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Shunkoin Xerjoff for women and men

Shunkoin Xerjoff for women and men
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Shunkoin Xerjoff for women and men Pictures Shunkoin Xerjoff for women and men Pictures

Join the Club Collection includes ten perfumes representing ten different kind of virtual clubs. Fatal Charme is about elegance, glamour and fashion; Ivory Route is an adventure and travelling club; Marquee represents a theater club; Kind of Blue is all about jazz; 40 knots is a yachts club; Ascot Moon is a horse club; Birdie is for golf lovers; Comandante is for fine cigar lovers; Shunkoin is for meditation and More than Words captures the world of writers and poets.

The ingredients of these fragrances are to be kept a secret. However, each fragrance will have its identification card with a number which one could use to join the real club of the owners of these perfumes. That’s how the concept goes from virtual clubs to forming a real one.

The bottles of the fragrances are made out of authentic blue glass; not the tinted kind but the glass of which the production is limited and are very rare. Shunkoin was launched in 2012.

Fragrance Notes

Tea Leaf Sandalwood Woody Notes Cherry Blossom Olibanum Vanilla Orris Root Powdery Notes

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Shunkoin Fragrance Reviews


Okay, so I just received a sample of this beautiful scent. It is a wonderfully soft, delicate vanilla and powdery almond with a slightly bitter green opening which is probably from the tea note. The dry down is simply a fluffy soft scent that comforts and soothes. I was afraid it was going to end up smelling like baby powder but thank goodness it doesn't. I also don't really get the cherry blossom thing they were going for. The scent hints at it in the opening but ends up taking a left somewhere and gets lost in all the powdery vanilla.


Let me preface with: I REALLY enjoy this! It's a lovely gourmandish vanilla fluff with amazing longevity and decent sillage with even a very light application.

That said, I do not get the 'meditative' vibe they were going for! On me this smells exactly like those all-colors-of-the-rainbow hard shelled easter egg candies in the US, which are filled with a harder than normal 'marshmallow' like center, with almost a grainy sugar texture. Smells JUST like those at the opening!

It's very yummy as the vanilla and sugar stay and the slightly cherry blossom tones arise more. Next I do get a playdohy vibe, but I still really enjoy that. Also a bit more powdery (just the softest fine powder cloud, very gentle, not at ALL what I used to think of as 'powdery', more 'fluffy') as orris blends with the nila and cherry flower.

REALLY enjoy it! Came close to adding to my (small) want list, but found other vanilla puff scents I enjoyed more (with more depth). Very high quality and great power here for such a gentle idea of a scent though! Though if I'm going to shell out this much $$$ for a Xerjoff I'll probably invest it into one of their Ouds which are their forte, in my opinion.

[10.29.14, from a luckyscent sample]

Colin Maillard
Colin Maillard

Shun Koin opens with a gourmand, ultra-almondy accord of vanilla and tonka, with a nice green note that "dries" the blend, plus a dusty floral note with a hint of ginger and something which smells halfway between coconut and rice to me. The sandalwood will emerge better later on. Something intrigues me here, all sounds clear and sharp, deep and wide, the "genre" here is a sort of quite peculiar gourmand/powdery, with (as Darvant brightly suggest below) just "something" more sticky and luscious floating below, a sort of opalescent but dense and elusive "creaminess". I also detect hints of nuts and butter, quite dry and realistic, not anything cloying or sweetish. After a while, as the sandalwood emerges more clearly, it comes quite closer to Un Bois Vanille by Lutens, the overall mix takes Shun Koin to that same "tanning cream" territory. Here, there is just a more edible, salty gourmand feel, that nuts/rice accord. The evolution is quite linear with no much progress or change, so I guess it's one of those "love it or hate it" scents. Surely worth a try.



Yes, I get the coconut too; it's very present to my nose. This is one for the powder and sweet vanilla lovers, with subtle undertones of cherry and, like I wrote, coconut.

Unfortunately for me, Shunkoin turned to Play-Doh on my skin within an hour. Sweet-ish powdery fragrances are often difficult for me to wear, however.

Lovers of the aforementioned notes will definitely want to check this one out, regardless of my reservations. It is beautifully made for its type, and the materials smell very natural.


First impression only - this smells like incense. It makes sense to me that this scent was modeled after 'meditation', because that is what I get out of it - incense.


