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Amour de Palazzo Jul et Mad Paris for women and men

Amour de Palazzo Jul et Mad Paris for women and men
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fresh spicy
Amour de Palazzo Jul et Mad Paris for women and men Pictures Amour de Palazzo Jul et Mad Paris for women and men Pictures

The noble palette of ingredients used for this narcotic and irresistible creation give the precious character to this fragrance: a spicy start, fresh and slightly "gourmand" at the same time, opens the way to the heart of the perfume where floral, woody, and leather notes create a perfect harmony… A divine, marvelous amber-oud accord reveals itself promptly, sustained by the seductive power of animal notes.

Amour de Palazzo represents the third chapter in the fragrance love story of JUL ET MAD Paris. The fragrance was introduced in 2012.

Top Notes: pepper, cloves, ginger, nutmeg. Heart notes: Absolute of Violette, Atlas Cedarwood, Leather, Indonesian Patchouli, Labdanum. Base notes: Musk, Oud, Amber, Papyrus, Animal Castoreum.

Amour de Palazzo is a parfum, available in a beautifully packaged 50 ml bottle, with a matching "Nomad" purse spray bottle of 7 ml encased in a beautiful matte silver shell. The nose behind this fragrance is Dorothee Piot.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Pepper Clove Ginger Nutmeg

Middle Notes
Violet Atlas Cedar Leather Patchouli Labdanum

Base Notes
Musk Agarwood (Oud) Amber Papyrus Castoreum

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Amour de Palazzo Fragrance Reviews

Colin Maillard
Colin Maillard

The opening is superb, similar to Roja Dove's style and that "new wave"of classics, with an overwhelming cloud of talcum, labdanum, incense and an elusive, irresistible accord of beautifully-crafted plushy leathers. Quite a significant dose of Iso E and ambroxan, the same dusty, silky, crisp "aeriality" of some other contemporary scents (Dove, Tauer), with a lot of nuances, from balsamic to flowers (violet), from woody to green, with perhaps some tobacco too (I though of Miller Harris' Fleurs de Tabac for a while). Everything is perfectly shaped, controlled and balanced, with a lot of harmonic variations depending on what you "focus" on when smelling. As Darvant brilliantly and passionately described below, an utterly sophisticated depiction of a shady, delicate, elusive, luscious, decadent aristocracy, the breeze of a Luchino Visconti movie, but with the post-modern oniric "nowhereness" of Russian Ark by Sokurov – the ball scene, notably. A perfectly balanced and complex symphony, where everything brilliantly and effortlessly blends with the rest. The significant amount of synthetics gives it a definitely contemporary "look", it's nostalgic but in a more figurative, metaphorical and modern way. Cozy, elegant base comprising mellow cashmeran-like woody notes. A dry, spacious, even transparent opulence, romantic but avant-garde, linear and restrained. On the drydown the leather-suede base emerges better, a rare beauty: soft but bold, plushy and delicate but sharp and dense, really pleasant and again, much sophisticated. It also arises an anisic-aldehydes feel, halfway between soapy and metallic, another "contemporary" feature (it reminded me of Invasion Barbare). An interesting, contemporary scent, with an utterly sophisticated and versatile elegance. Quite overpriced, though.



this is so crazy smell,i don't like to describe the
ingredients and how it's work, i will tell you what you are gonna feel when you wearing this one,i felt when i used it that i am at a luxury barbershop using that asian powder after cutting my hair. it's just like that.
very soft and elegant and complex but,not new at all.

try it by yourself and you will discover that.

it's very expensive for 50 ml to buy it by USD 250
it doesn't deserve that much.



Dorothy Piot For Congress! I actually came to this party for the leather. Not until I was about an hour into the fragrance that I notice there wasn't gonna be any leather on my skin. Not necessarily a bad thing and that's because it was accompanied by other warm components(mainly wood). Um...yeah.....wood is sort of a big deal here. 2 stages of wood: Sweet and Smokey. During the woody transformation, I noticed a scuffle between the amber, agarwood and labdanum. Deep in the 4th quarter, I'm getting a touch of violet and soft musks. No doubt, a nice fragrance but Jul Et Mad has gone mad. Look at the price tag!!


