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Iris Bleu Gris Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for men

Iris Bleu Gris Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for men
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Maître Parfumeur et Gantier transforms Iris into a fragrance for men. Iris root gives an essence of wood and aromatic plants. It is powdery, woody and associated with a leathery note. Iris Bleu Gris, a part of the Les Caprices du Dandy collection, excels with its refinement.

It is available in 100 ml bottles, as well as 500 ml refills. Iris Bleu Gris was launched in 1988. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Millet Lage.

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Top Notes
Bergamot Amalfi Lemon Green Notes

Middle Notes
iris Jasmine Vanille

Base Notes
Vetiver Musk oak moss

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Iris Bleu Gris Fragrance Reviews


I've just bought a bottle second hand and it leaked a bit in the package, so when I opened it I had a full on exposure to it. So I can testify that both sillage and endurance are exceptional - the whole house smells of it, despite keeping the windows open for hours. And having handled it, it is practically impossible to wash off. But setting aside this mishap, the fragrance is quite interesting and original in its treatment of the iris within a strong citrus and oakmoss envelope. There is a hint of a floral undertone that ties in with the iris, which gives it an ever so slight feminine edge. The overall feel is quite retro/vintage, but in a good way.


Kissing cousin of Grey Flannel - except done with Iris rather than violets & with less of the synthetic sandalwood and more vetiver for the woody base. Either way, just like GF (and related ones like GIT or CW), a very fine fragrance - but unlike those which play in just cool tones, this is wrapped in the opulent softness of the iris accord that brings it a thin veneer of warmth. Fantastic, especially in fall/winter times!

Colin Maillard
Colin Maillard

Iris Bleu Gris is a marvelous, austere, icy herbal-iris scent, with a sour minty-citric hint blended with a warm base rich in iris' waxy and opulent rootiness. Fresh, metallic (perhaps a tad too much initially), warm and sensual at the same time. On the base there is also something musky-earthy, I guess oak moss, and slightly dusty and camphoraceous, perhaps benzoin or something equally belonging to '80s chypres realm. The clash between the angular, sour, zesty and even slightly ozonic head notes with the rooty heartiness of iris and woods is masterfully executed and really fascinating, even if a bit loud at its first stages, mostly due to citrus - challenging, but fascinating. As soon as it dries a bit it gets darker, coming closer to several '70s/'80s drydowns (I recalled the architectural gloominess of some Krizia's for instance, just with less leather). Except for a really few notes which reveal its age, Iris Bleu Gris has an irresistibly austere, elegant, grey presence – I don't get the "bleu" that much, but surely the "iris" and the "gris" are perfectly crafted. The iris is "all over" in a way that it makes everything smell warmer and gentler, even giving a touch of soap and powder to the rooty and mossy notes. Even if I keep smelling something "weird" all around (I guess that same citric-azure note of the beginning, which then morphs into some metallic dissonant feel that comes and goes), the texture is really intriguing, majestic and elusive, complex and classy. A must try!



The "overture" make me think of a what could be a bar of soap in the 1800.
Yes a creamy oily soap made with iris root powder.

This Iris oily natural sensation of violette persists until the end (almost days!) but must be obviously synthetic.

At the end it turns in something green and light fruity.

If i should guess the elements that compose this scent I could say there is a large amount of white sandal and woodsy note, plus raspberry and a teaspoon of melon. Sometimes in the heart i feel that sandal side you find in Samsara (Guerlain), Nocturnes (Caron), the vintage version of Via Condotti (Lancetti),the drydown is almost identical to Yendi de Capucci (the fovourite fragrance of my mother) or the sister Babe (Revlon).
I mention all these scent for women in part to say that I.B.G. really make me think of a sandal oakmoss white flowers based perfume, and in part to say that this is a scent for man as Coco Mademoiselle could be (I did not mention it by chance but cause it is one a bit masculine as scent).
When I like a fragrance: I wear it (maybe just at home) and I don't mind if is for man or woman. Just I don't want to encourage a blind buy with this cause son man could be embaracced in wearing it.

Even if it is quite dry The Dandy fence is not enough to contain this transexual frag. Or unisex as you prefer.

