Re: FragranceX got one order made+paid for in NOVEMBER 2010 in MAY 2011 !!! A BLOODY YEAR!!! fragranceX had posted my parcel in APRIL (stamps on parcel)......!!!!

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Miss Guerlain wrote: … butter.gifI got one order made+paid for in NOVEMBER 2010 in MAY 2011 !!! … kitarg.gifHALF A BLOODY YEAR! … kitarg.gif!! fragranceX had posted my parcel in APRIL (stamps on parcel)......!!!!

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Sometimes your parcel is rejected at Customs Office. Usually they only STOP & NOTIFY you if it is recorded (tracked) shipment. If not, it is back to USA, to Fragrancex (returned to sender), where they ship again to you, so that is why you find it to be shipped in the last months.

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I ordered a sample vial from FragranceX recently that arrived completely didn't leak into the parcel or anything like that, it had been empty a long time - no scent at all.

So far I haven't had any luck getting any useful response from their email "support", so I'm going to send it back, demanding a replacement, and see what happens.

The sample cost only $2, but this does make me uneasy about ordering from them. It's the only problem I've ever had with them though, after several orders.

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Ha Ha! Update: yesterday I sent FragranceX an email flashing my Fragrantica badge, and they scurried and immediately refunded my credit card for the empty vial they sent! Though I must say that the email in which they told me about the refund was very rude and sarcastic.

You'd think that a company relying on word-of-mouth advertising would be a little more concerned about their reputation...


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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have made 4 orders  past two months.Most Perfumes were arrived in 12 business days, just one order i was so lucky that it arrived in only 5 business days!!!!...WOW....Anyhow until now they looks great GOOD Perfumes,Packing and  first of all their prices are  amazing. Right now i have made  a deal with them,that they offer me Whole sale prices.So if anyone needs bargain prices.. kindly drop me a messgae....[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT][/FONT]GL..


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possumke wrote:

Being previously totally uninformed about the company,
I made a first purchase with fragranceX [HIGHLIGHT=#ffff00]6 weeks ago[/HIGHLIGHT] using their free shipping option...

.....I am still (nervously) waiting for my parcel to arrive....

Better go put a pot of coffee could take a while.
Should start taking bets.....which will come first......your fragrance, or Julia Gillards ousting....

The only thing is, only one of the above is a certainty.

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I'm 90% sure that some of the products they sell are FAKES and/or watered down versions of the authentic perfumes ! Or they might be selling stuff that is really old!

I have ordered several fragrances from them (several times) and there has always been something "fishy" about the perfumes - the way they smell, they way the packaging looks, the longevity of the perfume..

Last time I ordered 4 perfumes and one didn't smell like ANYTHING! It was just water.. Another one smelled really weird and the packaging looked cheap (it was an expensive perfume). The third one had the bottle full of pieces of tape! What's that all about?! And the cap was cheap plastic and totally worn. The fourth one smelled exactly like pee, the bottle was really cheap materials - and the name of the perfume had been worn off almost entirely! As well as the color on the cap.

Some products that I've got from them seem real - the smell is what it's supposed to be and the packaging doesn't look cheap and worn. But lately I haven't had any good experiences with them.

It also takes a LOOOOONG time for the orders to deliver.. Like so many have already said. And don't get me started on the "customer service"....


P.S. I'm from Northern Europe, so once again - someone outside the Northern America is complaining.. superglad

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I've bought many times from them and always had a perfect experience! I live in the U.K and it was free shipping worldwide up until recently. *jumps off cliff*

The only thing is the wait, I sometimes had to wait 3 weeks but....still their prices are good and their selection is amazing!!!!

ETA; If you order an EXPENSIVE perfeume from them..or alot at once, they suualy get stopped at customs. I had a few like that when I ordered Samsara and Bvgari Rose Essnetielle at the same time. It came eventually but I had to wait a long time....2 months??? Then I had to go to the post office and pay a fee.

This only happened because fragrancex put the value on the item.