I am sad to see people just criticizing a brand because they are not Guerlain or Chanel... (please see below).
FORTUNATELY, there are other brands out there that make this fantastic perfume industry what it is today. It is also thanks to these small brands that the Niche market, with its fantastic creativity, exists! I am very appreciative of Guerlain and Chanel, but I tend to really favour a small and exclusive brand like Jul et Mad! In my opinion, being new doesn't mean inferior quality or creativity... On the contrary! And, this brand in particular is truly special and really stands out. Not only by the level of quality and originality, but also by their presentation and unique offer. And $280 for 57ml of Extrait de Parfum seems quite a deal compared to other brands, JUST AS NEW, and in most cases offering only EDP concentrations...


Amour de Palazzo is a really well rounded, deep, pleasant fragrance. Often it makes me think of a darker, not quite as sweet variation on Guerlain's Shalimar. There's a strong, dry, dark leather note throughout (makes me think of thick, cracked black leather), mixed with a warm, sweet, powdery amber, whisps of smoky incense, dark and woody oud and light, sweet spiciness. I can pick out a lot of the listed notes at once, but it's blended very well and feels very smooth to me.

It's a warm, dark, heavy scent that I think works well for colder months with its sweet powder and hints of spice. Staying power and throw are great; this lasts all day on me.

The only problem I have with this scent is the price. It's a good fragrance, but I still think that $280 for 57mls is asking a bit much. I guess it's not *that* good for me. I'll use up and enjoy my samples of this one, though.


Oh please. I could not be more put off by the pretentious story behind this brand. Stilletos? Palaces? Get a grip. If they think they can charge almost $300 a bottle for perfume, they should spend a hundred years perfecting their craft like Guerlain and Chanel did before they tack on this price tag.
(Plus they copied their brand name from Mad et Len.)


I'm such a grande dame when I wear this. Fine lady indeed. Leather, cedar, spices? Sounds mannish, no? NO. I don't know what sorcery the perfumer used, but this is ultra feminine, in that imperious, confident grande dame kind of way. More Katherine Hepburn less Audrey Hepburn.


Don't be fooled by the traditional colored juice and simple bottle, this is a dark and demonic concoction. I was skeptical of it at first, but the dry down is as dark and ethereal as that of Pascal Morabito's "Or Black" for men or Olivier Durbano's Black Tourmaline.

If you are looking for something non-conventional, Modern, edgy, dark and really unlike 99% of what is out there for, this is a real winner.

I see it being much more masculine than feminine...women should definitely try b4 u buy with this one...Men, However, if you are looking for a dark and unique creature that evolves with you through the night, I'd say it's a safe blind buy!

Rating: 8.5/10


I am a journalist and was sent all three of the Jul et Mad perfumes to try, in the Nomad format. This third one is a very good oriental. On my skin, it requires two sprays - one spray fades quickly but two sprays has a completely different effect and lasts a good 8-12 hours. All three perfumes share an interesting quality - they are very quiet on the skin but they have huge projection. After half an hour I could no longer smell this on my wrists, but oddly, I could smell it as I walked around, as if I was enveloped by an invisible cloud. The perfume felt even stronger in the open air, and there was also a strong sillage - I could smell it everywhere I'd been in the house, as if I was following my ghost around. The final hours are the most delicious, due to the castoreum, which gives it a really animalic quality, like burying your nose in your cat's fur - I would have guessed it was civet rather than castoreum. As an aside, the Nomad is gorgeous - a glass bottle in a slender, brushed-metal case, very elegant. Since I normally use Serge Lutens or vintage compacts, etc, it's nice to have this to pull out of a handbag and flash around.


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Amour de Palazzo by Jul et Mad Paris 4.18 out of 5 based on 41 ratings and 9 user reviews

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