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Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men

Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men
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Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men Videos
Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men Pictures Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men Pictures Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men Pictures Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men Pictures Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men Pictures Sex Magic House of Matriarch for women and men Pictures

A blend of thirteen varieties of cedar, exotic sandalwood, and a touch of oud. Unquestionably vivid and sonorous, these woods sing with the ancient resonant voice of the aboriginal didgeridoo. These aromatics hearken back thousands of years and their smoky venerable tones play upon the collective unconscious of the wearer. They feel distinctly Tantric in their power. Gandhi root and leather add drama, depth and offer great silage.

Sexmagic is an all-natural Woody fragrance that includes notes of Gandhi Root, Buddha wood, damiana, evergreens, amber, oud, leather, Mysore sandal, pinewood, moss, violets, cedar blend and choyas. Sex Magic was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Christi Meshell.

Perfume rating: 4.46 out of 5 with 45 votes.

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Pine Tree Woody Notes Agarwood (Oud) Green Notes Amber Leather Sandalwood Moss Violet Cedar Choya Loban

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Songe d'un Bois d'Ete
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Sex Magic Fragrance Reviews


This is the fourth charmer from this house that pierces my armour.
It's not that they are so sexy. It is something related to sensuality.
All that I have tasted thus far, carry a creamy refinement or "Mounting of the Sauce" succulence.
Again, the best of Aromatherapy. Dreamy and Soothing.
Sex Magic, Black No. 1 and Orca, Coco Blanc. Into the wardrobe they go.
HOM need to refine their packaging. Beautiful styling, however there is a lack of substance, mechanically, in the newest bottling.
These perfumes deserve better.
For the price asked we all deserve better.

FragranceView (YouTube)
FragranceView (YouTube)

A mixture of exotic woods and roots, black leather, pine and cedar.
Very unique and mysterious. There's a faint hint of smoke in the mid, and a rich combination of woods and oud.
I think it's fantastic, really enjoyed testing this one!
Very natural smelling, it's just raw and real to life.


I think the name is slightly misleading; "Hippie Sex Magic" or "Forest/Green Sex Magic" would've been more suiting since this scent doesn't really relate to sex in an urban/modern sense... Maybe simply name it "Magic" :D


This smells woody whole the way through.
My father sometimes makes handcrafted fourniture made from redwood. He finishes it with a 100% natural beeswax which also contains a little honey.
After it,s finished it smells like this fragrance.
Or should i say this fragrance smells like that fourniture..
i also get (first wearing also) a slight cola smell from this. Not pronounced really, just slightly. As it dries down it gets a little sweetnes (the cola sweetness) but so subtle i cannot say this is a sweet scent. It,s rather on the dry side but something in it prevents it to be to dry.
It is more on the dark side but it is a pleasant dark. Not to heavy and actually for this genre of scents quite wearable.
Basically this smells like a wood log that has been dabbed into something before letting it dry again obtaining the main scent of this fragrance, the WOOD
after about 4 hours the scent was gone. After 8 hours i can still smell it on my t-shirt and strangely now i,m getting a green smell, more exactly a root smell. Like the smel of a celeriac or the roots from a turnip, something like that. I think it,s ok but i have smelled this before many times.
Although this brand is known for it,s use of natural materials i,ll rather stick to gucci pour homme for my loadfix of woods.

Colin Maillard
Colin Maillard

Sexmagic opens with a fantastic, gloomy, austere and almost “mystical” blend comprising a breathtaking contrast between a peculiar herbal-leather accord which is extremely soft and mellow yet really “black”, and a ghastly breeze of thin floral notes and something almost “candied”, blended together with something reminding me of galbanum and mossy notes, providing a distant echo of traditional masculine fougères. The charme of Sexmagic is really powerful and unique: I am not actually sure of the reason why, but it is. It’s extremely dark, but in a sort of softer, more sensual, more enigmatic way than usual, managing to make also airy-colorful notes smell somehow gloomy and creepy. I would define this as almost “grotesque”, like a baroque “vanitas” painting: the smell of a dusty still life, of something once aristocratic and now dead – actually, there’s a feel of “death” in fact here. But much carnal and sensual too, I really get the Crowleyan inspiration behind the name of the scent. Feelings aside, it’s a really good and solid scent, with a perfect and clever composition, and great materials, as far as I can smell. The evolution is really peculiar, as the “pyramid” of the notes smells almost inverted: it’s like if the mellow, soft and hyper-black leather-herbs accord was on top, and then you get the lighter, fresher, woodier notes. The leather accord is great and rich, with a unique sort of plushy, velvety and gloomy texture that I rarely found elsewhere, fascinatingly wrapped into a balsamic, ambery-resinous, slightly floral sort of dusty shade. The drydown is sadly not that great in my opinion, as it’s a bit dry, thin and linear, but still really nice – basically almost only leathery-woody. A nondescript, clever, fascinating, extremely sophisticated gem which finally gives some sense and credit to the word “niche” (taking all this into account, the price is still completely crazy).



Was kindly sent a gift sample of this with an order of Matriarch’s colossal Blackbird, and may, at this point, be leaning more toward Sexmagic.

Starts off intense, dry, resin, leather, oud-ee with the slightest smoke & skank edge, then morphs within the hour into such beauty: old book, faint flower (violet?), ash. It’s open in that layered living way. Maybe ‘clear’ is the word? It is not a ‘clean’ scent. Don’t know if it’s sex exactly, but it makes me delicious, it’s spiritual, and what’s finer than that?

