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Ma Liberte Jean Patou for women

Ma Liberte Jean Patou for women
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Ma Liberte Jean Patou for women Pictures Ma Liberte Jean Patou for women Pictures

Ma Liberte by Jean Patou is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Ma Liberte was launched in 1987. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean Kerleo. Top notes are lemon and heliotrope; middle notes are lavender, jasmine, cloves and rose; base notes are nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon, musk, vanilla, vetiver and cedar.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Lemon Heliotrope

Middle Notes
Lavender Jasmine Cloves Rose

Base Notes
Nutmeg Sandalwood Patchouli Cinnamon Musk Vanilla Vetiver Cedar

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Patou Pour Homme Prive
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Ma Liberte Fragrance Reviews


Ma Liberte is a stunner. It doesn't smell like an '80s scent at all--and don't get me wrong, I love many fragrances from the '80s, a fearless scent decade if there ever was one. But Ma Liberte is very classic Patou. It smells like the '30s, at the latest. It's rich, it's sexy, and it's unisex in the best of ways: it's the liberte Marlene Dietrich took when she wore top hat and tails in von Sternberg's Morocco. Call me crazy, but for Patou lavender, I prefer Ma Liberte to Moment Supreme.

(If you can get your hands on the edp splash in its presentation box, you'll have some beautiful dressertop art alongside a gorgeous frag.)


Can't believe how such a great perfume is completely overlooked today, buried in a sea of insignificant fragrances. Still available at cheap prices, as for 2014. Hurry up! All the bottle remained are from Eighties, 100% quality materials and no reformulations.

anomie et ivoire
anomie et ivoire

Now that reformulation has rendered Jicky a weak fading water ghost of its grand former self, what's still available through discounters of Ma Liberte is a fine alternative and slightly more wearable, balanced, and deep with the odd chypre elements. But Ma Liberte is truly its own and, like others in Patou's range, manages to span genre with a symphonic composition: juicy, woodsy, somewhat green, and spicy all in stages distinct enough to constitute three excellent individual perfumes in one.

Drawbacks? Perhaps a little too balanced to be interesting. The lavender in the opening competes with citrus in a too juicy way. There's not enough going on in in the base to keep my interest. Most of my problems are reserved for the edt. The edp is richer and lovelier.


People often compare this to Patou Pour Homme Privé, and I understand why.

The only difference I can detect, is that Ma Liberte has a slightly more bitter opening, and a longer lasting citrus accord. The lavender is strong in both.

To be honest, I prefer Ma Liberte. It's gorgeous in the spring/summer, but is also potent enough for fall/winter. It lasts much longer on my skin than Privé. Whenever I wear Ma Liberte, I feel like I'm floating on a creamy, smooth, citrus cloud, sprinkled with vanilla.

If you're a laidback, relaxed guy (or girl, considering Ma Liberte is for women) this would suit you perfectly. This is bliss.


when i spray this perfume i remember my has a masculine side to it as in obsession ck..i like it a lot.. its a harsh.. crisp scent.. full of arrogance.. strength.. and masculinity..its a confident perfume.. so strong and tall.. its got a nice citrusy top.. and a mellow middle notes of hmmmm i cant really pin point but it turns powdery musky and for sure woody.. and in the base i can smell old men s perfumes .. the ones u used to sneak and sniff from your dads perfume chest ...its a perfume full of character ..strength and carries a lot of memories within its notes..
ma liberte or my liberty is a perfect name for this fragrance ..for it truly carries freedom within its notes and accords.. its so free.. its meant to be used by a liberated woman.. who doesn't care to smell like a rose.. a woman who can go out there and be better than all her male partners..who excels in life.. and work.. and who will always be remembered for her integrity and single mindedness ..
to me ma liberty represents freedom of though.. freedom of expression.. freedom of speech.. freedom from pretense...i can smell it over and over and never get tired.. its as if i want to drink it.. its not a skin scent doesn't envelop u ..u have to hold on to it.. with all that strength its not cloying or sticky ..its harsh and strong yet amazing in so many ways..the dry down is wonderful..

edt 50 ml
perfume ratting 4.2 out of 5
bottle rating 3.8 out of 5
a unique scent woody musky oriental harsh crisp
day or night preferably night
work or pleasure
a signature scent


If you love Justin bieber's someday, you will absolutely hate this scent!

One spray of Ma liberte (EDT) on my arm, I was really shocked when both citrus & lavender break into my olfactory senses. For 10 minutes I was enjoying the masculinity of a perfume which is actually marketed for women.

