The Scented Ages of Man: Part 3, Me Too/Fitting inThe Scented Ages of Man: Part 3, Me Too/Fitting in

Columns 04/27/17 13:11 (4 comments)

Men go through stages of getting to know themselves and how could fragrance not follow? It's all good and plenty (and smelling sweetish like it) when boys are given the gift of fragrance as small kids, as we discussed in PART 2 of our Men's Journey series. But what happens when the owner of XY chromosomes reaches puberty? Ah, puberty...The age of being bullied for wearing glasses or having pimples and that special period when the agony of first kisses couples with the craving to s... (more)

What kind of scents might be ideal for teenage guys? Weigh in with your own choices!

Interview with Evocative Perfumes' Mark EvansInterview with Evocative Perfumes' Mark Evans

Interviews 04/27/17 13:09 (7 comments)

Evocative Perfumes has just launched a new tuberose scent that has gotten many of us talking. Described as an ‘immoderate tuberose’ potion with tuberose, leather and musk as its main notes, Fetische has me very curious. I must confess that I was a self-claimed hater of the many so-called white floral scents you can find in a department store, though a few of my favorite perfumes feature heavy doses of tuberose or gardenia. Therefore, anticipating a love or hate relationship with Fetische,... (more)

Here we have perfumer Mark Evans to formally introduce this independent artisan perfume brand from Australia to our Fragrantica readers, and we’ll chat about Fetische and more.

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Mr. Bojnokopff`s Purple HatFort & Manle
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Avant GardeM. Micallef
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Étoile du Sud

EmeraldJudith Leiber

Myrrhe & Encens Mystérieux100 Bon
Myrrhe & Encens Mystérieux

L`Eau Parfumée No. 4 Marie A.Evidens de Beaute
L`Eau Parfumée No. 4 Marie A.

L`Eau Parfumée No. 3 Escale en OrientEvidens de Beaute
L`Eau Parfumée No. 3 Escale en Orient

No. 10Sense Dubai
No. 10

No. 9Sense Dubai
No. 9

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No. 8

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No. 7

No. 6Sense Dubai
No. 6

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Crystal EssenceO Boticario
Crystal Essence

Flor de CerejeiraAvon
Flor de Cerejeira

L`Artisan Parfumeur Histoire d'Orangers

L`Artisan Parfumeur Histoire d'OrangersNiche Perfumery 04/27/17 05:39 (6 comments)

The new perfume inspired by a trip to Morocco

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Casual Life

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Casual LifeNew Fragrances 04/27/17 05:37 (6 comments)

A new version of Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo fragrance

Royal Crown Musk Ubar: A Lesson in Musk

Royal Crown Musk Ubar: A Lesson in MuskFragrance Reviews 04/26/17 20:14 (9 comments)

How one fragrance can change all my preconceptions about specific raw materials. Now I am ready to start enjoying musk.

Byredo Kabuki Perfume Brush-Ons

Byredo Kabuki Perfume Brush-OnsNew Fragrances 04/26/17 14:36 (11 comments)

A new way of wearing Byredo fragrances.

Lovely Galbanum: Green & Bitter

Lovely Galbanum: Green & BitterRaw Materials 04/26/17 13:18 (6 comments)

A new old green; the galbanum trend in perfumery.

Treat Yourself: Body Oils and Soaps from Tauer Perfumes

Treat Yourself: Body Oils and Soaps from Tauer PerfumesBath & Body 04/26/17 08:49 (5 comments)

Two body oils and two soaps that perfume the skin.

This Week in Fragrance: Elder Aroma, American Gods and Chance Purchases

This Week in Fragrance: Elder Aroma, American Gods and Chance PurchasesFragrance News 04/26/17 08:47 (13 comments)

This week's top stories: Febreze for Grandma, 2017 trends in fragrance, maximizing scent in gardens, first major scent purchases and BPAL interprets Gaiman's Gods.

The House Of Oud: The Perfume with Oud Harvested in 2016

The House Of Oud: The Perfume with Oud Harvested in 2016Niche Perfumery 04/26/17 08:44 (3 comments)

A chocolate you would not expect.

Eau D`Italie Rosa Greta

Eau D`Italie Rosa GretaNiche Perfumery 04/26/17 08:21 (6 comments)

The new fragrance from niche house Eau D`Italie was inspired by the actress Greta Garbo

Glamour de Chanel: The Forgotten Chanel Perfume

Glamour de Chanel: The Forgotten Chanel Perfume1001 Past Tales 04/25/17 11:22 (9 comments)

Discussing the glamorous past of one of the more esoteric fragrances of the French house, specifically Glamour de Chanel, in anticipation of their new feminine fragrance.

Yesterday Room 1015: Nostalgic Beatlemania

Yesterday Room 1015: Nostalgic BeatlemaniaFragrance Reviews 04/25/17 11:01 (4 comments)

"We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!"

12 Parfumeurs Français: Royal Jardins de France Collection

12 Parfumeurs Français:  Royal Jardins de France CollectionFragrance Reviews 04/25/17 10:21 (One comment)

Alena introduces six new fragrances of the Royal Jardins de France Collection

Pierre Montale: I Feel How Much Montale Is Loved Here

Pierre Montale: I Feel How Much Montale Is Loved HereInterviews 04/25/17 09:09 (12 comments)

Evgeniya met the head of Montale Paris in Moscow.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Parfums Myth Wood & Myth Bloom

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Parfums Myth Wood & Myth BloomNew Fragrances 04/25/17 08:19

A new fragrant duo by Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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KaralyAcqua di Sardegna

LòAcqua di Sardegna

CorosAcqua di Sardegna

Ladies Day ParisEtienne Aigner
Ladies Day Paris

Never Hide For HerOtto Kern
Never Hide For Her

Never Hide For HimOtto Kern
Never Hide For Him

Zorya VechernyayaBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Zorya Vechernyaya

Zorya UtrennyayaBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Zorya Utrennyaya

Zorya PolunochnayaBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Zorya Polunochnaya

Feels Like Summer Mens.Oliver
Feels Like Summer Men

Feels Like Summer Womens.Oliver
Feels Like Summer Women

CharcoalPerfumer H

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Diamond Greedy

Diamond RoseMontale
Diamond Rose

Diamond FlowersMontale
Diamond Flowers

Bois DoreVan Cleef & Arpels
Bois Dore

Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Casual LifeSalvatore Ferragamo
Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Casual Life

SolsticeBjork and Berries

Histoire d'OrangersL`Artisan Parfumeur
Histoire d'Orangers

The Norns` FarmhouseBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
The Norns` Farmhouse

The IfritBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
The Ifrit

Technical BoyBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Technical Boy

ShadowBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Mr. JacquelBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Mr. Jacquel

Amber AbsolutelyFort & Manle
Amber Absolutely

Harem RoseFort & Manle
Harem Rose

Fatih Sultan MehmedFort & Manle
Fatih Sultan Mehmed

Confessions of a Garden GnomeFort & Manle
Confessions of a Garden Gnome

MaduroFort & Manle

CharlatanFort & Manle

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