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[font=Comic Sans MS]Wondering if anyone can can shed some light on the Zodiac-collection by Niki De Saint Phalle ?!! There is this set of perfumes, one for each zodiac sign, under her name - though whether she was involved with this set personally isn't clear, or?[/font]  Has anyone tried the zodiac-collections? Thoughts?

[HIGHLIGHT=#00b0f0]Zodiac-collection by Niki De Saint Phalle :

Also found this text on … halle.html. copy: "As with many Long Lost Perfumes, it can be found on Internet sites and Ebay. The cobalt glass bottles are particularly stunning in the parfum version, with two entwined, multicolored snakes crowning the rectangular bottle. But the most fun edition for me is the Zodiac Eau Defendue, which were a limited edition and now very occasionally found on Ebay or auction sites. They consist of the 12 zodiac signs and 3 “Fantasy Signs” of Horse, Cat, and Bird (the latter of which she considered her personal animal guardian). From comments I’ve read on MUA, Basenotes, and other blogs, this seems to be love-it-or-hate-it scent. It’s complicated, strange, delightful, and definitely unique. Let me know what experience you have had with Niki de Saint Phalle’s creation."

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I can't give you a definitive answer, but I was reading up about them when I wanted to purchase some Niki. I think it is her normal perfume/EDT, but bottled in those unusual bottles, the signs on which she designed.

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My understanding is the same as Gillie's: the Zodiac Eau Defendue scents are the same Niki perfume, but in the Zodiac-themed bottles.

I've had my eye on the Pisces (my sign) bottle for awhile but haven't purchased yet.

I once saw the entire Zodiac collection for sale on ebay.  The auction quickly got out of my price range, but how wonderful it would have been to have them all.  Each lovely bottle design plus enough of my favorite scent to last a lifetime!   One can dream, right?

Call me NLS!  :-)

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No kidding! Ive seen them during my searches, but never managed to find a pisces bottle! I am glad to have the vintage snakes bottle, and i hope i can find a pisces one to stash back! Theyre gorgeous!