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Parfum d’Habit Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for men

Parfum d’Habit Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for men
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main accords
warm spicy
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With Parfum d’Habit from the collection Les Caprices du Dandy, Maître Parfumeur et Gantier creates on a patchouli and vetiver heart, softened with sandalwood. A modest and refined leathery note gives Parfum d’Habit a special character.

It is available in 100 ml bottles, as well as 500 ml refills. Parfum d’Habit was launched in 1988. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Millet Lage.

Perfume rating: 4.51 out of 5 with 82 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Petitgrain Bergamot Black Currant

Middle Notes
Geranium Patchouli Incense Leather

Base Notes
Sandalwood Amber Vanille

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very long lasting 6


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Parfum d’Habit Fragrance Reviews


Amos, It's a rough frag and one that likely doesn't resonate well initially with a lot of folks. After the 3rd or 4th wearing though, I personally was in love. It's definitely a lived-in kind of leather. I find that it's one of those odd frags that smells the best when you simply enjoy it wafting off of you, rather than while pushing your nose to your wrist.

Spend some time with it. I think you'll be rewarded.

Amos Jolthead
Amos Jolthead

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to say about this fragrance. I was sent a significant sample with an order and was completely unfamiliar with it and I’m literally left scratching my head after reading all of the positive reviews. I’ve heard people talk about bad batches of fragrances or something to that effect, but never really thought about it much because as far as I could tell, it had never happened to me. Here, I began to wonder - because I kept asking myself if what I was smelling could even be remotely close to what people are describing on this page.

PH is rather intensely green once I can actually smell anything. Perhaps there’s some kind of wood note in the background, but 15 minutes in and I’m rather at a loss for words as to how to describe this. The best description I can come up with is that it smells like Pinocchio rolling around on an old loafer. However, I’m not sure that’s very helpful.

The dry down is somewhat tolerable to me as I can get a fairly light smell of vanilla, amber and the wood. But at the end of the day, I’m left with the wise words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

sweet piglet of smoke
sweet piglet of smoke

My foot brushed the belly of my cat (let’s call him Jenkins because even cats deserve some Internet privacy, no?), who likes to sprawl belly up, paws pumping the air, almost as though Robert Plant runs forever through his imagination, soundtrack to his semi-sleep as he climbs, in no particular hurry, his stairway to heaven . My big toe mound got stuck in Jenkins’ junk and, even though my boy Jenkins has been neutered all of his adult life, centuries of collective species’ memory sprung immediately into action and an ancient sound, low and dark, sprung forth from his half open jaws.

It so surprised both me and Jenkins that we hardly noticed its effect on Ragnar, his svelte feline brother, who watched us from an adjacent couch. Ragnar’s ears were pinned back and his face was naughty, and filled with knowing, as though in an instant two thousand years’ of bawdy cat tales had flashed through his brain, and he didn’t, frankly, know what on earth he was supposed to do with so much instant ribaldry.

Parfum d’Habit is ancient. It’s the scent of a time before time. Smelling it is to feel, somehow, that you’re smelling for the first time the essence of life itself, and you’ll wonder, immediately after, how you lived so long in such docile ignorance. Seductive and wise, Parfum d’Habit is niche perfumery veering more towards philosophy than art. This is a scent of knowing, of mysteries revealed, and mysteries deepened. It seems to reach far inside you, into places that language cannot. Is it dated? Timeless things cannot age, and the only clock you need to worry about with this one, is making sure you get a bottle while you can. Man. Woman. Unisex. All things in between. Not only can anyone wear this, but everyone should.

Das Huffer
Das Huffer

I dug this out of retirement recently, and was preparing to write a review, but now reading below I'm not so certain. I have one of the older bottles, and likely one of the older formulations. I'd hate to review something that is no longer in production, but at the same time maybe I SHOULD in the hopes that MPG returns to the original formula (but more so I'm hoping aqua_de_la_vita's review is a hint that maybe they have).
The original of this is anything but shy. When I'd bought it initially, it was probably the most potent fragrance I'd experienced, so to read that it now lacks staying power is disheartening on an epic level!
The leather is a constant, but not without a few changes of costume along the way. The opening alongside the petitgrain gives the impression of a clean and new leather, but once the blackcurrant begins to open it rapidly ages into a gorgeous, succulent, well worn and cared for leather. The kind of leather that has only ever been treated with trusted, centuries-old botanical concoctions.
The patchouli fleshes out a handsome earthy undertone, but never alludes to its "hippie" connotations.
Once everything settles down, the sweetness of the blackcurrant and amber, as well as the creamy sandalwood, carry the leather through the rest of its journey. Softening and drying slightly, but remaining in place for quite some time.
I used to get a good 12 hours out this, with wonderful sillage lasting 6-8 hours. If it HAS been changed, then it's a great disservice to the world. Parfum d'Habit absolutely oozed class. I think I'll be treasuring my old bottle all the more now.


