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Yvresse Eau de Toilette Legere Yves Saint Laurent for women

Yvresse Eau de Toilette Legere Yves Saint Laurent for women
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Yvresse Eau de Toilette Legere Yves Saint Laurent for women Pictures

Yvresse Eau de Toilette Legere, the lighter version of the Yvresse or Champagne fragrance, was launched in 1997. It opens with notes of nectarine blossom and black currant leaf. The heart consists of mimosa along with white lilac and rose. The base features patchouli, vetiver and oak moss.

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Top Notes
Nectarine Cassis

Middle Notes
Mimosa Lilac Rose

Base Notes
Vetiver Patchouli Oakmoss

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Yvresse (Champagne)
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Yvresse Eau de Toilette Legere Fragrance Reviews

la belle noiseuse
la belle noiseuse

I had to take the plunge and buy this one blind as I could not find a single person to help me decide if I should get it or not. I am sure glad I did trust the notes and went with my intuition. These are all favorite notes for me, from top to bottom. And I mean, if it is discontinued, it must be good, right?

Ok, the scent now. First, I will mention these: Poeme, Tresor, Samsara, Dune, Champs-Elysees. Imagine a woman who wears these well. If you are amongst those who love those often underrated 90s classics, you will most likely appreciate Yvresse in its legere version. As is often true of pre-2000 flankers, the light version is not necessarily a diluted, watery abstraction but a scent in its own right. This one is no exception. Just like all older Poison flankers are real perfumes, this is amazing too.

As mentioned before me, the focus is really on nectarine and mimosa throughout the scent. I can sense the cassis leaf and that is the reason why this scent is original and not just a powdery floral. It gives it a definite 90s vibe, along with the lilac. Cassis leaf is rarely used this way nowadays. Lilac is not very popular anymore either and always seems to attract comments like "it's dated" and "for older women" or "it smells like my mom". I personally think that smelling of those 3 things exudes mystery, confidence, intelligence, experience. What 18 yo exudes all these things? hmmmm. Moving on.

The base is quite warm and woodsy, oak moss and vetiver make it almost unisex and the patchouli is not a star here at all. This is not the type of patchouli that makes or breaks a scent for patchouli haters. Looking at the pyramid and trying to guess what this could have smelled like, I thought of something much closer to Champs-Elysees edt but not at all. This is much warmer, more powdery, woodsier. A real cross between Tresor and Champs-Elysees edt. Wonderful. C-E wears very fresh, almost aquatic on me so this is great for colder days and colder evenings. It does not have that "hairspray" note that people hate in Tresor, though. Don't worry.

I love it. I am so glad I took the plunge and bought it. Definitely worth the price and I personally think this is signature material. I told a friend I would not leave a review of this because I love it so much, I'd rather it stayed unknown, but I feel I need to share my discovery with the other perfumistas who share my taste for "mom fumes".

Oh, and I wanted to add, it says "floral, fresh, green, fruity...", well, this is not fresh or green on me after the first couple of minutes. It's fuzzy, warm and sensual but still warm-weather appropriate. I am simply dumbfounded to see that only 25 of us own this beauty. As FayLou and krmarich have said before me, truly wonderful scent. A must-try for any YSL lovers, for sure.

If you look at my wardrobe, you won't see it there as I ended up selling it because someone offered me twice the amount I had paid for it, but I still think it's beautiful.


I love "Yvresse" by Yves Saint Laurent, Every-time I wear this perfume it makes an entrance, someone asks me "What are you Wearing?" I find this so sophisticated, elegant and long wearing. The statement is expensive and I feel that way wearing this perfume. It actually makes me feel intoxicated with its notes such a beautiful fragrance, I keep going back to purchase. It doesn't leave a room with you it Lingers well after you have gone.


This is a really nice old-school floral perfume. I bought it after buying Yvresse (Champagne), both at a good discount in an old Chemist - lucky find! Yvresse legere is I think supposed to be a lighter version of Yvresse (Champ), intended for those who find the original too strong. There is definitely the scent of the original Yvresse in here, that lovely heavy peachy Chypre, but Legere is also quite different in that it is much more floral. I suppose it is best described as a nice floral chypre mixed in with some Yvresse (Champ).

