Topic: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Sorry guys for this silly question!

I am still new to fragrance world.  Been obsessed with learning for about two years.  But didn't know what "Silage" meant!

I was asked yesterday of the silage of a fragrance I own she wants to buy.

How do I test that?  I looked up that it means how far away from you, that your fragrance can be smelled?

I am ebarassed to ask!  LOL! glad 

But how do you test that?  Do you stand in a room and ask someone in the house to gradually come closer until they can smell you?

I feel a little silly and rediculous!  But I want to help her out, and I really need to learn this.

Also in my job I am recently in, I sell fragrance now... which feeds my addiction of course.  But now I need to learn these terms if I am going to sell it.  I am a Beauty Department Mngr.  But I am the only one at my job who really knows about fragrance so I am on my own learning this.

Please HELP if you can!  ~ Thank you so much.  You all are sweethearts.

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

I always ask my husband if I don't get much of the fragrance I am wearing. He is the most reliable test person ever!

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Thank you so much! This helps! I guess I should find websites that teach about the terminology/ vocabulary of fragrance and how to learn this?

I am glad to see there are articals on here? I tried to look for some this morning and didn't know how to find this information on this sight.

~ Thank you! ~ Hugs! glad

Nice to meet you all hjarta

ps = the fragrance in question is "My Insolence" by Guerlain.  I know it lasts a while on my skin and I can even smell it on my wrists the next day, the trace of it, unlike my other fragrances.  But that is me putting my nose up against my skin so I don't think that counts. glad lol.

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

hi starlight~girl:) glad

you can also have a look at this topic: … p?id=11373

there are a few tips on how to check the sillage glad

Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

simply wear it.................if you get lots of comments....................pos. and neg.
esp. after about three hours......................i'd suggest it has good sillage

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You can't do it. Ask others. Sometimes we think that perfume has no sillage, but people around us can smell it miles away.

Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Is "projection" and "silage" of a fragrance the same thing?  I think I've been using silage incorrectly...

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I think you are right, Mim!  Sometimes I think a fragrance is too strong because it is my body it is on lol.  And it's right under my nose.  I thought today that I sprayed something too strong and my coworker told me no... she didn't notice it until I started waving my arms in the air.  She said it was subtle... THANK GOD! I thought I sprayed too much! glad

Also sometimes it seems to have faded away.  But I do wonder if people can still smell it.  Doesn't our own noses get desensitized to it? 

The one I get comments on and compliments on is Mariah Carey Luscious Pink.  I didn't wear it for months at my job.  Because I was taking a break from it.  But then one day desided to wear "my" fragrance to work. glad  I figured that people wouldn't be able to smell it because I always think it's so light and wears off.  But I do get compliments. 

It seems to me it would be hard or impossible to know how strongly or faintly... you smell to others.. if at all.  When the smell is on us.

Sorry I keep spelling Sillage wrong I think! glad  Also I have heard now 3 different ways to pronounce it.  Does anyone know the propper/ correct way to say Sillage?

THANK YOU!  for all your comments and input.  It can be overwhelming learning about these things when you are new to it. glad

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Oh!  Another question!  Is your "signiture" fragrance one that you love and wear all the time and it's a part of you because you love it so?   Or is it the one that you get the compliments on?  The one that smells best on you?

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Well another member wanted to know about My Insolence because I own it. And I didn't know how to test that for her. I do know that when I sprayed my wrists at 9pm. I could still smell it several hours later even though it had settled down. And you could smell it on my wrists even if it was just traces for a good part of the next day. but that is with me putting my nose up to my wrists so I don't know if that counts lol.

