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Liu Guerlain for women

Liu Guerlain for women
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white floral
Liu Guerlain for women Pictures Liu Guerlain for women Pictures

Liu by Guerlain is a Floral Green fragrance for women. Liu was launched in 1929. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Guerlain. Top notes are aldehydes, neroli and bergamot; middle notes are rosemary, jasmine and rose; base notes are iris, amber, vanilla and woody notes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Aldehydes Neroli Bergamot

Middle Notes
Rosemary Jasmine Rose

Base Notes
iris Amber Vanilla Woody Notes

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This perfume reminds me of  
Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette
22 no yes
2 no yes

Liu Fragrance Reviews


If Chanel No. 5 and Arpège are studies in the aldehydic style, no. 22, is an essay in it, and Guerlain's Liu is a PhD dissertation in it. For the record, I think this is closer to no. 22, but let's not quibble.

Liu does what the others don't: perfects the aldehyde blend in an austere, dry, yet sensual and deeply womanly manner without inducing sneeze fits, all the while never being powdery, dusty, or chalky. The Vetiver gives it a dry, vaguely smoky, temptingly masculine edge, while the Guerlinade speaks softly of and hints at sensuousness and womanly wiles, while at the same time the aldehydes rein it in, keeping that Guerlinade from radiating the sumptuous warmth and exoticism is exhibits in the house's more "Guerlainish" compositions.

When I smell this I picture a beautiful black haired, grey eyed woman dressed modestly in a subtle moss green Indian silk garment. When a perfume conjures imagery like that, you know it is quite special.


This is a review of the Les Parisiennes version, which I had a chance to test today. Mind you this is the only time I've smelled it, but from this first impression I can say that yes, it is reminiscent of Chanel N5, but in a distinctly Guerlain way. The first burst is almost undeniably N5, but also, I feel, a bit more effervescent. As it dries down there's a hint of Shalimar, a hint of L'heure Bleue, but it remains very much itself. Right now I'm having trouble keeping my nose away from my arm.


There is an artist named Tom Sachs who has a 1996 sculpture called Chanel Chainsaw. Perhaps Liu is a version of Chanel No. 5, but if so, it's an extremely hulked-out chainsaw version of No. 5, in leather. It also reminds me of Tabac Blond - there's no tobacco listed, but sometimes an overdose of aldehyde, or a combination of certain aldehydes, can end up reading as tarry smoke.

Colin Maillard
Colin Maillard

Liu by Guerlain is one of those golden, radiant, juicy and opulent floral bombs, rich in petals, powder, aldehydes and Mittel-European sumptuosity. Classic and sophisticated, soapy and distinguished - not a skanky "bitchy" chypre for sure, rather powdery, floral and aldehydic. It reminds me of both Chanel n.5 and Chanel Bois des Iles, although Liu smells somehow more dry, simple and bright. Beautiful for sure, nonetheless: full of grace and neoclassic opulence, perhaps a little "academic" as regards of the adherence to a sort of cliché, but undoubtedly pleasant, well made, crisp, cozy and refined. Bold sillage and long, perfect persistence. The perfect gift for any self-confident and elegant woman.



As a Guerlain fan and collector, this is my FAVOURITE Guerlain!

This is a beauty! Aldehydic, not too sweet, and a slight bit animalic. Compared to No.5, both have the aldehydic opening however I find that No.5 is much sweeter and warmer while Liu is more animalic, drier and not very sweet. Reminds me more of Cuir De Russie mix with No.5, that's how I would describe Liu.

Perhaps vintage No.5 without the decaying of notes may smell like this, who knows, however what I described above was compared to the modern No.5 (2013 batch).

I have a vintage bottle with trace amounts remaining of Liu and I have written this review based on the Modern EDP as part of the Parisiennes range, I would so love to get my hands on a bottle however at $300, theres a lot to think about for me before splashing my cash.

ms rochambeau
ms rochambeau

Liu is definitely similar to Chanel #5 in that the aldehydes feature prominently, especially in the opening. However, Liu evolves into something much drier, woodier and less sweet making it a little more unisex. There's a slightly darker and more mysterious thing going on in Liu and I think it's the hint of oakmoss (which is not included in the list of notes) that I'm picking up on as the scent dries down. Liu lies very close to the skin. I wish it lasted longer and projected more, but it I still find it beautiful and one of the most underrated Guerlain scents.


The dry down reminds me so much of Une fleur de Cassie...


This review is for the new eau de parfum from the Les Parisiennes collection.

Now, this is a very interesting beauty we have here, let me just say!
I acquired my bottle today, and as of yet have not been able to test it directly on my skin.
I only dabbed the stopper on a piece of paper as a little test run.

While Still wet on the paper card, Liu sure does remind me quite a bit of Chanel's iconic N5.
Sooner than you might think however, the warm and resinous guerlinade accord kicks in and I'm instantly reminded of yet another huge classic: Shalimar.

