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Rozy Vero Profumo for women

Rozy Vero Profumo for women
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"Please welcome ROZY—the new fragrance of Vero Profumo—a scent like a rosy tattoo and a tribute to Anna Magnani! " announced Vero Kern, the owner and perfumer of the house of Vero Profumo on her website and FB page! The fifth and latest fragrance of the collection has been announced as wonderful, velvety, a scent of unusual beauty. Its essence is erotic, glamorous, at the same time faithful and wild, and the very fragrance works under the skin and on the skin as a tattoo.

The composition of the announced fragrance Rozy is composed of carefully selected ingredients: oriental rose, tuberose, currant buds and leaves, honey, spices, sandalwood and labdanum which will be available in Rozy Extrait and Rozy Voile d'Extrait, while the composition of Rozy Eau de Parfum is created of oriental rose sweetened with peach zest and passion fruit, rounded up with lilac flowers. Rozy Eau de Parfum version is also enriched with honey and warm and creamy sandalwood.

New compositions by Vero Kern are inspired by "pure love of Anna Magnani, from the movie Rose Tattoo." Rozy was launched in 2014.

Perfume rating: 3.47 out of 5 with 33 votes.

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Rose Peach Passionfruit Lilac Honey Sandalwood Hyacinth Tarragon Powdery Notes

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Rozy Fragrance Reviews


I thought I would like this fragrance, but after obtaining a sample from Luckyscent and trying it twice, I have to say I'm not a fan. I'm getting a mixture of floral and herbal notes together with something very strange (and not good) - a smell that reminds me of fried/burnt lard. I also agree with the poster who mentioned air fresheners (I get that too). Sounded interesting and the bottle is pretty, but I'll be staying away from this one.


A heady mess of synthetic sweet and fruity, as if you have opened all the air fresheners at once in Poundland. Good Lord, I even smell mint. Scrub scrub scrub.
Even for niche, this is too difficult to like.


( The image is showing VdE, but this is a review for the EdP. )

A soapy rose with a bit of passionfruit in the top, and sambac jasmine. Very soapy, synthetic smelling and sadly, unremarkable. I get a dollar store candle vibe from this smell.

I did not like this one at all, and Vero Profumo is one of my favorite lines. That this related to Rozy VdE/parfum, one of my all-time favorite scents, is baffling.

ms rochambeau
ms rochambeau

I received my vial of Rozy a couple of days ago and I have to say that it was/is a challenging one for me. However, I am no shrinking violet when it comes to perfumes, so when one puzzles, me I will obsess over it as I try to figure out what it's all about and why I feel the way I do. After dabbing it on, I immediately felt intrigued AND a bit disturbed. I sensed that there was something familiar about it, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was about the scent that had jolted me. After sniffing and re-sniffing for hours, the scent dried down to a very seductive and creamy and complex spicy floral, with the slightest suggestion of "skank" that laid close to my skin and I couldn't get enough of it. And even though the scent is called Rozy, there was no prominent rose note. To me these were abstracted florals done Chanel-style making it hard to pin down individual notes. While the opening was consistently unsettling, in the drying down process, it was so beautiful, complex and chameleon-like, l that I wanted to experience it again the next day, but I thought, Oh no, I have to get through that jarring opening first, but it's so worth it!" The next time, after wracking my brain through the opening to pinpoint what was triggering the response, it hit me: As an African American child growing up in the 1960's my mother and grandmother would take me and my sister to a beautician to get our tightly curled hair "straightened" by a beautician in our community, ironically named "Rose". At that time in American history, the beauty standards of the day did not include the natural hair texture of most African American women, so hair straightening was the order of the day. Being a child, I had no choice and it was a process that I fretted as my hair was washed prior to the straightening which made the hair more tangled and the combing out of it painful. The opening of Rozy evokes a petroleum based hair pomade that a beautician used to apply to sections of my hair just before she would remove an iron comb with a wooden handle that had been heating up on an open flame and run it through the hair. The pomade would heat up and sizzle as it sent smoke curling into the air. This process would be repeated until my entire head of hair was 'straight". The opening of Rozy took me immediately back to Rose's beauty shop with my grandmother standing nearby saying, "It hurts to be beautiful!" as I whimpered quietly. When all of this hit me, I laughed out loud at the memories and the coincidence of the name of the beautician and the name of the scent. Also I have tattoos and while I don't agree with my grandmother that it has to hurt to be beautiful when it comes to beauty, that statement definitely applies to getting a tattoo (smile). Now that I know what the scent was triggering, I am overjoyed and humored to be able to relive a moment in time through it, making this scent experience bittersweet and special. In my book this is exactly what perfume is supposed to do: evoke and create experiences and emotions. THANK YOU for your genius Vero! With all of that said, with each scent we wear, we assess it through the lens of our own personal experiences, so what was a jarring opening for me could be magical to someone else. Rozy, like all of Vero’s creations is the perfect example of scent rising above mere adornment and into the realm fine art.