She asked me what the sillage was like. So I thought I better ask you wonderful people what that was and how I could help her! glad

Today it was too strong at work and I had to go was it off after a bit. I think on day 3 I needed a break from it. I went from loving it... to falling out of love with it. To thinking it was icky. :'( Bleh! I can love a fragrance... but it doesn't always love me. And people don't seem to like it so much even when I do. I don't know why? Wish it stayed as sweet as when you first spray it. It is a STRONG one though! So I guess that means good sillage? Ugh this afternoon I pretty much hated it. ~ cringe ~ I should have known better. I guess there was a reason I really rarely ever use it. :( All the sweetness goes away after a time and it just turns patchouli :( so sad. Anyway. ~ So confusing! glad

So I washed it off and put on my favorite so I could remember what it felt like to feel happy in a scent I loved. glad I REALLLY REALLY needed it. glad

Luscious Pink of course lol. Even though I wouldn't have necessarily picked that one. But I always get compliments. I had taken a break from that one for a few months. I wore it all last summer. And I decided one day recently to put it on before going to work. Stealthy like. (I hadn't worn it there to work before, they hadn't smelled it yet.)  I felt like... let me put on "my" scent for a change. Let's see if anyone notices? Even if they didn't it was ok. It was my experiment to see if I was right? And forgot about it.  I wasn't expecting anyone to say anything... they don't really about the other ones.  I don't know if they don't like them?  Or just don't notice? who knows...

Boom. 3 people complimented me on it, within an hour. glad So it's the only one I get compliments like that. And I do happen to love it. I can't wear it too much or I will get sick of it. It is a sweet one. I love that it's light though. And my b.f LOVES it on me. glad So I guess it's a keeper! I just can't keep wearing the same thing 24/7 or I will grow to hate it. So trying other ones I own and trying to pair down my stash. And see what I still like.

I guess that is why I asked about signature scent. Because I think of that one is mine. but sometimes I get sick of it and I like other things. Even when I take a break from it. Even if I grow to hate it. No one really compliments me on those ones. Not like this. So I guess the fragrance picked me! Even if I don't always chose to wear it. It seems to like me a lot! lol superglad

It is interesting the things that end up smelling good on our unique chemistry aren't always the things we think would. ~ Awesome. glad Chemistry rocks.

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Yes thank you. I guess I was confused if your signature fragrance is what smells best on you and people comment on even if you grow tired of.

Or the one you like and feels represents you. Even if others don't like it so much. Or some of both.

Sorry I ramble on so! I have to stop posting late at night when I am tired! lol

Thank you for all your input!! I am very grateful. This is a very fun place to learn and get feedback on fragrance.

~ Thank you! ~

p.s. = about Sillage, it helps me to understand what it is more.  But I guess there is no way for me to test that.  Just see if people comment or even ask others how strong or if they can smell it well when I wear a fragrance. ~ Thanks! glad

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

starlight~girl:) wrote:

Oh! Another question! Is your "signiture" fragrance one that you love and wear all the time and it's a part of you because you love it so?  Or is it the one that you get the compliments on? The one that smells best on you?

My signature is my favorite perfume. I don't care who likes it, I love it. It goes well with my personality and makes me feel good when I wear it. It' s the one I wear most of the time.

Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Signature Scent:  If you were only allowed to have one fragrance, what would it be?  The one that you would choose to be the one you smell like all the time.  That's your signature scent.  It's about what you like the most, not what works best with you.

Sillage is French for "wake".  Also used in terms of "trail", or even "slipstream".  Basically, the residue/reaction left by something as it passes through an area.  If you walk through a door, and then someone else walks by that door after you're no longer there and they smell your fragrance, that is your sillage they are smelling.  It's referred to in the fragrance world, but often people use it to describe projection, as shown with the example of having someone coming closer and closer to you until they smell you.  That would be testing the projection, not the sillage.  That said, when most people are asking about it, I find that's what their concerned of.  The immediate aura around them, and how potent/distant said aura is.

So when discussing sillage with someone, make sure you're on the same page, as projection and sillage are frequently mixed up.  Someone suffocating in the elevator with you is strong projection.  Someone walking into the elevator after you've left and suffocating is strong sillage.  Both of those indicate poor choice of fragrance, if they're causing suffocation.  I assume you're wearing something nice, though.

