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Nejma 4 Nejma for women

Nejma 4 Nejma for women
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main accords
yellow floral
fresh spicy

Nejma is the collection of perfumes inspired by an Arab narrative of the heroine named Nejma and Vezir. The collection of seven fragrances interprets the story in 7 different ways, as the seven daughters of Nejma.

Nejma Four opens with notes of geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot and peach. Narcissus and otto rose are placed on the base of labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli and oud.

Available as 100 ml EDP. Nejma 4 was launched in 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean Niel.

Perfume rating: 3.76 out of 5 with 28 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Geranium Ylang-Ylang Bergamot

Middle Notes
Narcissus Turkish Rose Egyptian Jasmine

Base Notes
Agarwood (Oud) Oakmoss resins

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Acqua di Parma Profumo
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Nejma 4 Fragrance Reviews


Heady and robustly sweet. This is identical to an old Aveda scent- one of the Key Elements. I'm not sure which one, but this would be a more intense version of it.

I really liked it at first, but as I wore it it became too much for me. It's so saturated and it just doesn't dry down.


I've decided to leave a second review because since I posted my first one I have fallen completely in love with this one. I doubt I will ever again be a one perfume woman. But, if I were, this would be my signature.
The first few times I wore this I was so distracted by all the tugs at my memory and trying to figure out what on earth this smelled like, was it 24 Faubourg? Mitsouko? Giorgio? Dioressence? that I missed out on how gorgeous it is.
I've decided that it smells like all of those and none of them. It has the upright, somewhat haughty bone structure of a fifties chypre and the plush, slightly overdone padding of an 80s floral oriental all the while smelling completely au courant. It is both green and yellow for those of you who see fragrances as colors. Classic and utterly modern. Full of references to other fragrance and utterly and uniquely itself.
Most of all, it is beautiful.


Yes yes yes you are right, a blast from a glamorous, gutsy past!
Much as I try to avoid playing "name that scent in one" (a facile if fun game) this is SOOOOO something else. But what...?

Spent agonizing hours straining every nerve to try to recall what this is, definitely something from my childhood, something to do with an aunt - classy, bold, stylish, strong ...... its.... DIORESSENCE.

But also its Hermes 24 Rue Fauborg as someone else noted - well done and thank you for saving me more excruciating hours.

Lovely, well-blended, full bodied floral chypre, no spice or wood. But entirely derivative - but that doesn't need to be a problem.


NEJMA 4 is from another era! First I was a bit assaulted by strong geranium and carnation together with loads of bergamot. I automatically assumed this is going to smell a bit out dated, but then narcissus got to my nose! Oh my god! The beauty of narcissus in NEJMA 4 is simply stunning! I love the flower it self and I was yet to find such a beautiful interpretation. Unfortunately it does stand in the background, but I still it was the reason for me to keep exloring NEJMA 4.

The drydown gets back to being a bit too oldschool for me. It dries down to somewhat powdery yet very clean/soap - like vintage scent. It has lots of oakmoss in the mix giving this a very powdery/sharp accord on the clean base.

Lasting power - excellent, survived even a shower. Radiates very stronlgy.

This is my firs try of house of Nejma and I can say I'm eager to explore further.


This is my second day in a row wearing this. A rarity for me but it's really rewarding the time spent. It opens up with a strong carnation note which reminds me of a vintage Guerlain, I'm not sure which, l'Heure Bleu?
On me this is mostly a ylang ylang perfume, big, fat, buttery and delicious ylang with a vintage presentation. I think LittleRed nails it - what vintage would smell like new. I don't get any oud at all, thankfully. I think that what I'm experiencing as an animalic aspect is a beautifully blended oud note.
It kind of drove me crazy a bit as I kept thinking it smelled like something else. First I thought, Mitsouko, then it was l'Heure Bleu, then 24 Faubourg at which point I lost it completely and thought Odalisque and Divine before realizing that Nejma 4 has carved out a little space of it's own at the nexus of all these amazing floral fragrances.
My experience with the sillage and longevity was a bit confusing. It kept disappearing and reappearing unexpectedly hours later. I thought it was gone and put on some Angelique Noire, which is a very strong fragrance. In the morning though I smelled again of Nejma 4.
This is a very well done if not terribly original fragrance. It deserves a better name than "4"

Edit: After coming back to this again and again, I've concluded that it's love. It's one of the few fragrances I don't fear overspraying. Not because it isn't strong - it's fearsomely strong. But, because it's perfect at any level or concentration.


Nejma Four is a seriously floral perfume. You really must love flowers to wear this creation. I was actually a bit worried at the library that someone with allergies might complain, because I overapplied in the hopes that the wafts rising off my neck would distract me from the frigid cold as a walked as briskly as I could to and fro. No one complained, and if I may say so myself: I smelled great!

The style of Nejma Four is reminiscent of the big fat floral perfumes of the late 1980s and early 1990s. All of those have been reformulated by now: Giorgio, White Diamonds--and reaching a further back, Joy--you name it, it's now filled with pseudo-floral juice. So anyone who hankers for the good old days when floral perfumes contained massive amounts of flower essences will receive a waft of Nejma Four with flaring nostrils! The biggest contender here is narcissus, but the bouquet is fairly complex.

I do not personally find the peach to be very pronounced, and I would never compare this perfume to Guerlain Mitsouko or Femme Rochas--at least not the pre-Y2K versions. It's a completely different style.


I really like this. I bought it blind but knew from the notes, I couldn't go wrong here. The bergamot is bright on top with a nice, smooth, light leathery feel coming in soon after. All the while, the narcissus and geranium banter back and forth to keep this bright, lively, and just a touch spicy.

Nejma Four reminds me of an old school yellow floral with some spicy kick. It actually has a vintage feel to me - I like to think it's what a vintage would have smelt like when it was new, with quality ingredients, classic floral notes, and thoughtful execution.

I am slowly working my way through the Nejma line and the quality is unquestionable - definitely worth trying.


It's just a mishmash of crap. I hate to say it. I can smell all the notes but they just fold into each other so messily... It's a sweet slightly powdery scent... After 10 mins... it's like the dry down of Mauboussin EDP... but not as good...


The opening is gorgeous, but it doesn't linger too much. What you get mainly is a slightly powdery oud base mixed distant geranium notes.


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