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Musc Botanique Strange Invisible Perfumes for women and men

Musc Botanique Strange Invisible Perfumes for women and men
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Musc Botanique is a perfume from Strange Invisible Perfumes, launched in September 2008. With musk as the central note and a herbal twist, the perfumer and the founder Alexandra Balahoutis wanted to accomplish a minimalistic tone of the fragrance. The fragrance includes geranium, white amber, angelica and incense, mixed in a way to create a musk personality. It is available as 50 ml EDP and 7,5 ml perfume extract. Musc Botanique is unisex and can be worn with the rest 22 perfumes and perfume extract from this house.

Perfume rating: 3.58 out of 5 with 24 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Geranium Amber Angelica Incense Ambrette (Musk Mallow)

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Musc Botanique Fragrance Reviews


I walked into the store and was very impressed with the philosophy behind the company. I smelled every perfume in the store and Musc Botanique was the one that spoke to me the most. The wonderful woman who worked there recommend that I spray it on myself--I wasn't going to originally but boy am I glad I did. It started as a very ripe and powerful liquor scent which was odd since there are no ingredients to cause that. However, it started to dry down and I mindlessly sniffed my arm, sort of forgetting the smell of the fragrance and fell in love. I ordered a few samples to test it out over a period of time before spending a good amount of money. The samples have given me a chance to explore all the nuanced details of the perfume. For example, when I first apply it on my skin, I get an almost Baklava type smell, or like a nutty Halva, minus any overwhelming sweetness. Hard to describe. Then it becomes very herbaceous and delicate, almost silky. So much simplicity in this scent, but still so complex. My only complaint is how quickly it disappears from my skin. It doesn't project hardly at all. I would love to just emanate this scent and leave a trail of it wherever I go but I don't foresee that. If it had the longevity I crave, I would probably purchase 10 bottles.


No lasting power nice but bright, peppery geranium with a hint of dark that does not overpower. It must have been frankincense and amber but very mild. Literally lasted 5 minutes on me from a tester vial on a printed card.

The card says, edp Egyptian geranium, frankincense, white amber. Desire, distilled. To enjoy must botanique as a sachet, carefully apply the perfume to a handkerchief. Once dry, slip the handkerchief into a drawer or cupboard.

Nice frag, garden fresh and nighttime mystery but only for a fleeting moment.

i almost say grab the aura cacia essential oils and it would last longer.


A disclaimer: I tested this line in the store both on testing strips as well as on skin, but because I don’t have samples to study in more detail, this is more of a snapshot than a fully fledged analytical review. I usually spend quite a bit more time with scents before I cobble together my thoughts, so do with it what you will.

What’s striking about this is how musky it smells given that the perfumer’s not using synthetics or animalics. The botanical part is some mysterious in that respect, but I’d assume that it’s largely ambrette seed, potentially blended with some ambergris—or at least materials that simulate the more marine type facets of ambergris. In other words, this is a subtly dirty musk with some “blue” tones to it and a strong frankincense note that makes itself known later. The geranium was tough to pull out, but that material can sometimes read as a bit boozy on its own. Here, it was subsumed into the blend.

Much of the scent died off fast, but the frankincense did stick around for some time afterwards. It lasted a little longer than some of the other scents from the line, but was almost down the frankincense core about an hour or so in. As with the rest of the line, it’s not a scent that will totally knock you down with originality, but the overall composition is effective in that it’s still fairly unique. It is, however, one of the more sour and (what some might call) challenging scents of the bunch in that there’s a staleness to it that probably won’t appeal to fans of the more floral or green scents.

The bottom line is that it’s nicely done, but performance is completely questionable given the price. There’s simply no way to sugar coat this problem when the majority of the scent’s structure collapses within the hour.


SIP has recently changed things up a bit, narrowing down their perfumes to 12, offering EDP's in two sizes (no more pure perfumes), changing the bottle designs of the EDP's & body care lines, and remodeling their Venice, CA boutique. I live fairly close so I was getting pretty frustrated when they closed the boutique for 8 or 9 months but I think it was worth it. I'm very familiar with the 12 fragrances they offer but they are now using a super high quality alcohol & it makes such a huge difference. I first smelled the effect in their limited edition Rose with a Broken Neck (which I LOVED-needs to come back) & I remember remarking that it was so smooth. The SA then told me about the alcohol. Anyway, with Musc Botanique this alcohol makes quite a difference and this doesn't smell herbal like it used to, it smells like musk. I need to try this on skin next visit (put on Dimanche which is incredible) & see how it wears. From the blotter this is beautiful. SIP did increase their prices & you can get sticker shock at first but I'm seriously considering a few (more) bottles. Theirs are the only naturals that really satisfy with sillage & longevity and, especially with the new alcohol, smell really good. The new boutique, packaging and store manager are awesome & I particularly like the 3.4 oz bottles-they look so big in person and seem like such a hedonistic thing. Buying natural perfumes, I'm so used to small & sometimes ridiculously tiny bottles. Anyway, if you're into naturals you have to try SIP. It's also so great to have a beautiful boutique to be able to buy in person, if you are in the area.


I did not enjoy this at all. I guess botanical/vegetal musk is not my thing. It has a sharp smell and is very linear, so it never gets better with time or evolves into anything better. It doesn't remind me of musk whatsoever. It smells a lot more like carrot seed, and there is nothing musky about that scent IMHO. I don't think this smells remotely like amber to me either. It just smells like seeds and maybe has an herbal feel to it.


Ok, I like this one quite a bit at application. Must be my body chemistry, but this fragrance smells like Johnson's Baby lotion. Even so, I like it! I don't find it overly long lasting though.

Doc Elly
Doc Elly

For an all-natural perfume, this EdP starts out nice and strong. At first I mainly smell concentrated geranium, along with a little angelica and what is certainly ambrette (Abelmoschus moscatus seeds), even though it isn’t listed as such in the notes that I’ve seen. Maybe “white amber” is a euphemism for ambrette. However, when I checked on the SIP website, “botanical musk” is listed as one of the notes (well yeah, that’s the name of the perfume), so there’s the ambrette. In any case, I’m totally hooked on the geranium-ambrette combination. The geranium is strong enough to cover up the slightly unpleasant waxy opening of the ambrette and strengthen the floral aspects of the powdery, musky sweetness that eventually develops. In the drydown, I get almost pure ambrette. Just to confirm, I compared it with the ambrette CO2 extract that I have (and like to wear by itself from time to time), and there’s no doubt that’s what the main player is. Ambrette sticks around a long time, so this scent has good longevity. I think ambrette is a scent that grows on you after you wear it a few times and become familiar with its unique fragrance in all its glorious complexity. If you haven’t tried a natural “vegetable musk”, I highly recommend sampling this one.


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