Topic: What do violets smell like? Parfums Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse Eau de Parfum
Yes, I know. I vaguely remember violets smelling sweet and delicate but...
I just wanted different opinions and descriptions.
Im getting this for my birthday. I dont want to be stuck with poo. tongue


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Violet, true violet, is one of those notes that perfumers don't really do justice. Real violets smell sweet, and green, and very fresh - but to me, most 'violet' perfumes smell much more like violet pastilles (Candies) than like the flower.

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I had that particular perfume and just sold it to a friend who also loved it (I decided I liked the lighter EdT version instead-- mostly for spraying the sheets).  You will find it sweet and with a touch of raspberry.

I have several other violets is hard not to love violets!

One word of caution on that particular bottle-- do not keep the bulb atomizer screwed in place.  Store it with the regular little cap it comes with.  My friend who bought my bottle owned a bottle of her own earlier, which evaporated through the bulb.  Apparently it allows for some air exchange.

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Thanks for the advice - 30 roses.
I was never good with atomizers. They hate me xD

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The most life like violet scent I smelled was Penhaligon`s Violetta
it's a bit sweet, a big mossy, a bit dirty, a bit green.
But then, there are violets such as the ones in Bond No 9 Eau de Noho
where the dirt is missing, so is the "wet leaf" scent, just flowers.

Re: What do violets smell like? Calypso Christiane Celle Calypso Violette  this smells similar to Parfums Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse Eau de Parfum.I layered both with warm vanilla sugar.

Re: What do violets smell like? L Artisan Parfumeur Verte Violette Gorgeous and fresh, just beautiful Borsari Violetta di Parma Very similar to Parfums Berdoues, beautiful as well. Annick Goutal La Violette Lovely violet, a tad sweeter than the above two. Penhaligon`s Violetta  Very fresh, Very green, Very clean violet, Lovely!

If you are later convinced that you absolutely, positively love and adore violets and could bathe in their essence, and want a strong, sweet, violet with killer sillage and longevity.......try this.... Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum (the nuclear bomb of violets) Magnificent though.

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I had no clue that Violettes de Toulouse was this known!
I thought it was totally in the dark. Its a pretty old scent, a little older than shalimar.

Thanks for all of your help!