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Fleur Universelle Lalique for women and men

Fleur Universelle Lalique for women and men
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warm spicy
Fleur Universelle Lalique for women and men Pictures Fleur Universelle Lalique for women and men Pictures Fleur Universelle Lalique for women and men Pictures

The new collection by Lalique was named LALIQUE NOIR PREMIER. It encompasses 6 fragrances with timeless character, creating the bridge between past and presence. Their names are: Elegance Animale, Fleur Universelle, Fruits du Mouvement, Rose Royale, Sculpteur d`Epices and Terres Aromatiques. Next to the name, each fragrance features a year crucial for Lalique history.

Fleur Universelle 1900 is a fragrance based on immortelle flower, which is said to have unique power of renewal and capability of resistance to time. Its composition is characterized as chypre, composed of pink pepper, rum and cardamom in top notes; immortelle, myrrh and cinnamon at the heart and molecule lorexon in the base. Fleur Universelle was launched in 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Julie Masse.

Perfume rating: 4.42 out of 5 with 30 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Pink Pepper Rum Cardamom

Middle Notes
Immortelle Myrhh Cinnamon

Base Notes
Patchouli Tonka Bean Lorenox

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This perfume reminds me of  
L'Instant de Guerlain
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Fleur Universelle Fragrance Reviews


من به تبع اینکه فلفل صورتی و هل توامان در این.کار هستن بلایند تهیه ش کردم. یه چیزی در ترکیب این عطر ذکر شده به اسم مولکول لورکسون. لورکسون یه القا گر ادهیژن سلولی و عروقی هستش که باعث التهاب و آترواسکلروز میشه. حتی در مقالات تخصصی کاردیولوژی بوییدن ترکیبهایی که این رو دارن هم ذکر شده. نمیدونم لالیک چرا بایستی اینکارو کنه و اگر اینکارم بکنه چرا بایستی رسانه ایش کنه.
به لحاظ پخش بو و ماندگاریش فکر میکنم جزو بهترین کارهای لالیک باشه. من وویاژ هرمس توقعم از استفاده از هل رو برده بالا و سخت تونستم با هلی که به مشامم میخورد توی این کار وصل بشم. اما ترکیب اسپایسی و تا حدی شیرین فلفل صورتی خیلی جالبه توی این کار. فلفل صورتی خیلی عالی میتونه به یه عطر عمق بده. و هیچی بیشتر از عمق عطر نمیتونه یه عطر رو شیک کنه.
کار جالبیه. اما با این قیمت شما فقط باید عاشقش شده باشین که پول پاش بدین. و من جای خالی فلفل صورتی توی کارام همیشه بود و با هزینه پایینی از دوستی خریدمش. . من همین قیمت بخوام برای فلفل صورتی دوباره خرج کنم نویت توبروز از ل آرتیزان پارفوم میاد توی گزینه هام هرچند پخش بوش نسبت به این یک سومه. بعد از تستش توی یکی از مغازه های تهران هنوز دارم بهش فکر میکنم.

meysam vazifeh
meysam vazifeh

وقتی اولین استشمام رو انجام میدید شاید شما رو یاد زمانی بندازه که درب دبه ترشی رو باز میکنید . البته بسیار سریع این وضعیت تغییر میکنه .
به چند نفر هم تست دادم گفتند بوی نوشیدنی الکلی میده

بعد از اون 1 دقیقه اولیه، عطر حالتی کهربایی پیدا میکنه و در کنار اون شما رایحه ای تلخ، کمی دودی، کمی تند و البته تعادلی میان شیرینی و ترشی رو حس خواهید کرد .
که تلخی عطر به سایر نوت ها میچربه

کمی بعد حالت خاکی، پودری و البته خشک مانندی به عطر اضافه میشه که رایحه دارچین در راس اون قرار داره و شما رو تا آخرین نفس های لالیک یونیورساله همراهی میکنه

ماندگاری عطر روی پوست خوبه و روی لباس بسیار بهتر . اگر بعد از یه روز کاری، لباستون رو داخل کمد بزارید و فردای اون روز برید سراغ لباس و دوباره بوش کنید بوی غالب صمغ مرّ و کمی دارچین رو حس خواهید کرد که بسیار بسیار شعیف شدند .
در کل عطر دوست داشتنی هست برای کسانی که عطرای اسپایسی متعادل رو دوست داشته باشند . یعنی عطرشون تعادلی میان تلخی، شیرینی و ترشی باشه که از نظر من لالیک کارش رو خوب انجام داده و یه عطر خاص رو روانه بازار کرده که ارزش تست و کاوش کردنش رو داره .