I find this scent to be almost as strong as the original Yvresse, the sillage is almost as heavy too, but it is easier to wear, as the floral notes tone down the potency somewhat. In other words, it doesn't cling to your nose as much! Yvresse (Champ) is so strong that it tends to fill your nose, making it difficult to detect other smells while you are wearing it. The Legere is not so overwhelming.

I really like both scents, Yvresse (Champ)is my favourite, it is so unique and heady. Legere is good to wear on a cold summer day (plenty of those in Ireland!), being both floral, sweet and giving warmth in the chypre. Yvresse (Champ)on the other hand is for me a winter scent, far too potent for summer.


Rummaging through my endless supply of minis, I came across this gentle and forgotten beauty. It had little time on the stage. I can compare it to Yvresse and it definitely takes a different direction. Some of the best flankers arrived from YSL in the 1990s. This can be counted as one of them.

It is truely light and warm weather friendly. The rose is barely there. The focus is mimosa, peach, lilac anc possibly freesia/lily? Its almost aquatic and a little goumand. There is a small chypre accord of patcholi, oakmoss and a whisper of vetiver on a most fragile base of sandalwood/cedar. It lasts about 3 hours with minimal projection.

At the end of the 1990s, YSL was all about testing the market while trusting the classics as the foundation of sales. The first flankers for Opium, Rive Gauche and Paris were introduced. Paris Baby Doll was a hit. Everything else just vanished into perfume history. Sadly after 2009 everything was radically changed by L'Oreal Paris.

This is required sniffing for all serious YSL fans. Otherwise, its getting expensive and not a public favorite.


13. march 2013

If you love original "Yvresse" but find it too loud sometimes to wear then this one would be your perfect match.

I don´t know if "Yvresse" is different than original "Champagne" formula, i only have original Champagne and never tried the "Yvresse" version, except this one.

Where "Champagne" is loud, syrupy sweet and fizzy in a good way, this one is shadow of the original. I find mimose to be the most dominant note in this composition, surrounded by nectarine, lilac and cassis. However the original version is all about peaches and chypre. The drydown of "Legere" for me is quite synthetic and all about mimose. Inbetween i do smell a hint of rose and vetyver, but the frgrance in general is so soft, that normally if you wear it you might even not notice those notes.
This version is a quiet one, much softer sillage and weaker lasting power. Too quiet i would say. I think this would be better for spring or cold summer days, But original version is more suitable for fall-winter and great for summer nights.
To be completly honest, i am dissapointed in this version in terms of sillage and lasting power, however it is very lovely still. Better go for original version.

UPDATE: (30.april 2013) after wearing it several times i came up to conclusion that this is not a good one. The opening is very powdery mimose, for my nose is not pleasant at all and very simple. Then it just dissapeares after 20 minutes and stays very close to the skin, almost undetectable. No, not my taste at all. I have compared the original "Champagne" and "Yvresse legere" on both wrists and "Legere" is the looser for sure in this fight. The scent of "Legere" is actually the less intensive drydown of the original "Champagne". I can´t even call them similar fragrances at all, this is not a lighter version of the original, this is different version, different scent. While i can´t take my nose off the "Champagne" wrist, i smell almost nothing on "legere" wrist. I would compare them like a couple of people with similar interests, that start to live together and share some similar hobbies, tastes etc, but in general they still have thier own hobbies that are quite different from each other. Unmarried couple wiling to get married but can´t make it due to mutual dissagreement. :)
Still, i´ll stick to the original. I am letting the "legere" go without any regrets.

Please do not remove this comment, since others might find it useful. Not every review should be positive, so people like me wanted to make a blind buy might find it very informative. Thanks.


This fragrance is one I've always loved, and have never tired of. It lasts a very long time, but also radiates into a room. It alters my mood to happy feminity. It energizes, but also has a serenity that is rare. A truly lovely, classic fragrance.


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Yvresse Eau de Toilette Legere by Yves Saint Laurent 4.23 out of 5 based on 33 ratings and 6 user reviews

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