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Tubereuse Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for women

Tubereuse Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for women
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Tubereuse by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier is a Floral fragrance for women. Tubereuse was launched in 1988. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Francois Laporte. Top notes are rose, tuberose and green notes; middle note is jasmine; base notes are musk and amber.

Perfume rating: 3.32 out of 5 with 30 votes.

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Rose Tuberose Green Notes

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Musk Amber

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Tubereuse Fragrance Reviews


For those of you who are checking reviews on tuberose perfumes and read a bunch of mine will find it repetitive about how I am a perfumer and perfume collector and have tried every soliflore I could find to find the one of each of my favorite flowers that most smells like the fresh living flower to add to my wardrobe and collection, so this was among those I got to know on my quest for the best tuberose. It did not end up being the absolute most realistic tuberose but it did end up winning me over as a great tuberose perfume to add to my wardrobe as it does have a lot of very good qualities and for almost a pure floral, it lasts quite long. When first sprayed on if I were to compare it blindfolded next to a fresh tuberose blossom in the evening when the fragrance is at its prime, I know that it is not listed among the fragrance notes but I smell a sort of peach fruity quality that is not present in the actual flower as well at the sparkle of aldehydes. While not being true to flower those are things that added a special magic to the sweet and heady intoxicating perfume white floral fragrance of the tuberose. The jasmine and rose are so well blended that they to me are along with the amber and musk serve to round off and strengthen an add depth and tenacity and sillage to the sweet and creamy tuberose heart on which the entire perfume is centered around. From beginning where we are dazzled with the fruity sparkles of the aldehydes until the ends where the warm amber musks weight down and intensify the warm tuberose heart and lengthen the time it would otherwise be on the skin. Also by spraying it on my neck after putting on my shirt some but by no means all of the tuberose and white floral heart absorbed into the fabric radiates its white floral bouquet with sillage definitely closer to my person than during the dry down on my skin but it keeps the white floral heart going in close proximity well beyond the usual duration for white florals which is expected to max out at about 4 hours even for an eau de parfum simply because of the small size of the molecules the comprise much of the aromatic spectrum of floral absolutes. Also natural tuberose blossoms have a green note that hints at dill and a camphor-salicylate quality that is exaggerated in the opening of Tubereuse Criminelle but dies down to a very realistic level in about 15 minutes, but causes people to be say they were blasted with Ben Gay or gasoline. Since those qualities are seen by most as not being the most agreeable qualities of the fragrance profile of natural tuberose, many perfumes are composed largely leaving them out, and this is what is done here, so for those of you who do not care for the camphor-wintergreen tainting their tuberose, then consider that in this perfume the tuberose smells in fact better than in reality. Just like we do not expect every painting to look like a perfect depiction of reality we must also expect that a perfumer will present his interpretation of a flower and it is neither right nor wrong. In this case it was not what I was looking for, but I loved what I smelled and bought it to add to my wardrobe because I love it for what it is. As with any perfume I strangely suggest you at least try it on in the store and evaluate it the whole rest of that day before buying it, or better yet getting a 5ml decant and giving it a few days. I have had 5ml decants that the first day there was no way I was going to buy a full bottle but by the end of the decant I was tracking my order for the full bottle every day online till it arrived. And I have also had the opposite happen, totally drawn in at first and then a few days later realize that the 1ml left in the decant would be plenty to last a lifetime.


This was a blind buy, and from the notes and reviews I was expecting something a bit similar to Prada's Infusion de Tubereuse. I was sadly mistaken - on me this smells exactly like the wet gray modeling clay we used in art class when I was a child. EXACTLY like it. I kept hoping it would develop into something else, anything else, but it never did. I've got a 3.3oz. bottle if anyone wants to swap. The bottle itself is beautiful though!


All these previous reviews have something which I share too.
It's green. Yes, definitely.
It's a bit soapy. True.
It has a top parsley like note. Yes, indeed.
What else?
It's a very nice scent, very elegant and old money (yes, this too has been said).
For being a tuberose, if you have in mind Fracas, this is on the very opposite side.
It's not creamy, not soft, not sweet, not opulent.
It's a very green rendition of a tuberose, as if caught by a long distance, with amber, greenery and musk leading the play.
Sillage is good, but not enormous.
Lasting power is not too long.
I love it, I find it a good detour from the usual tuberose we all know and love.
But if you are looking for a clone of Fracas, this is miles away.


Old money, tropical floral with a bit of intrigue courtesy of the ambergris. It's present but doesn't shout, the rose and green notes add dimension to the drydown. If I were 20 years older and $10 million richer, this would be my go to tropical scent. For now I only have a sample, waiting for me to reach those two things.


If you like Tuberose this is wonderful. Delightful, perfect for daytime. Reminds me of Bond No. 9 For her by Saks Fifth Avenue.


Very strong sillage but really faint smell almost like soap. It's nice but not something I would pay 100 EUR for. Apparently this is one of Jlo's favorite perfumes and it doesn't surprise me at all. I've noticed she likes perfumes that smell like soap, her first creation Glow smells this way too.


As much as I love Fracas, on my skin this one smells much better.

Opens with a sharp and green parsley-like top note that lasts not longer than a minute. After that strange intro becomes softer, powdery and creamy, almost buttery, exotic but not too sweet or overpowering, still sensual and strong enough for a perfect feminine daywear scent.
Although it's linear and doesn't have grandeur, it has depth and significant lasting power as well as a certain cosiness (ambergris) that makes it more approachable and more friendly than my beloved cold-hearted princess Fracas.

Cannot decide if I love it or just like it. But I would most certainly wear it.


This one went on to my skin as if it had spoiled, sharp, sticky and murky smelling. It mellows quickly into a faint tuberose with wood notes, but there's just too much going on and it's unclear and jumbled. Eventually it dries down to a dead ringer for that pink granulated powder hand soap they used to have in public restrooms in the 80s. I like that scent, actually, but I don't want to SMELL like that. MPG Tubereuse is like an experiment that went wrong. It's not horrid, but it sure isn't something I will wear.


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