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Devotion House of Matriarch for women and men

Devotion House of Matriarch for women and men
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The Achtung project is a series of 8 fragrances inspired by the Sacred Geometric Art of artist Rick Barchenger, part of a multi-media series of products that include fragrances by House of Matriarch, original art by Rich Barchenger and fashions by ARONHIX. The collection launches from Seattle, WA on 8/8/13.

Devotion is a fragrant interpretation of Barchenger's art work, "Sacred 8." The theme of the fragrance is the octagram, as the doorway to DEVOTION.

An all natural fragrance, Devotion's notes include myrrh, incense, leather, oud, amber, ambrette, African gaia, teas, vintage French opoponax, exotic spices and Hawaiian vanilla.

House of Matriarch recommends allowing a a full 24 hours to experience the complete dry down of this fragrance. Devotion was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Christi Meshell.

Fragrance Notes

Olibanum Ambergris Myrrh Agarwood (Oud) Leather Ambrette (Musk Mallow) Woody Notes Tea Opoponax Spices Vanilla

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Devotion Fragrance Reviews

Colin Maillard
Colin Maillard

Devotion by House of Matriarch opens with dusty, dry resinous and incense notes, initially with a slight green aftertaste (on the bitter-crunchy side). The resins are strong, dry and thick, creating a peculiar initial feel that I would define like "stone", in a way. There is a balsamic note around, a thin, delicate breeze surrounding this dusty, heavy and grey monolith of concrete resins and incense, which slowly becomes warmer, softer and starts to "release" its mystical aroma. Not much else initially: a spicy note and a thin veil of dark dry notes on the base. As minutes pass the incense starts to smell more "familiar", like classic olibanum, and the spices grow in strength – I smell mostly cumin and cloves. So basically, as it's already clear from the composition and from other reviews, it's an incense-resinous-spicy scent, with just a dark woody thin note on the base. To be really honest, despite the compelling opening, the evolution of this scent does not have much to "tell" me, partially because it soon becomes quite light and close to skin, and fades away quite quickly, partially because it basically smells like a sort of "downgraded", more grey, more dry and grey version of other resinous-spicy incense scents like Casbah by Piguet. Finally it is also a bit linear, which depending on how much you like it, may be a pro or a con. Nice, but personally: "not impressed".



i dont understand in what setting/situation would one wear this


Woah!!!! This is not for that faint hearted...a MASSIVE incense fragrance that is dominant, pungent and just insane!
It completely overwhelmed the other sample vials I got and the bag they came in all smell of this fragrance.
Honestly, I understand the appeal of these ancient, opulent spiced frankincense & myrrh perfumes but this is frankly unbearable when first applied, no wonder they recommend 24 hours (yes!! 24 hours!!!!) to let it dry down!!
Well I applied the tiniest amount and I do mean tiny and I can't believe how potent it is...I really understand the comparisons to some of the Amouage fragrances as they are very heavy with things like incense, myyrrh and ambergris too.
At first it seemed clumsy and harsh despite the fact this one (and sexmagic) was the one I really couldn't wait to try. I love this kind of scent but without the complexity of other juxtaposing notes you get from the likes of Amouage Interlude for example, it's just a bit to linear.
The dry down is special and plain epic...but unfortunately not that much evolution you get the same thing throughout but it definitely gets better as it ages on your skin.
You can't help but marvel at devotion, it definitely achieves what it sets out to do, a blend of classic notes to create something that would've been revered throughout history.


This is the ultimate incense perfume, the kind you may want to sit down for or get knocked off your feet. The longevity on this is also an impressive day long.
What you have here is potent incense, myrrh, earthy-soil like ambrette. It is course and rough for the first while, the leather note making more of an appearance as the others calm down a little. Hours later once the smokiness and incense settle (slightly) as another layer is revealed of woods, tea and vanilla which is quite nice and makes for a fun contrast. Very interesting, unique and excellent experience, quality, even if its not my style, I think men and lovers of original works of art including incense notes would adore this.


This is an authentic, smoky incense that's powered by an ambrette seed which comes off as quite cumin-esque and dirty. There are parallels with Sexmagic in that there's leather and bunch of spices going on, but this is the kind of rough-hewn and biting incense that feels more copal-heavy and challenging than "nice". After ten minutes on the skin, it gets quite aggressive, and a dusty accord begins to emerge. Twenty minutes later, everything drops down to a lower level, which seems to be Meshell's signature move. For much of the remainder of the scent's long lifespan, it sits close, but becomes a deliciously dry vanilla with notable tea-like quality to it.

If dirty, difficult cumin-centric scents are your thing, or you're perhaps looking for a new approach to the incense genre, this might be of interest.


I bought Gateways on friday.........this will be on my next to buy list.then sexmagic after that.this composition looks great though


I got to try this at the Achtung launch party. This was one of my 3 favorites from the line. It is a very intense incense fragrance and it comes on very strong! It tones down quickly but remains true to itself with heavy notes of oud and incense (probably the frankincense and myrrh). I wore Devotion on my skin and could not get enough of it! This fragrance is not for the faint of heart but is a must have for anyone who enjoys traditional incense, period! Unfortunately for me, I only had the financial wherewithal to take home one bottle that day, and Sexmagic won the battle..


The composition looks amazing :o


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Devotion by House of Matriarch 4.21 out of 5 based on 23 ratings and 8 user reviews

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