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Nostalgia Santa Maria Novella for men

Nostalgia Santa Maria Novella for men
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Nostalgia is a fragrance that evokes the memories of old Italian racing cars – the smell of leather, gasoline and burning tires. Top notes: bergamot, rubber and styrax. Heart: cedar and patchouli. Base: leather, amber, vanilla and birch tar.

Available as 100 ml eau de cologne. Nostalgia was launched in 2002.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Styrax Bergamot Petitgrain

Middle Notes
Patchouli Virginia Cedar Woody Notes Tobacco

Base Notes
Birch Amber Vanille Leather Ambrette (Musk Mallow)

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Nostalgia Fragrance Reviews


Cigars gasoline sweet powder rubber and a bit of sweat. What could be sexier? Take that first sexual experience in a car with a bearded guy who is way too old for you, guilty, uncomfortable and exciting, wanting to run away from it and wishing it would last forever at the same time, and put it in a bottle. Nostalgia is a perfect name for this fragrance. Not something you'd expect to come from a Christian chapel (props alfarom). Maybe they made us a sinful representation we could spray on to deter us from going back and doing it all over again again and again. Oh man I totally need another bottle of this.



I could also called this 'Elegant Benzoin'.

The gasoline opening is challenging yet intriguing.

The other notes are present and accounted for, even if they can't be specifically named (at least, by me).

After time, the complex notes sparkle more than the Benzoin - and this fragrance keeps pulling me into it's unique, luxurious heart.

I just may need to own this.


I needed some time to appreciate this perfume - my first experience last year was negative, but after almost a year, this summer I tried it again and it hit me with its original, unique scent, not similar to any other perfumes. Really beautiful on my skin from the very opening to the drydown. I just wish this stunning opening lasted longer. Nostalgia will remind me of last days of my summer holidays spent in a beautiful medieval city in August 2013. Suitable for any season. I will definitely buy the next bottle.


Just received my sample from walkerdogg, my good friend, and this juice is damn amazing and dramatic...Reason being, right out of the gate it smells really strong like racing fuel and literally 15 seconds later it begins changing..into this gorgeous blend of rubber and leather and several minutes later upon dry down remains the alluring vanilla-leatherish-Bvlgari Black blend.

10 out of 10 for uniqueness, quality, shock factor, longevity, sillage, and originality.

(IF) you can find it. BUY IT


I love love love this perfume. Not for the fainthearted nor the heavyhanded. Best worn on autumn as it can get too heavy for summer yet it lacks that certaint 'warmth' necessary for winter. Very avant-garde, surprisingly sexy.The funny thing is that my husband loves it on me but not on him.


I really wanted this to smell like the interior of an Austin Seven, all leather and petrol with a smattering of tobacco and oily rag. Sadly, it was not to be. It just smelled like petrol spillage and rubber tyres. A bit too "in your face" to be the real deal. The day a nose comes up with a fair representation of the interior of an Austin Seven/Ford Prefect E93A, will be the day I, and a host of folk just like me, hot foot it to the stores, baying like savages whilst hammering our credit cards into their eager POS terminals. Til then, I will continue to persuade vintage car owners to wind down their windows as they tootle past me. Beep Beep, Toodle pip.

Doc Elly
Doc Elly

What is wrong? The reviews I had read of this made it sound like a leather, rubber, and petroleum skank-fest, but the first thing I smell out of my sample vial is sweet, prickly green tea! OK, there’s a leather-like note and a dry woody note that could, with prompting, be construed as rubbery, but they’re not the dominant ones. It’s not all that unusual a fragrance, except in the hype. There are plenty of prickly green-tea fragrances out there, so adding a bit of leather, myrrh, and dry wood does not make it unique. The main phase lasts for 3-4 hours, after which all that’s left is the musk. I would probably have liked this if I had not been expecting to find the smell of a car and/or garage. Nostalgia just doesn’t evoke this image for me at any point.


The re-edition doesn't have the scent of leather.
In few words, this perfume during the opening is very very unusual...the first sniff will make you cry :)
It smells on tyres, pit stop, road, gas, rubber, cars, colors, like the store which has everything for the house - 'do it yourself'. The smell is fantastic hehe, after a while it settles down and becomes powdery and sweet, very conventional, it has a lot of similarities as Le Dandy D'Orsay in the drydown. This is a must try for everyone who love perfumes and the art of perfumery!
P.S. Sillage and logivity are good enough, regarding the smell, I expected that will last for days..


If you'll ever have the chance to visit Florence don't miss the opportunity to go to the Santa Maria Novella's museum / shop / headquarter located in an ancient chapel from 1200 that's absolutely breathtaking for its beauty and majesty.

Said that, Nostalgia it's not the kind of scent you would expect form a company founded in 1612 as it's quite modern and somehow weird. Rubber and leather that smell exacactly like the interiors of my grandad's old FIAT 500 during the summertime, when odors are emphasized by the high temperatures of the season. A great fragrance if you like challenging smoky rubber/leather scents a-la Knize Ten / CDG's Garage / Lisa Kirk's Revolution. I do.

Downside: the drydown is quite conventional if compared to the opening, but still pleasant.

One more thing. In italy SMN is sold at a reasonable price. 100 ml for 75 euros.

Rating: 9.5/10 for the opening
7/10 for the drydown
8/10 overall


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Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella 4.31 out of 5 based on 55 ratings and 9 user reviews

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