This XERJOFF fragrance is a high quality and undeniably addictive scent with an incredible lush, nutty, creamy vanilla with hints of sandalwood. The sweetness is very subtle while maintaining its milky and luscious nature all throughout. The aroma surrounded me like a silky smooth veil, comforting yet opulent. I adore everything about it -- the luxurious bottle and presentation to the scrumptious juice inside.

SHUNKOIN ... oh, you heavenly gourmand! It was love for me from the initial spray to the very last traces of the scent ten glorious hours after.


Blind Brought This Because Of Great Price And Lets Just Say WOW.

From The Start You Get A Coconutty & Milky Vibe,
But Once This Dries Down (Approx 15mins) You Will Feel Like Eating Yourself.
The Coconut And Milk Smell Give Way To A Deep Creamy Rich And Sweet Vanilla That Last For Hours !!

This Gives Me The Same Warm / Comfort Feeling That Lubin-Korrigan Does But This Is A Lot Cleaner And Not As Dark And Mysterious As Korrigan.


After having the opportunity to sample the entire Join The Club line at Osswald, it is safe to say that Shunkoin is easily one of my favorites. This is noticeably a vanilla-based fragrance, but it has this culinary richness that I have not smelled in a fragrance until now. The vanilla is warm, smooth, and somewhat sensual. It isn't necessarily classy, but it has a playful, gourmand quality. This is a very edible-smelling fragrance. The blend of notes gives off a milky smell comparable (as weird as it may sound) to that of oatmeal. At the same time, this fragrance has a balmy, play-dough like quality (most likely due to the orris root) that doesn't hinder the versatility but promotes the uniqueness. There is a hint of almond in the background that richens the composition while the powdery nuance gives this fragrance the impression of being a skin scent (please don't be fooled as it is not). My favorite thing about this fragrance is that it retains its sweetness but at no point ever becomes too powdery. Also, to touch base on the listed cherry blossom note, there is nothing in this fragrance that smells distinctly floral nor fruity. Whatever concentration of cherry blossom is contained in this fragrance is transparent to my nose. There is also a creamy richness in the base that I would like to attribute to sandalwood although I would disagree that this fragrance, at any stage of its development, smells particularly woody. Overall, this is a heavenly blend of notes and a unique take on vanilla. More Than Words was my first purchase of the Join The Club line, and this is more than likely to be my second. Sillage is moderate and longevity is great.


The descriptions of the JTC fragrances have been a little misleading thus far, to me. Shunkoin is definitely in the comfort scent category, but it has a very coconutty, beach-y quality to it. It is almond, vanilla and lots of coconut (all my family kept commenting on the "coconut"). Similar to Hilde Soliani or Profumum upscale gourmands. Pretty bottles, I wanted to much to love this one, but it gets a little overwhelming and I eventually ended up scrubbing it off. Great longevity and projection, perhaps a little too much.


Relax just for a moment. Immerse yourself in the aroma of sweet dreams of Meditation Club Shunkoin. Close your eyes and you'll hear the melancholy song of bamboo along the black winding river. Your weightless boat, caught by invisible stream will take you away from the loud and bustling metropolis and the gate of the Shunkoin Club will hide you from the eyes of curious crowd. Here, in the world of peace, time flows backwards, here you are happy, like children. There is no more beautiful aroma like early morning breeze and there is no more precious drink like a sip of dew on leaf of magnolia. Enjoy this feeling! This is the moment of infinite bliss. Don't waste it in vain.

Rilassati solo per un attimo. Immergerti nell'aroma dei sogni del Club Shunkoin. Chiudi gli occhi e ascolta il malinconico canto di bambù del fiume nero e tortuoso. Una barca leggera, trascinata dai correnti invisibili ti porterà lontano dalla metropoli tumultuosa e vivace ed il cancello di Shunkoin Club ti nasconderà dagli sguardi indiscreti della folla. Qui, nel mondo della pace e del silenzio, il tempo scorre all'indietro. Qui sei felice, come un bambino. E non esiste aroma più bella di quella della brezza di presta mattinata. E non esiste alcuna bevanda più preziosa di un sorso di rugiada su foglia della vecchia magnolia. Goditi questa sensazione! Questo è un momento di beatitudine infinita. Non sprecarlo invano.


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Shunkoin by Xerjoff 4.02 out of 5 based on 62 ratings and 10 user reviews

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