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L'Heure de Nuit Guerlain for women

L'Heure de Nuit Guerlain for women
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L'Heure de Nuit by Guerlain is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. L'Heure de Nuit was launched in 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Thierry Wasser. The fragrance features white musk, orange blossom, iris, heliotrope, jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

Fragrance Notes

White Musk Orange Blossom iris Heliotrope Jasmine Rose Sandalwood

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This perfume reminds me of  
L'Heure Bleue
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Apres l'Ondee
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L'Heure de Nuit Fragrance Reviews


This perfume should be named "peace on earth" and the peace would be made with kindness and pure hearts. Never have I tried such a restrained beauty. This is pure calmness and class and is one of the most beautifull perfumes ever made. This brings tears to my eyes and it's soft whisper touches my soul. So glad I was given a sample of this beauty. Simply need a full bottle. 10/10 Masterpiece.
This is the smell of an angels wings.


People--connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and general perfume lovers and admirers--have unfairly slammed this creation.

"Ew the liquid is blue;" "OMG they've destroyed l'Heure Bleue." Fine, we're all entitled to our opinions.

And for me, l'Heure de Nuit (I agree with its detractors that the name is stupid--it invoked l'Heure Bleue, but doesn't have the special, faceted meaning of the name) is a true masterpiece if ever there were one.

I always liked Apres de l'Ondee, and always deeply admired l'Heure Bleue, but even if I were a woman I could never picture myself wearing either, except the EdP formulation of l'Heure Bleue, which ditches the dusty provincial medicine cabinet of the EdT and Parfum arrangements for a buttery, leathery, smoothe opening that calls to mind Creed's Royal English Leather.

And l'Heure de Nuit, as many report, accurately recalls both Apres de l'Ondee and l'Heure Bleue.

It is as if Wasser wanted to lose the damp gravel of the former, and the dusty aloofness of the latter. As a result, it is not terribly innovative.

I don't normally like Wasser's work and never found him innovative or very "Guerlain" in the first place.

But I will happily credit him for this. He did something profound for the House of Guerlain: made two of its most famous, classic, iconic fragrances wearable, in one perfume, for all those who couldn't wear either before. And to top it all off, he managed to bring it into the 21st Century WITHOUT compromising the nature of either Apres or l'Heure, or make it smell cheap, thin, awkward, or fruit candy-like.

Which given the reformulation hits many House classics have taken, is something special.

Every note given for l'Heure de Nuit, I can make out.

And while it lacks the melancholy of the Apres and the aloofness of l'Heure, there is a remarkable quality to it that silently says "I'm a classic masterpiece."

Incidentally, it is probably one of the very, very few feminine perfumes that doesn't speak the words "I am woman" to me. I smell this and think "hrm, I could wear this." I rarely experience that with many other "male wearable" women's perfumes. If you can hold your horses through the opening of Pinaud's Lilac Vegetale for its gorgeous, soft, plush, powdery lilac-barbershop dry-down, connect with Neil Morris men's soliflores, or enjoy Fleur de Male, you can comfortably wear this.

A gorgeous blend of heliotrope, iris, violet, tonka, Grasse florals, blonde woods, and a plush, not particularly synthetic smelling white musk.

One caveat for me is that it seems to come across differently depending on one's mood. Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly annoyed, upset, tired, frustrated: I get more of the sweet and powdery purple notes. When I am in my favourite state of being--cerebral, intellectual, pensive: I get more of the plush, less sweet, grey and mauve notes.


L'Heure De Nuit is another nostalgic scent from Guerlain that I adore. I am not talking about L'Heure De Nuit being an old fragrance because it is not, but the feeling it arouses on the wearer. It is when you spray something on you and it brings this conscious awareness of classic glamour. I love the hypnotic aura of powdery flowers and sandalwood that this fragrance oozes of. The musk is soft and so is the whole scent but that appeal is magnetic.

Since I saw so many comparisons made by others, I decided to spray each wrist with L'Heure de Nuit and L'Heure Bleue and although I understand the association due to the floral notes, to me the similarities are minimal to almost none, both are totally on a different level of greatness. I have both but I know I will be wearing this powdery beauty more. The pleasure it provides is almost endless, I got a good 10 hours from 2 spritz.


Amazing presentation for a juice that can be totally forgotten. This is a new L'heure bleu, softened, simplified and watered down.

For the first 1h more or less you can totally smell L'heure bleu there, as said, softened, and the Iris and a note that to me smells like violets are more prominent than in it's bigger sister. It is also slightly more powdery.

Then the downfall starts to fade rather quickly an it turns bitter..i don't know which note it is, but it emerges as something totally bitter..the violet/iris is totally gone by that time.

Exquisite opening (but not necessary as L'heure bleu already exists), pitiful drydown, even more pitiful projection and sillage....4h and it is totally gone..and we are talking about a perfume that costs 200€.....ridiculous...for that price veter get Tonka Imperiale, Mon precieux nectar, spiritueuse double vanille.....


I have L'heure Bleu and L'heure de Nuit and I love them both. I had LB for a couple of months but has only recently started to appreciate its complexity and melancholy. It is a beautiful fragance but it feels very private and not somethng I can wear all the time. LdN, on the other hand, first caught my attention with the gorgeous bottle and distinctive violet juice. When I first tested it, I didn't detect any resemblance to LB. it's soft and comforting. Only as it dries down then I get faint notes of LB. I fell in love with it because of its subtlety. It's warm, comforting and familiar, it's almost like wearing a veil - it gives me a little privacy but I can wear it anytime. Needless to say, I convinced ,myself I needed it. :)


Seems people are trying to compare it to L'heure Bleu. This is not a flanker, they are different fragrances with similar names that´s all.


I really wanted to like this because it is a tiny bit reminiscent of my lovely L'Heure Bleue but it stops far short of being anywhere near as good as the original. I wore it on my skin for many hours today so I have given it a good trial.

This is worse in my opinion than Chanel's forgettable new 1932. And here's why. Although there is a faint signature of L'heure Bleue discernable in this juice, there isn't any of the gorgeous warm amber, spice and vanilla that warm the original and make it so beautiful. This is a watery medicinal smelling cologne like mixture.

This scent is so unfulfilling and almost bitter- it feels empty. None of the notes listed above can really be discerned at all and I think I have a pretty good nose.

Please don't even think about spending all this money for L'heure Nuit without trying a sample first.


This is beautiful!!! Not as complex as L'heure bleu. This is more like an introduction to a new Guerlain afficionado. I am considering to buy it instead of L'heure bleu. Why? Only to "be more modern" or not to offend too many noses. But if I want to really be true to myself, I should go for the real thing. L'heure bleu is amazing and so layered. I have not appreciated it in past times. Now revisiting past memories I discovered its true beauty. Let me ponder on this one.... but I think I am voting for myself, against the "fashion"!!! :) That said, by no means I want to call this a "cheap" compromise. This is a beautiful modern rendition of a classic!


At the very first look it looks amazing.
As I saw the picture I thought that was blue the glass of the bottle, but please, give a synthetical & strong colouration to a liquid is more suitable for a cheap bath foam/soap dish or for a Coty-Gaga fragrance than a Guerlain.

Moreover L'heure bleau means: the blue hour, that hour of light without an actual sun in the sky, before the night.
Pure poetry.
L'heure de nuit doesn't mean anything, everybody knows the night has many hours. Pure rational business choice.
And let people come close to a difficult masterpiece like l'heure bleue with a rebuilt fragrance into a big bottle of 270 dollars sounds pretty provocative.


P.S.: And what about the addiction of Wasser for carie's perfumes? It' seems here we are again!


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