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Black Line Mancera for women and men

Black Line Mancera for women and men
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Black Line by Mancera is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. Black Line was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. Top note is spicy notes; middle notes are rose, patchouli, amber and leather; base notes are white musk, sandalwood and guaiac wood.

Perfume rating: 3.87 out of 5 with 61 votes.

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Spicy Notes

Middle Notes
Rose Patchouli Amber Leather

Base Notes
White Musk Sandalwood Guaiac Wood

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24 Platinum Oud Edition
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Dehn al Oudh Abiyad
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Black Line Fragrance Reviews


A dry austere rose blooming on the edge of a baking hot desert. Crunchy notes like grains of sand (leather, spices, guaiac wood) contrast with sweet rose, sandalwood and Amber.

The overall effect is dry, not sweet or jammy. It makes me think of a super-heated wind blowing off the desert and encountering floral gardens full of roses.

This is suitable for both genders, especially lovers of rose and woods.

The person who compared this to Black Aoud needs to smell more perfumes before making arbitrary comparison. Just because these two both contain rose doesn't mean they have any relationship with each other (apart from the fact that Montale and Mancera are sister-brands within the same umbrella company). Comparing this fragrance to Black Aoud is like saying a Bugatti is like a Ferrari, simply because they both have a steering wheel.

Arsenal Till I Die
Arsenal Till I Die

Before I go any further, I would just like to state that I am by no means a fan of rose in General, with a few odd exceptions and this is definitly one of them!

Upon first spray you are indeed hit with a big blast of sweet rose. My least favourite part and I do wish it was toned down a bit, but this quickly dissipates and the leather and patchouli begin to overshadow it fairly quickly. Animalic? Maybe a slight touch but certainly nothing aggressive or over the top. In the dry down the amber, white musk and sandalwood oddly enough give this an almost fresh appeal. I would say this is similar to Indonesian Oud but without the bergamot and strong oud note. One of the best I've tried from Mancera, a fairly forgettable house IMHO.


I think I may be starting to prefer this to Black Aoud. The patchouli-guaiac-rose is really smooth, sexy, and masculine. The fragrance achieves balance much quicker than Black Aoud, which seems to see-saw between the equally loud rose-aoud notes.

I would not be surprised if this was intended as a superior successor to Black Aoud. I really think a case could be made for it.


Love and addictive at first sniff !!!!! My Holy Grail cologne !


Went to Selfridges to try this today.
I originally went in to buy Ateliers - Oud Saphir but ended up trying Black Line while waiting for my Saphir to be customised.
I have to say that it is up there in terms of the quality I look for.
I will be adding this to my private collection very soon.


this review is about black to black.. didnt find it on fragrantica data base.. and i wanted to rview it.. for its one of the best mancers has to offer when it comes to oud connotation's
its a lovelly oud.. a true oud.. an oud that reminds me of real pure oud.. that cost 1000 $ per 12 ml tolas..real indian oud ..rarelly found from local producers ..
this perfume is deep ..inscensy.. oriental.. indian.. it has an opulencey.. it has a magical side.. that keeps developing and changing with time.. and on different people..
its a full mysterious perfume.. fit for a king or a queen..
it reminds me of some of the special blends from abdulsaamd algourashy and junaid and ajmal.. its more arabian in essense and personality.. yet with a lighter crispier more attuned to the non oud users.. its a perfect softer oud.. that is inoffensive..compared to the real oud..its almost sweet.. its woods y.. amber y.. a bit musky..alot inscensy almost resinous.. with a hint of rose.. that brighten every.. oud composition ..hints of patchulie and warm spicesness ..balsamic relaxing intoxicating.. ..invigorating..a winter.. night ..perfume.. fit for special occasions.. or just to fall asleep in ..a vail of holly smokiness ..of incensy ..dreamy.. whiffs of bliss...its almost lemony in the top notes.. its almost translucent.. its simply something to be treasured.. it is(oud ) an acquired smell.. oud is not the easiest of smells to fall in love with.. if you ve never smelled it befor..but this is as nice.. and as clean ..and as pefect.. as oud can get ..and as sophisticated.. and refined.. and simply wondrous.. an oud has ever been made.. for mass production has the vibe of old school local perfumers who just blend natural raw materials.. and give you 6 ml half a tola ..or 12 ml of a whole tola.. or even quarter a tola of this heavenly bliss.. elixir of life ..less than a drop from the needle like debar will last weeks on your clothes and hair ..even if you wash it..a perfect layering perfume ..a perfect perfume used with bakhour and incense..a dream perfume from the past that bridged the future..


