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Agarwoud James Heeley for women and men

Agarwoud James Heeley for women and men
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James Heeley launches the Extrait de Parfum collection of three perfume extract Agarwoud, L'Amandier and Bubblegum Chic. The collection includes contemporary scents of high concentration of the finest quality ingredients.

Agarwoud contains notes of benzoin, rose, oud and amber.

Inspirational words are: extrait de devotion, serenity, eagle, prayer, space, meditation, temple, prince, Siddhartha, gold, dark, wood, forest, power, mind, fertility, mist, rising, control, wealth, poverty, spirit, forever.

It is available as 50 ml perfume extract. Agarwoud was launched in 2011.

Fragrance Notes

Amber Rose Agarwood (Oud) Incense

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Agarwoud Fragrance Reviews



افضل عطر يحتوي على الورد الوعود


Such a Beautiful and mystical fragrance !

Reminds me a peaceful place

The inspirational words really made justice for the scent except "poverty "

If it wasnt too expensive I would have it..

PS: I'm considering buying it


I have to start off by saying that I'm completely in in love with this perfume.

It's starts off with a beautiful juicy, and tart rose with an underlying base of slightly animalistic oud. The Incense joins soon after and gives it a little bit of a smokiness.

The projection on this is perfect. I can't imagine this being a monster projecting perfume. I think it would lose some refinement at that point.

Longevity is above average for me. It projects nicely for about 5 hours, then gets a little closer to your skin. Continues in that fashion for another few hours. Then becomes a skin scent.

Presentation is also beautiful. Comes in a nice black slide out box. Inside is a molded cushion.

The perfume bottle is nice heavy glass reminiscent of the Frederic Malle bottles. The cap is very heavy.

Worth every penny. I only wish they made a bigger 100ML bottle!

Bravo Heeley!

Ginger Kitty
Ginger Kitty

Easy to wear and in a sense share.

As mentioned, not unlike many similar styled fragrances on the market. However, it's subtleness I dare say might be just the thing that is perfect for you. Don't dismiss it. Try it first.


A simple, safe, quality, well made, well balanced and repetitive oud and rose combo.
This is the best way to describe this fragrance.
The whole idea of the scent is just a soft, none offensive scent.
The rose note is very fresh and a transparent.
It's not so heavy and in your face. it's not very sweet and syrupy. it's not so spicy, very woody or animalic ..... it's just simple, pleasant and fresh rose with a little bit of sweetness.
The oud note is light, but strong enough to give the scent a dark and woody feeling.
The incense note shows up just for a short time at the opening with slight smoky vibe, but disappears before even you can catch it.
If you like this combination and want something without anything that piss you off, this is for you.
Both projection and longevity is average. around 4-5 hours of longevity and medium projection.
I like it. not a bottle worthy fragrance for me but I like it.
Great quality and very good balance of the notes is something that shine in this fragrance.

.یه ترکیب خیلی معمولی و البته با کیفیت عود و رز
بوش جوریه که همه چیز بصورت خیلی ملایم و آروم هست و اصلا رایحه های خشن و تند و تیز نداره که بخواد کسی رو ازش زده کنه
رایحه رز حس خیلی شاداب و ملایمی داره و خوشبختانه بوی تی رز یا گلاب نمیده. بوی ملایم و خوشبوی گل رز
بوی عود هم ملایمه و فقط در حدی که یه حس تاریک و چوبی و تلخ به بوی رز بده و اونو از حالت کاملا زنانه در بیاره
رایحه بخور فقط برای چند لحظه در رایحه ابتدایی استشمام میشه که یه ته بوی دودی خیلی ضعیف به عطر میده اما خیلی سریع محو میشه و شاید شما اصلا متوجه بوش نشین
بوی عطر در مجموع خیلی کم شیرینه و تناسب خیلی مناسبی با بقیه رایحه ها داره
راستش بر عکس بقیه عطرهای بر اساس رز دیگه که دوست ندارم از این خوشم اومد
البته بازم برام ارزش خرید نداره ولی نوازن بسیار عالی بین رایحه ها و کیفیت ساخت بسیار خوبش ستودنی هست
پخش و ماندگاری متوسطی داره
ماندگاری در حد 4-5 ساعت به پخش ملایم رو به متوسط


