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Oeillet Sauvage L`Artisan Parfumeur for women and men

Oeillet Sauvage L`Artisan Parfumeur for women and men
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Total people voted: 80
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soft spicy

Oeillet Sauvage was launched in 2000 as honeyed carnations fragrance for confident, elegant and serene woman. The composition is made of pink pepper, rose, carnation, ylang-ylang, lily, wallflower, morning glory, resin and vanilla. The nose behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo.

Perfume rating: 3.87 out of 5 with 80 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Carnation Ylang-Ylang Vanille Pink Pepper Rose Lily Resin Wallflower

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very long lasting 3


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soft 14
moderate 12
heavy 6
enormous 9

This perfume reminds me of  
4 no yes
Oeillet Bengale
2 no yes
L'Air du Temps
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Oeillet Sauvage Fragrance Reviews


میخک وحشی شاید عنوان مناسبی برای عطر زیبای "اویلت سوواژ" نباشه. عنوان عطر این تصور رو ایجاد میکنه که با یه حجم زیاد از میخک خشک در فضایی اسپایسی-انیمالیک مواجه خواهیم شد و واقعیتش اینکه دقایق آغازین عطر؛ این تصور رو به یقین تبدیل کرد برام. اما به مرور متوجه خواهیم شد که این میخک؛ وحشی نیست! اتفاقا بی اندازه لطیف و جذاب و خواستنیه و رگه هایی از شاهکار های کلاسیک میخک محور رو هم به زیبایی در فضای مدرن و درخشان خودش به نمایش میذاره.

بوی تند و کمی تلخ و دودی شروع کار با وزش نسیم تازه و ملایمی که حس خاک بارون خورده و گلهای پنبه رو داره؛ آروم می گیره و عطر به آرومی وارد فضایی پودری و خاکی میشه که بوی طبیعی و پیچیده ای از گلها درش جاریه و حس سبز غنچه های رز در حاشیه ی اون کاملا محسوسه.
به مرور حالت پودری، بر خاک آبپاشی شده و عطر گلهای پنبه غلبه میکنه و با لمسی از شیرینی مهار شده ی وانیل؛ عطر وارد فاز پودری درخشان و شیرینی میشه که ناخود آگاه ضربان قلب رو بالا می بره. این فضای پودری درخشان با ورود به بستری فلفلی و کمی تند جای خودش رو به میخک با ابهتی میده که اصیل و با پرستیژه و با اجرایی فاخر، اصالت و غنای خودش رو به نمایش میذاره. یه ترکیب اسپایسی-فلورال معرکه که ادای دِینی به عطرای بزرگ این سبک داره.
پایان کار و قسمت اصلی نمایش داره میگه که اویلت سوواژ؛ میخک وحشی نیست. یه عطر فلورال-اسپایسی لوکس و گیراست با حاشیه هایی شیرین، فلفلی، سبز و کمی پودری و البته لمسی از گلهای سفید.

نمایش دلچسب این عطر با موندگاری و پخش قابل قبولی همراهه که چه در بهار و چه در پاییز؛ یه احساس ناب بدست میده. ظریف، آروم، متین، لوکس و زلال با حضوری اثر گذار و پر از افسون...
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل


Ack. I'm afraid that for me this fragrance was all hairspray(!), literally the scent of Aqua Net dragging through my sinuses and bitterly hitting the back of my tongue. If I hunt for it, I can detect something sweet and pleasant in there - lily and vanilla? - but it is swimming in a heavy, synthetic, chemical miasma that I associate with cheaper perfumes. I get no carnation whatsoever, no spice, no powder, just faint peekaboo lily and a heavy hairspray fog. I'm super disappointed to have such a negative experience with a scent that worked so well for others!