I'm 0 for 4 for House Vero Profumo. They love their honey, don't they? I don't mind some subtle honey mixed in with my florals, and maybe it's a body chemistry thing, but the honey in Rozy edp is a great big thump in the head....and nose. Add some clean fresh roses, and you have a big perfume fail for me. Now, I know body chemistry is huge. Recently my daughter and I both tried Who Knew on the same day. On her it smelled like crushed sweet tarts, on me it smelled like earth with a hint of rose. So weird. So that could be the problem with every scent I've tried from this line. The chemicals and ingredients they use create a toxic stench on me. Money saved.

I do, however, have much greater success with the 4160 Tuesdays lineup. Perhaps a sampler from them is in order.


A floral buffet? A movie on your skin, perhaps Pretty Woman? Rozy is great but only in fewer occasions. Smells like one of those Bed Bath and Beyond scent packs or better yet..a fabric softner. Deemed a winner for those fond of lemons, longevity, and lilacs however, the peachy opening can not and should not be ignored. Ensconced in this marginal oriental is traces of powder generated from both rose and sandalwood. Overall, this isn't something that will remind everyone the day you wore Rozy. Instead, I find it somewhat common from past offerings but forget the past; in the present this could very well be your future.


I do not know what I expected from Rozy, but it certainly wasn't this. I am generally a fan of Vero Profumo creations but I have to say that this time I just don't care that much.
I really like the opening, a fruity red rose, but then the rose disappers on me and I am left with a juicy passionfruit peach fruit bowl. A very nice fruit bowl indeed, somewhat similar to middle notes of Kiki, but still a fruit bowl, a far too expensive one. The longevity is extremely good though and so is projection but the cost is not.


Upon application, the first thing that immediately catched my attention was how easy to like and very approachable Rozy EDP is. It opens with a sparkling combo of old-school fruity notes (mainly peach) paired to a minty and cold-ish geranium which served as an introduction to the main player of the whole composition: rose. Passionfruit is there as well and while confirming Vero's signature when it comes to her EDPs, it also provide a super green / unripe quality that will make of Rozy a fantastic candidate for summer wearings.

Rose takes over in the middle phase and is joined by a subtle honey note to warm-up up and slightly sweeten the overall fresh vibe. Just like in basically every other fragrance by Vero Profumo, there's a solid classicism inherent to Rozy but, Vero's mastery and incredible perfume-culture, preserve the whole composition from resulting a stereotypical old-fashioned rose. Yes, it's classic yet somewhat modern at the same time and definitely suitable for both younger crowds and grown-up audiences. The rose note is in complete harmony with the rest of the composition and while definitely being the main player, it never dominates or overwhelms the rest. Instead, it completely merges with other accords giving birth to amazing synergies one can only experience in the most accomplished works by unforgettable perfumers such as, say Kerleo. In this context, Rozy feels like a rose based fragrance, not a soliflore.

There's not much more to say about the evolution of this gem if not that a cedarwood note makes its appearance during the drydown to reinforce the bone-structure and provide an overall dryness. With that said, what really matters to make of yet another rose fragrance a standout, it's there. Solidity, honesty, culture end personality.

Downline: Definitely the most easily approachable fragrance by Vero Kern and a terrific candidate to become her best-seller.

Rating: 8/10


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