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Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men

Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men
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Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures Sampaquita Ormonde Jayne for women and men Pictures

Sampaquita is the national flower of the Philippines, translated as "I promise you". In other words, that is Sambac jasmine, growing in Southeastern Asia and India. This beautiful flower is considered a symbol of innocence, faithfulness and loyalty.

Moist notes of summer morning (litchi, grass oil, bergamot and magnolia) develop in an opulent floral bouquet with sampaquita (absolute), freesia, muguet (lily) rose and water lily. A comfortable base with musk, vetiver, moss and ambrette seed rounds up this most gentle jasmine perfume.

The fragrance is available in eau de parfum or Made to Measure Parfum for which the customer selects the concentration, bath and body products and candles. Sampaquita was launched in 2004. The nose behind this fragrance is Geza Schoen.

Perfume rating: 3.89 out of 5 with 66 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Litchi Grass Bergamot Magnolia

Middle Notes
Jasmine Freesia Lily-of-the-Valley Rose Water Lily

Base Notes
Vetiver Musk Oakmoss Ambrette (Musk Mallow)

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Sampaquita Fragrance Reviews


Wow for me this smells of salt. Just salt, and not even much salt. Have to stick my nose right up against my skin and SNIFF hugely to smell anything. maybe there's a bit of floral behind the salt? But if so it's incredibly faint. My skin just doesn't care for this one.


A very fresh opening of peppery freesia and lotus but as the alcohol vanishes the lychee sweetness become much to the fore. Im not surprised lychee has been used as it is naturally such a perfumey smelling fruit. I love the smell of freshly peeled lychee. Lychee and jasmine are clearly very complimentary notes together as is evident here. The grass also adds a very fresh verdant note whilst the musk smooths and rounds the rest of the notes. I think I can just make out the rose which adds a touch of sweetness along with the magnolia which goes well with jasmine. A pretty fragrance that would be lovely to wear in a warm environment. Its lush and very feminine. Perfect to wear at an evening beach party in the Bahamas!


I ignored Ormonde Jayne for a long time because Geza Schoen is the nose behind Escentric Molecules and I think those perfumes are a a big con. So when I saw his name attached to this house, I just glossed over it. Then I read an old interview with him here on Fragrantica and he sounded like such a nice guy with surprisingly down to earth views about perfume that I decided to give him another try. I'm glad I did because OJ is becoming one of my new favourite houses.

Sampaquita does what the others I've sampled do - it's subtle, complex, thoughtful and it thankfully ignores all of the niche trends and just makes wearable perfume that's safe but never boring.

These perfumes are so well blended that picking out separate notes (especially the floral ones) is difficult. But this opens with a lovely sweet burst of lychee, tempered by some slightly melacholic magnolia (that could just be me, I find magnolia to invoke that in me).

The description here calls this a jasmine perfume, but I find it a lily one more prominently than anything, with a dash of water lily. I think I detect a hint of rose, but it's super subtle.

I don't get much in the way of base notes from this, save for a slight woodiness towards the end.

This is very beautiful. Feminine and unashamedly floral - but in a soft way.

The sillage is soft and I got about 8 hours longevity from 3 sprays.


Summer is arriving, a picnic outdoors, walking in the fields. Sampaquita is versatile, feminine, not challenging, pleasantly fruity. Positive.


This bottle has been nearly forgotten for the last year and a half and after recently rediscovering it, I don’t know why. It manages to be effortlessly elegant and sumptuously feminine at the same time. Sampaquita is fresh but not flat or sharp, gentle but not dull. It has enough complexicity to be interesting, but it never gets overpowering.

Many compositions with a long list of notes can get a bit messy but in Sampaquita the different accords complement each other. This is a beautiful and balanced floral bouquet. Projection is good but not overtly potent. It lasts about 7-8h on me. I had 50ml EdP and I am seriously considering a replacement. One of my favourites from the OJ range (Ta’if and Ormonde Woman being the others). If you consider yourself as an oriental/floriental sillage bomb girl, check this out. It might make you to reconsider your opinion about your taste for perfumes:)


It must be the oakmoss which imparts to Ormonde Jayne SAMPAQUITA a decidedly vintage-dried flowers vibe. The composition also has a greenish-brown facet which reminds me of the scent of dried grass. Before donning this perfume, I was unaware that it would be a sambac jasmine creation, and because of the strong grassy and mossy components, I would not call this a jasmine soliflore by any stretch of the imagination. I would call it a lovely grassy vintage dried-flowers creation!

There is also a slightly soapy side to this perfume, but it waxes and wanes and is not consistently strong enough for me to describe this as a soapy floral. It's just there in the background, popping up to be noticed now and then.

Another very nice creation by Ormonde Jayne. Brava!


Unfortunately this is a mess on my skin, but that's probably because most perfumes containing rose dry badly on me. The rose rushes screaming to the front, throws a tantrum until she stinks to high heaven and then hangs around pouting. Such a shame! Exactly the same thing happens with Ta'if, another rose-based Ormonde Jayne fragrance.

I adore the smell of roses and wish they suited my skin!


Parfum review.
I dove right into this one as soon as it arrived, getting a zesty green opening and what I was sure was a soft waft of incense (likely the vetiver). And then it was gone.

So I returned that evening for another try, now getting bridal veil whites and springtime shoots. Still not convinced, I used my heaviest hand yet this morning, hoping to stay with it longer than an hour. By noon it was gone altogether, so I came home and dumped the rest of the sample on myself.

For the first time I understood what people mean by the phrase, 'fecal jasmine'. Do I find this offensive? Oddly, no. This is a carnally charged, womanly scent that young girls should flee from.

Just take your time fleeing. Even if you bathed in this its gone before you know it.


The open on this fragrance is a bit rough, almost antiseptic in smell. I put this on and thought, "OH NO, what have I done?!?!?" and then about 30 minutes later something started to happen... all of these soft and elegant floral notes started wafting up from my skin and with time they only got better. The dry down on this perfume might possible be my favorite smell in the entire world, and as someone who is constantly looking for a new fragrance, I could honestly say that I might consider this as a signature scent tossing away all other perfumes in it's wake, it is just that good... I find most of the Ormonde Jayne fragrances I have tried play that way though, startling opening followed by a magical dance to something wonderous and beautiful, like a perfect burlesqe strip tease.


This scent starts off soft but fresh - the grass and magnolia combine to give a green, sap like initial aroma and after about 20 minutes, the flowers make their entrance. Today was the first warm day in what seems like 6 months and as the sun would heat up the skin on my arms, I could smell a beautiful jasmine, freesia and sweet lily of the valley. Eventually it fades and while I couldn't smell it on my wrist, there is almost a memory of scent of spring flowers, woody vetiver, and light musk. All the Ormonde Jayne fragrances I have tried in my "starter kit" have been lovely but this is one of my favorites.


I love this scent from the first sniff, it's about Jasmine, but very unusual jasmine, I haven't smell such creamy strange jasmine before. It's very exotic, watery fresh, clean, I smell lychee at the very beginning, so juicy exotic touch and magnolia. It's creamy, very radiant and sometimes oily (in big amounts it can cause a headache, but not in this perfume). Then I smell white flowers, so pure white and romantic. I feel freesia in it, and jasmine at least! I smell it purely only about 20 minutes after applying the perfume.

For me it's a sophisticated portrait not of the jasmine itself, but of its symbols, meanings and dreams.


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