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Bois de Turquie Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for women and men

Bois de Turquie Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for women and men
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Bois de Turquie Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for women and men Pictures

Bois de Turquie by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. Bois de Turquie was launched in 2008. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Millet Lage. Top notes are orange blossom, mandarin orange and bergamot; middle notes are orris root, jasmine, west indian bay and geranium; base notes are sandalwood, patchouli, incense and myrrh.

Perfume rating: 4.17 out of 5 with 83 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Orange Blossom Mandarin Orange Bergamot

Middle Notes
Orris Root Jasmine West Indian Bay Geranium

Base Notes
Sandalwood Patchouli Incense Myrrh

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Mimmina Red
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Bois de Turquie Fragrance Reviews


As a rule, I don't gravitate toward fragrances that smell like the spice cabinet, unless they also offer some other qualities; and this one does. It's a subtle blend of citrus, orris and spice that wears very close to the skin. I know some people may dislike its lack of projection, but I prefer my spicy scents to play their cards close to their chest; I'm scarred from too many childhood run-ins with an unpleasant aunt who favored Opium. Blending the spices with orris and keeping the blend in check ensures that this perfume is a subdued affair. It works, but you have to lean in a bit and adjust your vision.

Besides, I don't think there's a book of Perfumery Law sitting around somewhere that dictates, "All Spicy Scents Shall be Strong." There's a case to be made for making a contemplative, quiet kind of fragrance from of the notes we typically associate with a brawnier profile. Myrrh, Aussie sandalwood and bay spice (with its slightly numbing effect) seem much finer and silkier here, perhaps from the touch of orris, but more likely from the skillful deployment of Cashmeran.

Anyway, it's a big bottle, so you can spray with abandon.


I can hardly believe the gamut in how this fragrance presents itself - it can go from a heady and spicy beast to a tame and well-mannered gentleman or gentlewoman. A lot of people have claimed that it dies off rather quickly, but I experience a quiet rise and fall again and again for 8 to 10 hours - and it is a stunning performance to behold! Other than the bold opening that I get (from time to time) with the pungent bay leaf and geranium, this is a soft and surreal beauty - like a whisper in a dream that haunts you in all of your waking hours. There is a spritely jasmine note that dances with the greenness of orange blossom that is intricately laced into the most delightful orris and sandalwood heart/base combo. This dance goes on for hours as your movements send wafts your way - there is also the nice addition of a caramelized myrrh that somehow makes it even better. This is a fume without gender and without weight - truly an ethereal beauty! I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Day 29 - The elusive moments
Listening to: Queens of the Stone Age - Kalopsia


Apparently Turkish woods are psychedelic, flowery, full of ever changing colors and shapes. You can easily get lost in woods filed with iris, jasmine and tree resins. It's exotic, and made of dreams.
A great fragrance for gentle person. The scent of sunny day, reflected in sunglasses. It's so positive, it's weightless, it's almost unreal.
As usual I was very happy to review another Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier. MPeG is a very special house.

Scentrack: Henry Mancini - Lujon

Rating: dreamy ****


Bois de Turquie is so ethereal that is is a bit difficult to describe. It is more like a sheer veil of scent than perfume. It started out creamy, but creamy in a way that is hard to pinpoint. It did not smell like vanilla, nor did it smell like woods. It wasn't sweet. I seem to be able to know what it does not smell like, yet I can't put my finger on exactly what it does smell like, such is the elusive nature of the scent.

It was mixed with a true note of orris root powder. The scent of orris root powder is very light and delicate and a little powdery. I would say Bois de Turquie captures it quite literally; which also translates to very low sillage, as orris root powder is hardly what I would consider to be perfumy. It is more of a dry scent--chalky--or like dried clay.

I also very much enjoyed the orange note, which was persistent yet restrained. In my book, and from what I have noticed in perfumery, woods and orange go together like hand in glove (Get it? Gantier!).

This was so different from all of the other Maitre perfumes I have smelled because it is so timid on the skin and seemingly so soft and intimate. Different, not sub-par, as the quality I have come to expect from this house is present. I see Bois de Turquie as something for a man or woman to wear under a soft sweater in the winter. Lovely!


The MPG perfumes has a little problem with bottles presentation. The caps are ugly and has a cheap appearance.
The juices, other hand, are marvellous, with a very decent price.
Bois de Turquie opens with light citrus and a strong blast of myrrh, orris root, sandalwood and incense. I can detect light patchouli, but can't detect any florals individually, to me, those notes balance and complete the whole thing.
The fragrance is very elegant, good to a night out, like a dinner. Is impossible compete, in projection, with modern night fragrances (like One Million), but BdT is too more refined and natural smelling, that changes the balance.
It's niche quality but, with a designer price, and unique enough to make an effort and sample/buy this gem.

Chicago Tony T
Chicago Tony T

I get a slightly woody/earthy drydown with some citruses mixed in. The orris root is also present from beginning to end making it lean more towards a feminine than masculine scent. The sandalwood/patch base is very light but has good longevity. This is the 4th from the house that I have tried and I don't think I will be going any further.


