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Poivre 23 London Le Labo for women and men

Poivre 23 London Le Labo for women and men
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Poivre 23 London by Le Labo is a Oriental fragrance for women and men. Poivre 23 London was launched in 2008. The fragrance features labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, pepper, vanilla, guaiac wood, styrax and incense.

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Labdanum Sandalwood Patchouli Pepper Vanilla Guaiac Wood Styrax Incense

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Poivre 23 London Fragrance Reviews


I got a chance to sample Poivre 23 and while I'd be lying if I said I absolutely loathed this fragrance, I'm quite content with just a sample of it. For me to spend over $400, I have to be absolutely flabbergasted. To put salt on the wound and make matters worse, even if I did find Poivre 23 irresistible and am willing to shell out the big smackeroos for it -well, then on top of $400 plus dollars, I'd need to shell out even more dollars for airfare/hotel, ect. Oh, yes, another option would be to wait around until maybe, just maybe, a reputable seller lists it and charges an arm and a leg for it. Pfffft. Nah.
It irks me and drives me bonkers with these "city exclusives." They charge double the price, limit it to a certain area and because people naturally want what they can't have or is not in their grasp, it's now become high demand and very sought after. And we the consumer buy into this malarkey and all run out like wild animals in heat for it. Anyways , enough with that useless banter. Now onto some more new useless banter.

The opening for this frag is (as the name suggests) pepper. A blast of it. Pepper lovers will be in heaven, but only for a short while. Yep, they did us dirty like that, gave us a taste and yanked it right back-sorry folks. The pepper is short lived (which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.) I also got vanilla, labdanum and patch. About 30 minutes in the pepper has completely retreated back, almost into non existent territory. Another thing that irked me, I wanted more damn pepper!! I mean, it's what this frag is called. But nope. Adios pepper. Hola incense, woodsy notes, and more vanilla. The patch and labdanum do remain noticeable but the vanilla at the point is a little more shy ( the vanilla is not gourmand-y, it remains dry but has a speck of sweetness but it's faint, I feel the sweetness comes mostly from the amber.)
The final hoo-ra of this juice sends me on my way with vanilla, incense and guaiac wood lending itself to a moderately soft, little bit spicey, resinous vibe.
The third and final thing that irked me- the transition between the layers. I felt they were very abrupt, almost stopped me short and did not blend seamlessly into the next part of this composition.

As far as projection, it was about arms length.
Longevity - 8-10 hours. It does have nice lasting power, but not $400 + worth of nice.
Sillage - Leaves a little poof of trail, but nothing astonishing.

All in all, I am happy to say I experienced it for myself but my $400 plus dollars is staying right in my pocket.


Most Le Labo fragrances are ok but in general not all that astounding. This one parts the sea and can be polorizing at first sniff. The top note of pepper can be off putting if this is not an aroma you appreciate...but I love pepper. Both the smell and the taste. (I blacken my food much to the surprise of others around me.)

But fear not.The jolt of pepper during he first half hour soon subsides and gives way to resins, incense and vanilla. Vanilla and pepper turns out to a delicious combination. Also present is a nice touch of guaiac wood, sandalwood and patchouli.

Starts out decidedly masculine and softens as time passes to become softer and a bit more feminine but very wearable by anyone. An unique oriental with a shocking blast of wonderful pepper at the start. Longevity borders on incredible lasting well over 12 hours, almost 24 hours.

Twice a year Le Labo offers their city exclusives at their retail locations. This is one of the very few times I have purchassed a small bottle. The $440 price for 100ml is stupidly rediculous! $290 for 50ml is even worse (per ml) but my bank account appreciates the extra $150. But even at this price this is a scent I needed in my collection. At least I have the bottle and can get refills later if I run out. The fact that I sprayed liberally in the store and got 3 nice sized samples before I left makes the high price a little easier to take.Not a blind buy! Sample first. If you visit or live in London make sure to sample. If not then get it while you can or wait 2 years...


I got a small sample of this 3 mil. I was very impressed right off, I think it can one of those love scents for me. a pricy beast and being an "exclusive London " scent a bit of a teaser for the rest of us. I have liked many of the le labo scents I have tried. rose 31 ok, especially liked bergamote 22.. vetyver 46 was ok. oud 27 I thought was just not my cup of tea although I did appreciate it. I really enjoy poivre samarcande by hermes. so I like black pepper and the vanilla combination with this one is very smooth.. my wife likes this as well. a scent if you can get a sample of is worth trying. nice fragrance, not sure if it is worth the coins but I would consider such an individual choice to make I would rate this a thumbs up fragrance for me and it will be on my want list. keep playing that lotto.


From a business standpoint, it borders on the absurd to make a fragrance line absolutely EXCLUSIVE to an entire continent with not even a chance to purchase the desired product online! Le Labo is probably the only company in the world outside the ultra-high-tech world of defense-industry products that refuses to sell to interested customers. Go figure! (the losses in revenue)


Poivre 23 is really a masterpiece. I LOVE orientals and spices is fragrances and the pepper in this is amazing. I LOVE hardcore, brash, in your face, black pepper and this definetely satisfies the cravings. I would say Poivre Samarcande (Hermes) remains a consistent straight up pepper (it's drier, almost food-like or steak-like but doesn't project or last as long). Poivre 23 is more versatile and incorporates resins and other diverse notes in it. And is sweeter and more inviting. But the pepper is DEFINETELY high quality. LOVE it.


Wow,This is indeed a unique fragrance, very strong projection, its like a sweet , pepper and incense kind of vibe.. i usually do 4 sprays and people can notice me across the room, this is a great winter fragrance very heavy and long lasting,,one of if not my favorite winter fragrance of all.. two big thumbs up,, add in a high five for good measure!!


Ok, I should probably resign to the fact that Le Labo will never be among my favorite houses. I had great expectations form Poivre 23 but when I finally got to test it, thanks to a great perfumisto, I got somewhat disappointed.

The fragrance smells actually pretty fine, but it's pervaded by a strong deja-vu vibe throughout. It opens with a hint of black pepper immediately joined by incense and a sweet, sort of balsamic quality that I suspect being due to the labdanum and the styrax. In this phase Poivre 23 clearly remarks its presence with a bold but not overpowering sweetish-woody aroma. Well rounded, nice but not incredibly interesting. It then dries down to a woody-patch-vanilla base that's not so far from the latest phases of Patchouli 24 but nowhere close being as grand.

Bottom line: Mild thumbs up!

Rating: 7/10


Heard it's a great and unusual one... I agree but what's with the scent lasting? It smells on the skin but you actually need your nose sticked to your skin... not good.

Overall 9/10


One of my absolute favorite scents. It starts out with a beautifully realistic pepper note and a puff of smokiness. As it dries down, the hidden vanilla heart of this frag reveals itself. It's like warming sunlight peering from behind the dark cloud of the opening notes. A comforting and confidence-boosting frag for me.


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