Liu is like a calmed down version of Shalimar smothered by a big dollop of N5.
This phase doesn't last very long.
It swiftly dries down further, leaving the N5 and Shalimar notes no more than supporting backbones in the shadow of a glorious fusion between moss, wood and dried rose petals.
It now seems to have taken on a much "darker" approach all of a sudden.
Together, all of the different phases makes the lovely Liu come across as a mix between N5 for the aldehydes and flowers, Shalimar for the warm vanillic touch and something akin to Vol de Nuit for the woody/mossy tones.
Still, it's mostly N5's aldehyde sparkle top gradually shifting into a dark green mossy/herbal (rosemary)? dry down with traces of the opulent guerlinade holding it together.
Compared to N5 though, Liu is definitely the "darker" one.

Liu may very well include some of the elements belonging to these other classics but as Liu begins it's transformation in the dry down, you will begin to see how unique and complex Liu's beauty is.
This is one dry down worth experiencing!

When placing the two next to each other, Liu comes off as quite a bit more dry and mysterious than N5.
Liu is also very unisex smelling to my nose, much more so than what N5 is.
The notes pyramid doesn't really do it any justice either.
Liu is a very complex scent to me, with many layers.

I can't wait to see how it will evolve with my personal chemistry and I'll be back to update when I find out.

Luca Turin apparently labeled Liu as one of the dullest of the Guerlains.. Pfft!!!
What does he know, right?!
Liu is a gorgeous beauty!
Right up there with the other classic Guerlain staples.

One more thing, just because Jaques Guerlain MIGHT have been inspired by Chanel N5 to make Liu does not automatically make it bland, unworthy or exactly the same scent!
Do every single aldehyde scent smell similar? I think not.

Not everyone can be a true original!
At least Liu is a great representative of the aldehyde group.
Besides, Jaques made sure to put his signature Guerlain stamp all over his creation.
Liu and N5 might be related in many ways belonging to the same olfactory group, still I would surely never confuse one with the other!
You can just tell that N5 is a Chanel and Liu is a Guerlian!
Liu, Vega and Vol de Nuit (all containing aldehydes) are my three fav "classic" Guerlains, so there!

Decent lasting power, it's been well over sieven hours and Liu is still here.
Sillage is comfortably moderate.


The drydown is much like some vintage fragrances of mine, notably Antilope, My Sin, and Miss Dior. Don't tell me there's no oakmoss. Whatever it is, it's nice to have in a contemporary fragrance and I'm sure Guerlain's not telling (;


(EDT in vintage Black & Gold Box)

This fragrance is incredibly lovely. It's not as spicy as Mitsouko or L'Heure Bleue. With my chemistry this scent is very comfortable, sort of like an old friend who really understands you.

There is nothing loud or powerful about the EDT. It has great longevity but wears very close to the skin. There is something crisp and fresh in this juice that is lacking in Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue. The sibling status is very recognizable though

Unlike some others here, I can't wear Chanel No 5 in anything but pure extrait and don't find any similarities to the Chanels at all. This fragrance gives me a really nice vibe, sort of sympatico maybe.


Intense aldehydes in classic form with strong woody notes.
The opening of the green juicy citrus and neroli, is very similar to Chanel 5. It has also a strong presence of the rose which makes it somewhat different.
As it dries, woody nuances govern over all other notes has a deep and dense base composition.It's strong and long lasting.
Classic , elegant and timeless fragrance.
This year's Celebration edition in a bottle with pump and an ethereal fragrance with shimmering aromatic body powder looks amazing!
It will be released as a limited edition.


(Current EdP review)
Its opening is quite similar to Chanel No5, but the drydown is cleaner, woodier than No5, and also can feel guerlain's vanilla in the drydown

Lady Love
Lady Love

( Reissued 2009 Review )

This is by far the best olfactory reinterpretation of Chanel N5, so much better than a lot of n5's wannabes fragrance out there, like Le Dix, First by Van Cleef.. And the List goes on...

Jacques Guerlain cut all the heavy stuff (Sandalwood, Civet, Patchouli and oakmoss) and slow down the aldehyde levels from the original N5, this makes liu more tender and wearable fragrance.

You will experience an obvious comparison between Liu And Chanel N5 Eau Premiere. In my own personal opinion I see Liu a little more true to the original N5 than the Eau de Premiere.

Overall Eau de Premiere and Liu smell similar but there are important differences. On one hand there's liu placing more emphasis on Neroli, hints of soft Woody-Vanilla, and the typical Guerlain Orris note. And in the other hand ylang Ylang, vetiver, neroli and lemony notes shine more on Eau de Premiere.

This beauty is definitely recommended to Chanel N5's lovers.


(Second review)
I pulled my first review because i've now sampled this for a month.

This opens heavy, which I was not expecting (with the aldehydes and begamot); and stays heavy throughout. I suspect rosemary is the reason, which tends to sink on me.

I'm not sure I would call this a floral green, but an 'herbal' green. I had a similar experience with Miller Harris's Fleur du Matin, which also has lots of herbs.

I like Liu, and wouldn't mind owing a small decant of it. I find this scent helps with concentration and works well on a cold, winter day.

I can't see this being mainstream popular, though, its too different. I'm tempted to say this would smell better in a potpourri jar than on my person, becasue it sits right on that line. It's only because I like everything going on outside of the rosemary that I can recommend it.


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