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Private Collection Querelle Parfumerie Generale for women and men

Private Collection Querelle Parfumerie Generale for women and men
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Private Collection Querelle Parfumerie Generale for women and men Pictures

Querelle fragrance is a part of the Private Collection, the collection that is available exclusively through the internet or phone orders. Querelle is a very sensual, dark and unique, inspired by the Jean Genet erotic stories, full of violence and lust.

Top notes: citrus, black cumin and cinnamon. Heart: myrrh, cinnamon and incense. Base: vetiver, oak moss and gray amber.

Available as 100 ml EDP.

Perfume rating: 3.89 out of 5 with 68 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Citruses Caraway Cinnamon

Middle Notes
Incense Myrhh

Base Notes
vetyver oak moss Amber

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Private Collection Querelle Fragrance Reviews


When I read the notes in the description I thought that it would make for a nice scent. This scent is brutal, piercing, and excruciatingly stale. This is disgusting. Who pays money to smell like this?


I am not getting the connection to the story. When it first hits the skin, it smells nearly identical to a bar of Ivory soap. A white scent of lily, musk, and a little powder. There must be some floral missing from the pyramid. The only thing differentiating it from Ivory soap was a bit of moss, giving it a nice chypre quality. I quite enjoyed it immediately and found it to be ultra feminine. I wish the top notes stayed that way.

It did not take long for a smoky note to weave its way to my nose. Some woods joined in...and a slightly citrusy vetiver. Totally unisex now.

The drydown was the longest phase, and it consisted of a sweet resin and some moss.

On the whole, the perfume reminds me a bit of Seylon by Odin, my very favorite smoky vetiver that resembles a full-bodied ceylon tea. Querelle stays closer to the skin.

Another great perfume from Parfumerie Generale.


Incense vetyver.

I love and crave this stuff.

Starts not that exciting: dusty, dry vetyver, a bit on a masculine side. Dry-down is beautiful though - warm woody, spicy incense.

Querelle works like magic with my chemistry, and becomes totally gender neutral, aromatic and sensual.
I find the dry-down to be very sexy and intoxicating.

So far, my favorite vetyver and one of my favorites from Parfumerie Generale.

P.S. I prefer this fragrance on my skin more then on my clothing.


Smoky myrhh.


Knowing nothing about the Fassbinder/Genet inspiration for this perfume, I simply donned it and found mostly dark, spicy, and somewhat dirty incense.

Upon espying the note pyramid, I suddenly realized that the central spice in this composition is an old culinary friend: black cumin. There are two different forms used in Indian cooking: kala jeera and nigella sativa. The seeds of the latter are small and black, hence the popular name, "black cumin", though it really smells nothing like cumin and lacks, specifically, the sweaty aspect of that note as it often appears in perfumery. The seeds of the former look a lot like caraway seeds. I believe that the scent of nigella sativa has been used in this composition.

The dominant spice of this composition is bitter and has a completely unique taste and scent, which in Querelle lays like a patina atop the incense forming the core of the perfume. A solid dark and spicy woody incense, to be sure, now I must go watch the film!


Querelle is a fragrance with that formal aspect which forces you to take it seriously at first sniff. It is like coming across a painting in a museum which you know nothing about, but you immediately feel the respect it commands. Querelle is a depiction of male nature which can not be hid under the polish of grooming and manners. The man described in Querelle is uncivilized. Someone who is able to leave behind his social obligations, and disappear on a month long hunting trip. This man has taste and manners. He can dress well, act confidently, and be gentle in a social setting. However, his manners and taste can not cover up his nature from anyone who cares to observe.

Querelle is a vetiver fragrance. It is not a fragrance which is dominated by vetiver as Vetiver Extraordinaire or Etro’s Vetiver are. It is not a smooth, minimal vetiver mix as Chanel Sycomore is. Nor is it a deep and ultra complex green fragrance with notes of vetiver as Amouage Memoir Man is. Querelle is a fragrance which uses just enough vetiver to balance out the myrrh and incense notes. Vetiver brightens up the dark oak moss and incense with streaks of green. Vetiver freshens up the earthy accord, preventing it from becoming dusty. Of all the vetiver based fragrances, in Querelle, Vetiver plays the most active role.

This is a masculine fragrance, as there is only a trace of florals in it, and a mature fragrance as there is very little sweetness present. No feminine elements. There are no pretty flowers, very little sweetness, no sexy musk. Despite being dry and clean, it is a kind of clean where there is a trace of dirt. A smell of forest lurking underneath the soap. A of adventure and romance underneath a polished appearance. It is old school elegant, but not because of aldehydes or powdery notes, but due to a balance between clean vetiver, green oak moss, tarry incense and sweet myrrh.


Original review posted on


Querelle is a total mindgame. It smells absolutely horrible in the beginning, like a low-quality vintage perfume that hasn't been stored properly: rotten, cheap, and outdated.

Then it totally flipped my brain backwards. After I put it on and forgot about it (out of intentional denial), it settled into a gorgeous oakmoss-incense-myrhh after about two hours. Querelle is violence in the beginning, lust in the end.

Would I go through two hours of hell to reach the final glory? No. If I'm going to pay money for perfume, I want instant gratification.


I got just a little drop to try.
Scent is dark, carnal and erotic. It's definitely a night scent. Darkness in closed room where you can see ghosts. I cant't imagine it outside. Scent of a spoiled young lady or an old experienced man. It wakes up primary needs rather than spiritual emotions.
Very niche. Not for everyday use. Incense and vetiver dominate.


Querelle opens up with a citric vibe accompanied by a light vetiver note that within minutes, give space to a black cumin note mixed with cinnamon taking us to a more spicy aspect of the fragrance, but not something overdone.

Here the cinnamon followed by a light incense note appears giving to this particular fragrance, a very nice mysterious vibe, as if the incense was not on my skin, but surrounding me in the environment.

Through time, the base shows up leaving a slightly heavy incense aroma, but again, not something overdone, making me think about L'air du Desert Marocain a little bit.

gypsy parfumista
gypsy parfumista

Querelle is one of my favorite VasBinder films of all time. It is the story of a sailor/merchant marine who finds himself in some seedy places and experiments with some taboo sexual practices, and though turned on by what he does he never emotionally engages (other than rage)"We won't kiss...".The recurring theme in the movie is illustrated by the song the Madame of the exotic brothel sings throughout the film. ("Each man kills the thing he loves...") So more than anything this movie is a trip to the sexual dark side, lust, raw emotion and occasional violence...I'm hoping the fragrance does the same. Querelle's uniform reminded me of the Le Male flacon and ad but this scent looks anything but "flowery": spices, resins, incense, touch of citrus and earthy,very sensual basenotes with a hint of sweetness; all ingerdients that will create what I pray will be a scent, that is as passionate and dark as the film was...


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