Topic: How long does perfume last?

I'm new to this site and I love reading everyone's reviews and descriptions of all the different fragrance notes... very helpful and interesting.  I know next to nothing about perfumes and am wondering if they lose their potency over time or start to smell different-- and if so, what is the time frame?  For example, would an unopened bottle of perfume manufactured 5 years ago smell the same as one made yesterday?  Thanks in advance for any advice...

Re: How long does perfume last?

Hi, sammyjo, welcome to this site, the virtual meeting spot for perfume people.

This question is asked constantly, and I will try to answer it completely.

Perfumes have to be stored cool and dark.  Preferably in the package they came in.
Sunlight is the worst enemy and will destroy the scent.

As soon as you open the bottle, some air gets in.  But if you store it, as above, the scent can last 2, 3, 5 years ... you will know when it has spoiled, the color is darker, the top notes smell different.

Unopened under the above cool and dark conditions - no limit, I believe.

Other members can add to this speech with their own experiences.

Again, welcome, keep posting, you might get hooked.

Re: How long does perfume last?

I suppose it depends on manufacturer.
For example, on the box of Avon Little Black Dress it was written that expiration date is 3 years.
As to Flower by Kenzo, a single bottle of which I use for more than 8 years, it remains exactly the same as it was.