It's pronounced nothing like the spelling would indicate, if you're English native.  The "sill" portion is pronounced like "see".  The "age" as a soft G, like "garage", or "entourage".

[LEFT]See Yazh[/LEFT]

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Thank you so much Slamwich! That is a lot of great information! Projection and Sillage sound very similar in the definition. This is great! glad

I wish my Luscious Pink had good silliage or projection... after 5 minutes! glad

I love it and I get so many compliments. But then it fades away so quickly.

Thank you for all the wonderful information. This helps a lot! Also with how to pronouce it. Very nice. superglad

I love the avatar by the way! glad

It's funny, the fact there is a butterfly on the top of my favorite perfume is complete coincidence lol. I get self conscious sometimes that people might think I am a 12 year old if they saw the bottle of it! lol.

Thanks again! glad

>:D< 26

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Hi starlight~girl,

I think the best way to test the sillage of your fragrance is to spray it on your ankles ( I got this from Katie Puckrick on youtube). If you can smell it then, it has a good projection.

Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Wow Filomena!  Thank you!  What a great idea!  I never thought of that!  Just far enough away. glad  Right now I am also trying to figure out the best brand lotion or body butter etc.  helps hold the fragrance longer.  ~ fragrance free of course.  That's my next project. glad

Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Slamwich wrote:

It's pronounced nothing like the spelling would indicate, if you're English native. The "sill" portion is pronounced like "see". The "age" as a soft G, like "garage", or "entourage".

[LEFT]See Yazh[/LEFT]

Thanks, Slamwich. That's something I've never been exactly sure of so I avoid using the word at all. But let me ask you to take this a little bit further and tell me if the Ls are pronounced. I think I've heard the word both ways; pronounced L, silent L.

Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

It's hard to really say with authority, especially since I'm a native (and only) English speaker, so I don't consider my word on how to pronounce a French word to be worth any value whatsoever.

Case in point, I refused to pronounce Hermes the way the company intends it (soft H), because I view the title as the Greek God, and am use to the word being pronounced with a hard H from my upbringing.  Uncultured swine though that may make me.

In any case, my French friend says "Yes", but at the same time, when I ask her to say it, to me it sounds like they are silent.  This makes it a conundrum.  From the typical English speaking side of this topic, and in our best attempt to reduce the butchering of another language, I will say yes, it's what we would consider to be silent.

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

starlight~girl:) wrote:

Sorry I keep spelling Sillage wrong I think! glad Also I have heard now 3 different ways to pronounce it. Does anyone know the propper/ correct way to say Sillage?

Hi there,

Since I'm living in a country which has 3 national languages, I'd consider French as my second language. When it comes to pronouncing sillage , I'd say that is more of a silent 'L'.
I always pronounce it as 'seejaage' , I don't really pronounce the 'L' since they're two, it's a bit like the 2 Ls in 'fille' (=girl).

So, si-ll-age : see-j-age

Hope this helps!

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

Unfortunately, adding the "J" into the mix complicates things further for a majority (heh, mayority) of North American Anglo's, as using the sound of a Y in place of a J isn't as commonplace as it should be.  And it really should be extremely commonplace, because using a J as a vowel is 31 flavours of badass.

So remember folks,  The J in the "see-j-age" to pronounce ""si-ll-age" is silent, just like the J in Mjolnir, which is the name of Thor's Hammer in the soon-to-be-quickly-forgotten-feature-film, Thor.

I'm sure this will clear up every possible potential for confusion.

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Re: How to test a fragrance's "Silage" ?

If I am not sure about the sillage of my perfume, I ask my husband, my sister or whoever is around me glad But my husband always perceives my perfumes as stronger than I feel they are.
So most of the time I use a light hand, just so that I don't bother him, he being the person most often close to me.

Be nice!