Bois de Turquie by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier is a gorgeous iris/sandalwood composition and one of my favorite scents for every day wear. It starts out sweet with notes of iris, mandarin orange, and orange blossom and quickly develops on the skin to expose sandalwood and bay leaf while a hint of myrrh lurks in the background. The iris note is beautiful and it never becomes too powdery because it is tamed by the sandalwood and perky bay. BdT makes me feel beautiful, approachable, and feminine; I could wear this everywhere and feel comfortable and appropriate. Longevity is mediocre, so I apply it to my undergarments. Projection is interesting because some of the notes sit very close to the skin, while the floral component leaves a decent trail. Overall, BdT is quite lovely and high quality.



I enjoy long reviews that are well written/well intentioned...and there is much to be said for 17th Century literature: Donne, Marvell, Shakespeare...


Ever since I heard of this I meant to sample it, but for one reason or another it's not until now that I finally have. The notes list had me intrigued: I love iris, myrrh, geranium, cinnamon, sandalwood, orangeflower and ginger. Of course, you know how it goes with notes lists..

Anyway, before I continue, here is the official notes list taken from NST

bergamot, tangerine, orange blossom, Laurus nobilis (bay laurel), geranium, iris, jasmine, ginger, cinnamon, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh and frankincense

When first sprayed it was a bit of a shock. It seems the iris note landed first on my skin and was all I could smell for a few moments, something like the opening of Infusion d'Homme but much more pleasant, and much smoother and even velvety in texture. Moments later an equally smooth tangerine became perceptible, and it was rounded and deepened by hints of cinnamon and perhaps ginger. It is all smooth and sweet but far from cloying or thin. I'm trying to think of any scents that this smells like, but can't really - I guess the closest description would be crossing the opening of Lacoste Elegance (which I always thought had a sort of cream soda opening) with Infusion d'Homme - but it smells better than either of those and likely better than the combination of them.

So in a sense I guess I agree with the reviews I've read where they mention a cream soda like accord. It is faintly similar, but again, not at all effervescent like soda, but instead smooth and velvety. Somehow though, it avoids coming across as flat soda.

Within 10 minutes the bay and geranium are faintly noticeable, and from here to the heart the scent becomes progressively drier. The bay never becomes downright spicy, but is used in a restrained and skillful manner to prevent the scent from becoming overbearing, which could easily have happened if no counterpoint to the sweet/round/velvety opening emerged. It's amazing how something so rich and creamy becomes dry and even a bit dusty. The iris takes center stage in the heart and makes me think of a mix of the earthy iris of Iris Bleu Gris and the clean iris of Infusion d'Homme. The slight rubbery nuances of this particular iris blend suggest a suede like note in the context of the accord. The sandalwood and myrrh combo of the base are creeping into view now, and no doubt helped contribute to the 'drying effect.' The cream soda accord is still present but fading by the minute, and this stage of transition is absolutely beautiful. It calls to mind a temple of some sort - perhaps turkish, perhaps oriental - sweet spices, large and extravagant oriental rugs, incense burning in the distance. It is still early morning and the sun is just rising. A crisp and slightly cool air teases your hair while you sit in the lotus position and meditate. The juxtaposition of warm and cool, wet and dry, introspective and extrovertive qualities (and notes) is really amazing and unique.

From here on out the myrrh, sandalwood and to a lesser degree iris dominate to the end, with a faint patchouli note adding hints of a chocolate like note (faint though, and not at all in a gourmand manner). The smoothness of it all is now moreso than ever suggestive of suede. It's been a long time since I've sniffed it, but it called to mind Daim Blond's drydown. Like a cross between Daim Blond and the new Santal Noble.

The experience is akin to a small spiritual journey through the temple. At first you take in all of the sights, sounds and smells, the amazing architecture. The beauty of the earth as well as mankind and its accomplishments and creations fills you with awe, wonder and appreciation. Then you sit and meditate and clear your mind of earthly pleasures, remove the veil of maya, and are left with an even deeper sense of awe and wonder of merely being alive and conscious.

That was my experience on my first wearing. Some other random thoughts and observations: Overall the scent is quite light and ethereal. It is not raw as so many other MPGs, but instead extremely subdued, well blended, and restrained. Yet it still smells quite natural and very high quality, imo. The heart of the fragrance also reminded me of another MPG fragrance - Or Des Indes - although while ODI is an opulent and unabashed oriental, BdT was again lighter and more restrained. ODI *is* the olfactory equivalent of indulging oneself - perhaps hedonistically so - while in a lush oriental palace. BdT could take place in the same setting, but is the spiritual view of the same surroundings. It is still going fairly strong after 4 hours, but it is easy to lose track of because of the nature of the base accord - it is light and suede like. I think I detect a hint of vanilla further rounding out the sandalwood/myrrh/iris combo. Sillage is actually quite good - even after four hours - but again, easy to lose track of.

It is not a gourmand nor oriental - but some kind of combination of the two. The way it combines these two and manages to still stay relatively light and airy recalls V&R's Antidote - not that they smell anything alike - but how it managed to combine citrus and sporty with oriental and still stay relatively light. Also like Antidote, this is one of the most evolving fragrances I have smelled.

While this is light and restrained enough to be a contender for a 'daily wear' fragrance, for me the associations and ride it takes me on makes that seem like a sacrilege proposal. Perhaps best worn on an introspective walk on a spring or fall evening. Or to church temple or mosque. Or on a lazy sunday while reading a really good book.


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