I like this fragrance. Is very unusual. So warm white.


i want to revisit this years later after having an experience with iris silver mist. i recall this MPG iris being more leathery? even reminding me of grey flannel for some reason. powdery dry not necessarily floral but interesting

Fábio Condé
Fábio Condé

Pleasant surprise!
Gave nothing to this perfume, and then I felt a beautiful blend of fresh green and herbal notes with a touch of iris, which appears powdery but at the same time it appears that vetiver mingled with it, because it is earthy.
I do not know, but it looks something like iris root, and a touch through sparkling and somewhat soapy, bitter, appears next, beautiful aromatic cloud.


52) This little brand is a institution (like Guerlain), they own the best Vetiver (close to Vetiver Extraordinaire)they own the best sandalwood (without rival), they own the best Amber, they own the second best Iris (behind Iris Silver Mist) and much more...
Jean-Paul Millet (with Jean-François Laporte) is in the Panthéon of the perfumery.
A pilgrimage in this brand is an ogligation for each perfumista.


Maître Parfumeur et Gantier is a natural-smelling, grounded iris perfume, which I consider to be fully unisex, despite its masculine classification. I was drawn to this creation by a variety of factors which conspired to impel me eventually to buy a bottle blind, going against my current policy.

First, I love iris, and having some familiarity with the house, I knew that I'd encounter the real deal in any perfume bearing that name. Second, the name itself is quite evocative to me. I love the connotations and associations of blue gray, and an iris thus tinged sounded irresistible. The final factor was jtd's review, basically confirming what I had suspected, that this composition would indeed feature iris in all its glory.

No buyer's remorse here, to say the least. This stuff is gorgeous. Is it masculine? No, not to me. It is not at all sweet, but it also lacks all of the usual suspect notes which mark masculine colognes. To me, IRIS BLEU GRIS toes the line between masculine and unisex, but it never crosses it. There are days when a scent like this is perfect for me. It has a green, almost vegetal quality, as though the iris has been cut and the stems are freshly wafting of the wet inside of an iris plant. There is also a lovely woody aspect to this fragrance, which reminds a lot of the Miller Harris woody perfumes. I'd say that the quality of the perfumes of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier and those of Miller Harris is very similar, especially as regards the dominant use of natural materials.

IRIS BLEU GRIS is only for iris lovers, but any true iris lover should not pass this contemplative beauty by. Vetiver shines through clearly in the drydown, but the iris is there, too.


Wonderful, expensive smelling iris but the sweet-ish, vanilla/tonka drydown left me less than impressed. Excellent quality but not for me.


I have tried a number of IRIS scents
thanks to for their samples...

Iris Bleu Gris
is the affordable one I chose to purchase

has a lush powdery leathery feeling
and I love to wear this on a sunny day
while wearing a crisp
starched blue shirt ....


Great treatment of iris root. It's there at all times; in the green soapy topnotes; in the rootlike yet powery heart; in the dry double root base of iris and vetiver.

We tend to compare iris fragrances. The scent of iris root and the aromachemicals used to recreate it comprise such a particular yet complex set of notes that comparison is almost inevitable. Dior Homme, Chanel 19, Iris Silver Mist, Ferre by Gianfranco Ferre. Yup. The most directly comparable perfume, though is the wonderful and underestimated Bas de Soie from Serge Lutens. Iris Bleu Gris doesn't have Bas de Soie's metal cum hyacynth notes, but otherwise the heart and base, and the trajectories they follow are very close.

We speak as if Dior Homme created the first masculine iris. Jean Laporte thought to release an iris-centered fragrance in the early 1980s and it's still with us 30 years later.


I've mixed feeling on Iris Bleu Gris! While I'm totally fascinated by its opening I get somehow disappointed in the drydown.

Iris Blue Gris opens with a blast of hyper-realistic and earthy iris root joined by bitter and "wet" green notes. Outstanding, magistral and even challenging for it's extreme bitterness. It turns then to a more conventional, yet absolutely compelling middle phase where iris plays its main part. What disappoints me is the bitter green aspect of the opening that in this phase has morphed to a soapy "cleanness" softening the initial austerity. Gentle, suave and well refined (too much for my taste), but after the promising opening it leaves me somewhat unsatisfied.

Overall this is a very good fragrance highly recommended to anyone who loves iris root but also to the ones of you who simply want to releate with a master composition.

Rating: 8/10


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Iris Bleu Gris by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier 4.13 out of 5 based on 74 ratings and 12 user reviews

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