Yesterday I stumbled over this beautiful fragrance and was stunned in a second when my nose made contact with the spicy aroma.
The bottles certainly draw your attention and you somehow hope their content matches the attractive flacons.
Out of the whole line I like Fleur Universelle and the Or the most. Unfortunately, the price (I paid 222 Euro) made it impossible to simply buy both....but I indulged in one of them. My choice was the wonderful unflowery flower scent. There are no flowers in there, just spices, vanilla and : dust. In a positive way. In the beginning you encounter nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom, it´s all about gingerbread. Then the dust kicks in. Dried flowers smell similar, at least in my memory, always liked to smell them. The base is woody and resembles Armani´s Bois d´Encens.
This scent very much reminds me of Bois d´Arménie by Guerlain. The same soft and very understated sweetness, the dry and dusty feel, similar to old libraries. The same class but in a much more beautiful Art Nouveau bottle.
OK, the outer lacquered box is totally unnecessary for me (I hate the ritual of unboxing the whole thing before using the scent but then you do not want to Keep such a bottle unboxed). I hate to pay for such fancy-schmancy knick-knack but well...the Juice is my focus.
Personally, I would describe this perfume my favourite discovery of the year 2015 (it came late but it did come after all).
Cheers !


In 'Fleur Universelle', the warm-sand scent of the everlasting flower is enhanced by rum and cinnamon and spiced up with pink pepper and cardamom. It is a comforting and mesmerizing scent. Sweet caramel facets of rum blend effortlessly with cinnamon's warming spiciness in the opening notes. Pink pepper and cardamom offer inward reflection and further piquant accord. Slowly as if a cautiously opening bloom, the eponymous immortelle flower is noticed. Its unique scent profile is so expertly blended with the other components as to be nearly seamless in its transition. Immortelle's dusty, ambery and caramelic facets are put on full display. Here additions of myrrh and tonka bean swirl in and out of focus contributing hay-like qualities and hints of resinous depth. Patchouli and a synthetic "Lorenox" note (woody, ambery, and aromatic) complete the fragrance's base.
For me this fragrance epitomizes autumn, carrying with it a clever comfortableness which invites long embraces. It leans masculine due to its heavy reliance upon amber, spice and woody notes, but may be certainly enjoyed and worn by women as well. 'Fleur Universelle' is captivating in that it can be successfully suited for causal encounters as well as reserved for more formal occasions. It brandishes a definite sensuality, wrapping its wearer in both luxury and comfort. Those close enough to smell its beauty will most certainly be drawn nearer to gain an additional whiff.

Read my complete review at my personal blog:


Beautiful product! The bottle alone is to die for and it comes in a LALIQUE branded French polished wooden black box that screams understated luxury.
The entire collection is a feast for the eye and brilliant packaging.

The scent here is marvellous and very similar to GUERLAIN's L'Instant de Guerlain.
No floral component except for Immortelle, very spicy, warm, sweet, cozy, feel-good aromatic elixir.

Only let down, it does not last as long as an EdP should, so for me it really only is an EdT in terms of longevity.

And I would love to know and have someone competent explain to me, what that "Lorexon Molecule" is supposed to smell like.

This retails at £180 in London's most luxurious department store and I think it makes a brilliant Xmas gift or just another excuse to update your fall/winter scent wardrobe.

For those on a budget: get "L'instant" de Guerlain and you get perhaps a 'better perfume for less money".....perhaps that is.



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