A soft carnation; it reminded me of Oeuillet Bengal (Aedes de Venusta), so I tried them side by side. Bengal has a much more pronounced pepper-clove note that lingers with the carnation, while Sauvage opens with a slightly green carnation note, no spice to speak of, and continues this way until the final notes fade away. There is a slight soapy note and a light powder that wafts in an out as the dry-down progresses, but this aside, there are no surprises or changes. I can't compare it to the original juice, but it is a nice, light carnation fragrance, more suited to spring and summer than the cold of winter. It is light enough to be acceptable in most circumstances, and not nearly as similar to Bengal as I thought at first. And, for an Eau de Toilette, it has a close-to-skin longevity that was quite good (4 - 6 hours).
UPDATE June 2016: So this morning I put this on with a bit of a heavier hand, and was overwhelmed by the strong, oily and rather unpleasant carnation note...not sure if it was the heat, the humidity, or more spray, but I did not like this at all. Quickly faded to next to skin level, but still retained that oily note for several hours.


Oeillet Sauvage has been reissued unfortunately the wonderful, modern, fun, vibrant, carefree, long lasting carnation spicy powdery original formula has been replaced by this dull, lifeless, watered-down reformulation with poor longevity.

January 2016, re-discontinued, AGAIN! I believe this time it's gone for good, they only push Bertrand Duchauffour's own compositions at L'Artisan Parfumeur which I profoundly dislike.

Amélie Amélie
Amélie Amélie

J’ai pu sentir Œillet Sauvage il y a quelques temps. Bon il a quelque peu changer par rapport à l’ancien que m’a fait sentir Nouille au Coeur, mais ça reste fidèle quand même.

Ce parfum était devenu plat, nettement moins épicé et poudré, moins bouquet floral, un floral boisé avec une affreuse note boisée plastique en fond.
Quand vous sentez Œillet Sauvage, vous découvrez comme un ancêtre de Baiser Volé. Un floral blanc gras et vanillé juste relevé d’une pointe de girofle...

Sur ma peau il ne tient pas en plus sur moi et devient "savonneux". Dommage.


when i first spray this and for the first 30 minutes, my nose thinks it's smelling powdered aldehydes! so this seriously reminds me of kenzo flower limited edition (obviously without the violets) and also surprisingly, of Chanel No.22!

it has an airiness, a lightness, like a billowing floral print diaphanous chiffon frock in a meadow on a summers day.
i was expecting a spicy carnation too, but that is not what i got here.
this was not at all what i expected (owning Mimosa Pour Moi, also by Anne Flipo), but then i haven't yet tested L'Artisan's white and yellow floral La Chasse Aux Papillons. Nuit de Tubereuse left me cold i'm afraid, smelling like fruity chewing gum and not really a flower in sight.

this is a stunning floral, with a heady start and a long interesting dry down.

i smell a lot of rose and lily and of course, carnation (but not the clove note which i expect with carnation). vanilla in the base and after a few hours, the spice comes through.

there is something very refreshing, almost soapy, powdery and ladylike about this creation. yes, serenity and confidence. it takes a confident woman (or man) to pull this off, because on me it packs the same punch as No.22 and Flower for at least an hour.

for flowery ladies (or gents).


I was so excited to try this but Oeillet Sauvage fell flat for me. It's not a bad perfume by any means but it's not the marvelously spicy carnation I had hoped for. Instead, I get a soft and very natural lily and jasmine combo with a touch of rose-- no carnations in sight. Soft and pretty but not what I was looking for. My favorite carnation is still CdG Red: Carnation which is a spicy, clove-y carnation paired with rose.


This opens with a little powder and then develops into a lovely airy carnation, reminiscent of vintage L'Air du Temps. It is almost like taking a deep breath in a garden, the carnation is cool, but warm, like a shady patch amongst the sunny flower beds.


This is the first carnation-focused perfume I have ever smelled- and I am smitten by it. It is a tender carnation lightly powdery and in a pretty company of pink pepper. So summery and fresh. Just beautiful. My only point of discontent is the longevity. It was gone from my skin in less than 4 hrs. Hmm.. Anyway, it is a wonderful scent to own if you like carnations.


This is a pretty spicy flower fragrance. It starts with the powdery, hot carnation aroma, which has spicy nuances. Then it develops into a very good lily heart, sweet, slightly green and waxy. Probably very few man would dare to wear it, it seems more like a floral fragrance that will please the ladies.


yeah... back in market!!!!! a treasure is back for good!!!
Bravo! such a great and beautiful smell of carnation!

sexy smell! guys like the smell of carnation subconsciously! receive compliments when i wear it!


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