How I love love love shapeshifting fumes. & Christi Meshell.


احد أروع عطور الجلود على الاطلاق فخم
رائحة الجلود ليس كرائحة الجلود المدبوغه او المدخنه وليست كرائحة الجلود الممزوجة بلمسة حلوه او سويتيه

هناك الجلود تعطيك شعور بتواجد مكون بارد مخدرا. وكانك لبست معطفك الجلدي الفاخر برائحة الجلدية الممزيه وخرجت من بيتك ولفحتك تلك الرياح الشديدة البرودة التي امتزجت مع رائحة معطفك

عطر سشتعر معه بتلك الأجواء الباردة بالطبيعه الخضراء وانتعاشها
لمسة الجلود والصبار واللبان والقربن والبنفسج اعطت جمال وروعة بجناب المكونات الاخرى كالسيدار الواضح في العطر ولمسة العنبر برائحته التي فيها جانب من رائحة التربه او الرمال

انصح محبي السيدار والعنبر وكذلك الجلود بتجربة العطر

بالفعكل مبتكرة العطر طالما انها لعبت في ظل مكونات طبيعية ولم تستخدم مكونات مخلقة كيميائا تساعدها في اخراج العطر بهذا الشكل اجدها تفوق ونميزا وابداعا تملكه مالكة هذه الدار.


Right, so I'm starting with this one from the Achtung range because I knew I'd love it judging by the notes listed on frgrantica...and boy was I not dissappointed! In fact it was the publicity and features on this site that even made me aware of the house of matriarch in the first place.
So, Sexmagic...what a cool name for starters any fragrance thats named after half of a RHCP album is alright by me!
This fragrance is sexy, smouldering even and you can detect the different wood notes which exists in a kind of creamy oud spectrum. To be honest I'm not familiar with Buddah wood, Ghandi root and damiana...they're obviously great ingredients.
What I do know is that this is a deliciously well concieved scent and a great start to my sampler from this collection and this house.
It's smokey, dark and strong things I'm not usually mad on but this gets it right by striking a good balance. This will be one I'll be getting a bottle of for certain.


I got to sample all of the Achtung line at the launch party on Thursday. SexMagic was one of my favorites from the line (My faves being SexMagic, Epiphany, and Devotion) and one that I chose to wear on my skin that day. Aside from the oud notes, the more prominent note that I detected was cedar, and when speaking with Christi that is what she was trying to feature. She told me a fabulous story about why she chose to use no less than a dozen different varieties of cedar. I cannot recall all the details, but she spoke of the lost forests of Lebanon and the nearly extinct Port Orford forests of the Pacific coast. Christi was very passionate about the story behind this fragrance and how it came to be, as well as some of the other fragrances I had the privilege of hearing the story behind their creation. I find it unfortunate that these stories are not told on their website. They very thoughtful and fascinating. Similar to her fragrances, there is a lot of depth and layers to Christi Meshell!

I found SexMagic to be very warm, inviting, and sensual. It wears close to the skin, which I like, as I prefer only those that are close to me to smell what I am wearing, as opposed to smelling someones perfume two aisles over in the supermarket (you all know what I'm talking about;)

Overall, SexMagic is a fragrance that I loved from the first whiff and it was the one bottle that I chose to purchase and take home that day. Forgive me for not describing the notes in more detail, I am only a fragrance fan, not an expert! :)


Sexmagic goes on herbal and fierce with a faint bitterness that's akin to leafier, coniferous scents. It's somewhat dirty upfront, even a little sweaty, borrowing the semi-sweet leather note from Blackbird to construct a thick, heavy incense-type experience (of the non-smoky kind). It settles into a pairing of accords that feel a little like cumin over a complex, woody base, but cumin's not listed. Rather, the effect—dirty, but not fecally so—seems to be rendered through an incisive merging of Choya Loban (a difficult, smoky material) with violets. Oud's present, but sits calm, lending the composition a subdued familiarity. Oddly, given the scent's combining of wood notes that usually display creamy, buttery aspects (Mysore, Buddhawood), upfront I detect more of the pine and cedar notes than anything. But once it settles down, you're left with a wood blend that seems to get dirtier as it progresses. The overall composition is thick, but also notably rugged.

For me, this is a logical development of Blackbird without serving as a replacement. Both are dense walls of fragrance that sit heavily on the skin; and both invoke faint head-shop atmospherics through the merging of leather, ouds, and resins. But Sexmagic is dirtier (increasingly so) whereas the animalics in Blackbird are a little sweeter and more heady due to the cannabis note. So differences between the two are quite pronounced, but they're scents that clearly grew from a similar frame of mind.

As with most of the offerings from this line, the use of natural materials makes for unpredictable wearings. Matriarch fragrances tend to open strong, then go into hiding only to re-emerge in various forms throughout the rest of the day. Sexmagic stays fairly prominent throughout much of the ride, although it does taper off after a few hours to play hide go seek. Ideally this would be well-suited for those who prefer their fragrances to a be a little fuzzier and less disciplined than most, and it's one that I—being drawn to darker, heavier scents—enjoy immensely. If you liked Blackbird, some of the Nasomatto line, or even Amouage (although this isn't nearly as well-behaved or polished as an Amouage despite some connections to Fate Man), this one's definitely worth looking into more.


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