Leather, rose and patchouli. A mixture overwhelming. Pungent and sensual, delicate and charming. One of the best creations of Mancera.


The opening of this fragrance is a popular sweet and musky rose followed by strong patchouli note and also spices and sandalwood.
Rose is strong and sweet like many rose based fragrances that you can find these days on the market.
The white musk here smell dirty and almost animalic.
The animalic feeling of the scent isn't like civet, it's different.
Have you ever touched sheep's skin? if you do, you will smell kind of a dirty and sticky smell on your hand!
This fragrance has the same feeling but it's much weaker and it's very interesting that if you sniff it up closely you can't detect this smell, but if you smell the scent cloud around you, you can feel it.
It's not bad but it's kind of a different animalic note.
The patchouli note give the scent a sharp edge and slightly earthy feeling.
The sandalwood here is a little bit medicinal at the start. something like "Montale Dark Oud" but it's weak and also settle down and loose that medicinal vibe pretty quick.
There are some spices in the scent too but they are in the background.
The opening is OK but it's familiar and I've smelt this combination before.
The mid and base of this fragrance is not that different. you will get just more white musk.
Projection is good at the start but the scent will die on you're skin pretty quick and longevity is around 4-5 hours.

رايحه ابتدايي اين عطر با بوي شيرين گل رز ترکيب با رايحه مشک و کمي رايحه هاي چوبي و ادويه اي و مقدار مشخصي هم رايحه نعناي هندي شروع ميشه
رايحه گل رز بوي شيرين و البته خيلي آشنايي داره. اين روزا همه برندها زدن تو خط گل رز و بوي گل رز تو اين عطر حسي مثل خيلي عطرهاي ديگه تو بازار داره و اصلا چيز جديدي نيست و اون حس عطرهای حرمین مطهر رو میده تقریبا
رايحه مشک سفيد تو اين عطر حس خاص و نسبتا متفاوتي داره. تا حالا شده به پوست و پشم گوسفند دست بزنين و بعد دستتونو بو کنين؟
يه بوي چرب و کثيف و ناخوشايندي داره پوست گوسفند
حالا بوي مشک سفید تو اين عطر تقريبا همچين حسي داره منتها خيلي ضعيف تره و نکته جالب ديگش اينجاست که وقتي عطرُ از نزديک و مثلا روي مچ دستتون بو ميکنين متوجه اين حس حيواني نميشين اما وقتي دستتونو از بيني دور ميکنين و هواي اطرافتونو بو ميکنين اون حس ملايم کثيف و حيواني رو ميشه حس کرد
مثل بوی گوسفند قوی و بد نیست اما حس ملایمی مثل اون بو رو داره به هر حال
رايحه نعناي هندي يه بوي تند و تيز، کمي گياهي و کمي خاکي به عطر ميده
رايحه چوب صندل اولش يه ذره حس دارو مانند داره اما خيلي سريع آروم ميشه و اون بوي دارو مانند خودشو از دست ميده
رايحه ادويه ها هم خيلي ضعيف هستن و هميشه در حاشيه قرار دارن
با گذز زمان بوی عطر تغییر زیادی نمیکنه. فقط مشک کمی قویتر میشه و رایحه های دیگه ملایمتر
پخش بوی عطر اولش خیلی خوبه اما سریع پخشش ضعیف میشه و ماندگاریش هم بین 4 تا 5 ساعته


First of all this is EDP. So, the "long lasting" was expected. I have to admit, that for those guys, who pay much attention for the longevity, this one is the Champion, for sure; you can smell it within 12 hours without quality decreasing - the same smell as at the beginning. What it was surprising - I spayed on my wrist, it's clear I washed my hands, but I could feel amber and pachouli, spicy notes may be - almost 24 hours after first spray, of course it was not the same how it should smell, nonetheless...

This EDP is masculine for sure, however they say Unisex.

I do not want to describe the notes, they all "sound" good, playing Solo time to time. Great orchestra! You won't be disappointed and, the most probably, will fall in love with this masterpiece.

Don't be afraid - this is not heavy frag, it's not overwhelming, not over-spicy, not over-patchouly, not over-amber. Black Line is very elegant scent, perfectly blended, suitable for the day (office) and for the night (theatre), definitely for cool weather/time. If you wear with casual it would be also great, brutal, sexy.

It reminds me Aoud Shafran from Montale (it was one company in the past before divorce), but more soft, greater number of notes, more stable and long lasting. Projection is great, exactly how it should be with man's frag.

In short - beautiful masculine EDP. The bottle is perfectly crafted, if it's important for someone...

I think, it can be Signature frag. It's really Niche perfume.


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