I just bought this juice yesterday after trying it several times. It has a very dirty oily leathery aroma..supported by sandalwood and smokey/ spicy notes. A VERY masculine retro 80's handlebars moustache frag. This fragrance isn't your typical run of mill fragrance...a wild beast considering it's a edt. Amber calms it giving it depth and a warm vib.
Longevity and Silage excellent lasting over 8hrs.
I wasn't sure if I would appreciate the quality of this juice..after several times and letting the aroma settles I found myself smelling my wrist more and more. This fragrance has a real animalistic quality which would make your partner melt if they enjoy leather. I'm glad I bought this fragrance and would recommend it to those who like a real strong masculine leathery aroma. 8.5/10 very sexy/attractive juice!!


Ladies and gentleman what we have here is a unique masterpiece. I have never experienced anything similar to Parfum d'Habit. I will say that the scent exudes and projects a disturbing yet elegant atmosphere of contradiction to me.
A very old black leather jacket lightly scented with a woman's makeup and lipstick from years of manly adventure. Leave the jacket deep in the woods and cover it with leaves, branches, damp soil, fresh cut pine needles and sap. Allow the sun's rays to warm up the ingredients for a few years. Love it! Patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, musk and leather are the main players in this hubris inducing formula.
Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier is a majestic House and thankfully I have experienced most of their offerings. Don't delay discovering the many gems from this House.


I think that it has been reformulated....
Interesting smell but I was specting more power in it and something more special.
A light leather-wood scent. Interesting opening (not too strong) that quickly fades in a generic and too light and boring dry-down.

Good smell but I suspect it has been watered down.
Sillage and longevity are average.

scent: 6/10
longevity: 5/10
sillage: 4/10


calyx93's review is really close to what I was gonna say. Parfum d'Habit, to me, smells like a leather couch that's been sitting in the middle of the woods for a while. A little bit musty, but overall no frills or thrills.


This one opens up with a strong blackberry note mixed with greens followed by a dirty earthy patchouli accord. After a while a very strong incense/pine note seems to dominate the heart of the composition. When this starts to fade I can smell a subdued leather note. In the basenotes the woods start to make their presence known moore.

This fragrance opens very loud and projects like crazy. It is a very outdoorsy and forestry earthy green scent. I do not like the incense/pine note as it is really overwhelming for the first forty or so minutes.

The strange thing I found with this scent is it is really loud and overwhelming for the first forty minutes or so then it dramatically becomes more of a skin scent.

The drydown is quite boring compared to the opening. Not a bad scent just not too my taste.


Parfum D'Habit's extremely compelling opening has a quite distinctive "lived-in" leather note joined by pronounced earthy undertones and laying on a masterfully refined musk /sandalwood base. The coniferous (Pine?) presence adds a mysterious extra touch of extreme charme. A well balanced and highly recommended "kinda rough" fragrance.

To be completely honest I found the drydown to be slightly more conventional if compared to the outstanding opening but this may be due to the fact that I'm smelling the reformulated version. I've heard the vintage was way more unpolite and unconventional and I'll do everything is possible to put my hands on it. That being said, this is still one of those compositions you encounter every once in a blue moon...

Extremely solid, masterfully crafted and miles ahead from today's anonymous scents. Because of its unapologetic character, this is probably not a fragrance for everybody. Me? A personal favorite, just like my old leather jacket I used to wear to go to punk/hardcore gigs.

Rating: 9.5/10


Bitter masculine tears. Special.


Parfum d'Habit ....
I thought it would be similar to
"Habit Rouge".
perhaps because of the name ..or perhaps because of the use of Red in the bottle.
Oh, how wrong I am....
I love Habit Rouge by Guerlain
a classic fragrance
Audacious and Straightforward
by its use of Vanilla in its spicy complex mix of notes....for men.
however.....alot of people consider it a bit old fashion and formal.

Parfum d'Habit is
Modern in it simplistic use of a few fragrance notes...
"Leather-centric" ,Warm, Casual,
Not overpowering,but with character,
for a certain man of presence with charisma.

It balances its Wood notes with its Leather ones in a perfect interplay.
Neither one overpowers the other...

Add this fragrance to your Want List
I did.!


Lovely, just lovely. The smell of well-worn leathers that have been exposed repeatedly to the deep woods and all the green and brown earthiness contained within. I imagine this is what Robin Hood's breeches must have smelt like - ripe, seasoned and utterly swoon-worthy.


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