When the two notes of lavender & citrus began to evaporate in the air and slowly disappearing, I smelled something powdery & creamy just as Mitsouko’s Heart note. Hmmm, beautiful composition from Kerleo in the heart of Ma Liberte.

In the end, Ma liberte was attended by some of the notes that have been commonly present in general perfumery.I felt the presence of vanilla & patchouli.

Now "My freedom" is discontinued...

Doc Elly
Doc Elly

It smells a little like a classic Patou fragrance, floral and spicy and soapy at first with some citrusy aldehydes, but it doesn’t have the soft, mossy, chypre feel that the older ones do. It’s a classic top grafted onto an 80s base. As it dries down I can smell the lavender. In the final stage, I smell a faint skin scent of musk and rose. There’s moderate sillage for most of the time, and the scent lasts 6-8 hours on skin. This is a well-made, wearable, and enjoyable perfume, not wildly original, but very nice.


I am honestly shocked that this scent doens't get more buzz. Let me put my snob hat on for a moment. I don't wear cheap scents.

But when I saw the price of Ma Liberte I was floored. Really? THIS quality can be had for under $50?? There are a lot of threads on 'what are some recs for a classic floral chypre?' This never comes up, and for heaven's sake why not???

This is better than most of what I've tried, and I've tried everything that comes up on those threads. Floral chypres are my favorite genre, becasue when it's done right, as it is in Mitsouko, every knee shall bow in adoration.

The spicy clove note works for me here. It's edgy without being scratchy. the florals are deep and earthy, not sweet and fleeting. The base takes time to develop, but is very classy when it finally arrives.

Fans of the following will want to try this: Niki St. Phalle, the Balmain greats, Chanel 19 and Ma Griffe.

Miss Guerlain
Miss Guerlain

MA LIBERTE, the freedom of wild nature. There's nothing like this, has never been, will never be!! "MA LIBERTE" is the free (and most of all UNTAMED) nordic nature. Bottled Wilderness.Mysterious with capital "M" spring-herbals. Cloves and wildroses burst like spring in the topnotes. The heart of a mystical lavander woodsy cinnamon cedar & sandalwoods. This scent is taken out of the most northern Nordic WHITE MOSS WILDERNESS!!!! A sauna in the deepest woods of Finland. The one & only true scent of real freedom! Heated herbs, and burning fresh spring Björk(Birch)-wood with it's spring-buds thrown on the saunas hot stones. The scent of this exact STEAM !!!! This is freedom. Clearest sweetwater fjordes of Norway, the pulsating magical hot springs of Iceland. And the crisp spring-air & Waters, combined earth, the ground-soil of the cleanest nature of Sweden. A saga - more than a fragrance. Ancient and close-to-heart. This is one of my signature scents. Like an older, wise ancestor to Guerlain's "Jicky" edp. "MA LIBERTE'S" bolder & deeper. MYSTIC !!With added dark vetiver and white moss. THE leader through the whole scent, lavender from bright innocent jasmin-rosebuds-lavender top - down to "MA LIBERTE'S" woodsy earthy lavender-base.


First an explosion of lavander, a bit sharp and strong. when I smell again I detect something fresh I think the lemon, then it gets more woody ,powdery even.The lavender is still prominent to my nose, but I can also start to smell some spices cinnamon and the patchouli maybe.The drydown is a lavender woody scent whit a bit of vetyver.
A very nice scent.
I wore the edt version about 20 jears ago and now I have the edp version. The notes in the edp are more prominent then the edt.

Sillage and staying power are great, can smell it still the next day.

Ma Liberte is one of the classics from Patou


WOW!!! Awesome surprise!!! I got a full 3.4 oz bottle for 24 dollars and I just rolled over with delight when I sprayed it.

It is a twin of JICKY!!!!! But with a little more bite. Jicky is one of my favorites, so I'm in heaven!!

I have a collection from many years ago that my husband got me, of several of the Jean Patou fragrances in mini bottles. I'm really pretty amazed at the staying power. If I get in the mood, I might go through the collection and start writing some reviews on the ones I revisit.

It is a set of about 12 fragrances including Moment Supreme, Colony and others. I have seen the collection selling for as much as 600 dollars!!! Hmmm guess I'm glad I didn't get rid of the collection on one of my cleaning out rampages.

More later.

pitbull friend
pitbull friend

Reminded me most of Annick Goutal Vetiver (supposed to be for men, but it's lovely), until I tried them side by side. Ma Liberte is much softer & more nuanced, with the citrus and lavender (and later, the vanilla) giving a calmness to the delicious spicy vetiver. I have a mini and might need a bottle before this becomes even harder to find.


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Ma Liberte by Jean Patou 4.40 out of 5 based on 62 ratings and 12 user reviews

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