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Has anyone ever heard of this lost fragrance? I cannot find the notes anywhere online.

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I've heard of it but I've never smelled it.  It shows up on ebay quite often and sometimes quite inexpensive.  I found this review on basenotes, it sounds like it might be a woodsy oriental.  To the right of the review there's a comment from a member who has worn this.  If you're a basenotes member maybe you can contact her for more information.

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My friend actually founb a bottle of this on E-bay for under $5. USD. She thought it was for men. I found some of the notes faded. Its in a crown bottle and quite unusual. I wished there was more information on this one. Hers is 2. oz and mint condition.

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Can I just hijack this one and ask if anyone knows anything about Matchabelli's 'Pastale' ?

I've drawn a blank on this one also...

Re: Stradivari Prince Matchabelli Prince Matchabelli Abano IS this similar?

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Abano is an oceany/beachy type scent.  It smells airy, salt watery, and is not sweet.  It reminds me a lot of Max Factor's Geminesse without the leather or Revlon's Aquarius but less sweet(and Aquarius wasn't sweet).  If I remember correctly, Abano was in an ocean blue box and had a seahorse on it.

I don't remember Pastale.