گاهی یک خلاق در نوشتن یک آهنگ و ساختن این نوع آهنگ خاص چنان خلاقیتی از خود نشان میدهد که گوئی فقط اوست که توانسته است به این درجه برسد از بدو تولد آهنگ ساز بوده و در این هارمونی نت ها و هماهنگی در وزن و ملودی از طبیعت الهام گرفته تا توانسته با رایحه های عبادت و آرامش وقدرت در یک زمان شاهزاده و این قرن معاصر میباشد تا بنواند در تمام مکانها و موقعیت های حال بهترین لذت ها را به دیگران چه در فقیر و ثروتمند تقسیم یک سان انجام داده است وشما در کنار این رایحه خود را در جنگل و حیاط این قصر باشکوه به پیاده روی میپردازید.


A well behaved rose - aoud combo seen million times before. The rose here is a bit too soapy and too fresh for my likening, but this might be a good choice for those who usually do not enjoy heavy rose - aoud combos.
I am actually disappointed. There is no incense, just the soapy rose with well behaved aoud, reminds me a bit of expensive soap with an edge from the aoud.
Give this a try if you must and have the chance, not worth the hunt for a sample.


Nice accord of rose-oud very natural never syntetic never soapy.
A conteporary vision of gothic era or a man with smoking and many tattoo
for evening very pleasant oud coming out without being aggressive
a tamed fragrance for man and woman in full style Heeley.
I can't understand why Heeley has so many detractors maybe 'couse his perfumes aren't arrogant like other around.


I find this to be one of the best oud / rose combinations. Unlike many oud scents, this one doesn't smell like a barnyard, thanks to the lack of the leather note along side of the Oud. This seems to be a sport flanker of those deeper oud fragrances. It's a champagne-like oud / rose. Bubbly and light. An oud for the summertime. Inoffensive and clean.
One of the best oud fragran... No, one of the best fragrances I have smelled. They want a lot for this, but I will give it to them gladly.


For four years in the making Agarwoud is unfortunately ... um ... rather uninspired and uninspiring. So I'd say for fans of rose flavoured ouds only. (But even then, there are already so many such that far surpass it. So all in all a touch redundant unfortunately. So I'd change that to, for die-hard Heeley fan-heads only rather.)


When I first saw this new line by Heeley I really got excited to see he finally decided to introduce in the market three new fragrances in extrait de parfums diluition. I've always been a "fan" of many of his previous fragrances such as Cuir Pleine Fleur, Sel Marin and Iris De Nuit but longevity has always been an issue, so seeing these extraits made me think about something even more satysfying. Last but not least, my curiosity to smell Heeley's take on oud was definitely genuine. This is to say that I was really well disposed towards this new launches and I was sure to smell something brilliant, original and unique.

I got the three samples together with an informative brochure and I decided to start with Agarwoud (Agarwoud?? I had to double check it wasn't a typo). Looking at the inspirational words I see "Siddartha", "Extrait De Devotion", "Control", "Poverty"...I started getting suspicios. Ok, let's smell it...

Yet another iteration of the rose/oud combo? Really??? Ok, calm down. Rumours wants that this composition has been on the making for more than four years, so at the time we weren't yet overwhelmed by the oud overkill and James Heeley was probably not aware of the huge amount of oud compositions that in a few years would have over crowded the market.

Agarwoud smells like the basic structure of many western oud-centered compositions. It's not as boombastic and dark as Black Aoud and the rose note is definitely more restrained. It's not refined and opulent as Epic Woman. It doesn't have the gourmandic twist of Red's just oud and rose laying on an ambery base. Minimalistic (as many of the Heeley's previous compositions), moderately powerful (considering is an extrait), honestly crafted but not particularly interesting.

Overall Agarwoud smells fine but it arrived on the market a bit too late.

As a friend used to say: "What's... Agarwoud? It wood if it could."

Rating: 6.5/10


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Agarwoud by James Heeley 3.52 out of 5 based on 52 ratings and 11 user reviews

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