to strong indolic jasmin nowadays. That smells dirty, like... well, poo&soil? Not a nice idea, I know, but these definitions should be taken like adjectives given to wines.
The jasmin in Duet is extremely fresh, cold and uplifting with an indolic back-feeling. It remains so on my skin for at least one hour of pure joy and pleasure.
Fresh and erotic jasmin surronded by a soft cloud of lilac. I found that lilac gives a special radiance to perfumes and enhances the performance of other flowers. It smells like wisteria purple-blue hanging flowers that blooms around Eastertime. This is a note that reminds me of EA 5th Avenue, a much cheaper perfume which smells lovely and feminine.
After a while Duet becomes more tamed and elegant, a little bit in the line of first Carolina Herrera, but in a Guerlain way.
In 4 words: I am in love.
I would have bought it straight there, but it was so expensive and I still have a big FB of Idylle EdP and I would like to buy EdT... It was about ChF 131, which is 108 euro or 142 US$ for 50ml!

The bad, very bad new for me is the LE matter, why???? I hate, hate, hate when Guerlain discontinue beautiful scents!
This means that I can be in love with Duet only for one year and only if I can afford it this year.
I don't like this policy. The Guerlain quality has worsened since glorious past. The regular version of new scents are often flatter, then they come out with a suppposed "flanker" that actaully smells better than regular and costs double (as if I could pile up for years to come, haha!). This is just marketing and I don't like this way of teasing customers who are not simply customers but true perfume lovers.


I smelled it at the airport: its a light scent yet sort of "sharp" with Jasmine & lily - i cant recall if the usual duet base was there underneath, if it was it didnt seem to work well.
Its a bit of a miss for me - there are plenty other Jasmine & lily perfumes out there that are more my taste. .
It somehow isn't rounded, as though its missing something. but i didn't give it chance to settle and warm up, I wiped it off :( Update : ok so I tried it again and I didn't like it., still sharp smells sort of synthetic to me. Gave it to my mum, and it smells lovely on her!, like warmed up honey & lily, pretty white floral blend.
P.s Duet Rose-Patchouli was the best perfume - i am so sad they don't continue to make that.


duet = 2 notes. that's why the name was given ?i don t think there are only 2 notes in it but 2 additional notes to the original formula maybe. :)


If they come out new version for every year, in the end they will increase the price for all their fragrance every year to cope with the development cost.


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