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Guess what!
I always praise them. No more.
I will never buy anything from them again.
I ordered a Hermes. Free shipping. After 3 weeks of waiting, I receive a refund for what I paid, minust $10-14 dollars. I contact them saying I never got my perfume, much less returned it!!!!
They told me it came back to them marked "undeliverable".
Note that this happened BEFORE the Canada Post strike.
I asked why am I being charged those money..,
They told me it's for shipping. BUT SHIPPING WAS FREE.
So basically, due to circumstances outside any kind of control, I loose money , and get no perfume.
Do you think this is fair???
I don't.

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I live in Canada, and both times I have ordered from fragrancex I received the order a week later. For payment I usually use Paypal because if there are any problems, Paypal mediates for you and refunds your money.

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I've bought from fragrancex about 8-10 times and have received everything. I use paypal when pay for purchases. Once or twice it took a parcel about 5-6 weeks two arrive, but I'm from Russia and our customs sometimes holds parcels for too long and sometimes they lose parcels (or they just take something for themselves may be). Fragrancex has a really poor communication, yes, and I sympathize with those who had bad experience buying from this site. The main reason why I buy here is free worldwide shipping and a huge assortiment of cheap fragrances.

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I Buy my Online fragrances from  One of the reasons I am a repeat customer with them is that so far I haven't had any reason to complain about them.  Recently I think to comply with new international shipping regulations they've included all VAT Taxes /Duties-Taxes with every order.  I know on another Perfume/Forum site recent customers of the above company have complained about Delivery Times.  Maybe for security reasons parcels of fragrances are been thoroughly checked or maybe international regulatons or customs has to do with it.  I know in my country with 15% tax on every product I buy I prefer to order things overseas.  But maybe my Government as well as others are seen loop holes and tightening the notch.

You could always use Track and Trace to see where abouts in the shipping lanes your item is.

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I have been reading your posts and can't believe how bad all this is. I order from FragranceX
many years ago and had no trouble, but I'm always uneasy when the things have to come from overseas.  This days I been ordering from a place called "Essential Mall", and is in My Country, I normally receive after 5 or 6 days and the transaction in my credit card goes to Autralia,  and the bank charge fees to exchage the money, so I complain to Essential Mall and they credit the money that the bank has been charging me. I'm very happy customer.

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6  to 10 weeks to Australia with $30.00 shipping fee.
Turns up eventually, I only use them for frags I can't get anywhere else.

They are VERY efficient at billing within 30 seconds of order and also with bombarding you with emails. Pity the delivery dept is not as good as the marketing.

Don't think they really care.
Now only use paypal, so dispute resolution is available.

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They cancelled my order without any reason nor notification by email

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Yep, pretty sure my perfume was watered down or fake. It arrived in about a week, but I was totally disappointed. Their return policy states that they'll only accept unopened perfumes. Grrrr. I'm mad.

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I have bought many perfumes from FragranceX, and they certainly have not been FAKES. Their free shipping offer is really only for the U.S., if you read the small print). At Christmas time this year, they sent me an e-mail, that in my country (Croatia) for just one week, there would be free shipping, so I bought two perfumes. Yes, the packages are slow in coming, but I would also say this is due to the parcels been held at the customs, as EVERYTHING here that comes in a parcel is OPENED and inspected. They have a pretty good customer service, and I must say, I haven't had any problems with them. If you live in the U.K., try, I have also started using them, and they are REALLY GREAT! Really professional, and the shipping is super fast. I got my parcel from them in exactly one week, and the gift I sent to friend in the U.K, she got it in 2 days!! so keep them in mind if you live in the U.K. ( they do have free shipping if you spend over a certain amount, not sure but could be something like 25 pounds English money. Well that's my info for now, I am waiting on a L Lempicka from FragranceX, so will let you know when it arrives hmm

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I've ordered from them twice and both orders were recieved in about 5 - 6 days, they sent it express with full tracking and I didn't even have to pay extra for it. So I only have good things to say, maybe its different for other countries but I would recommend them if you are in Australia.

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I've purchase from them and they have this system where they notify the post office for a pick up and that alone can take three days then you have to deal with the post office and their slow delivery.  I live three states away from them and only about a 9 hr drive and it takes me more then a week to get something from them.  They do have good stuff though and decent prices.

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I have always had awesome luck with them!!!   28

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For us Australians, I would NOT use FRAGRANCE-X!!! I waited 3 months, sent many emails and all I got was the auto e-mail runaround from FragranceX. I then phoned FragranceX and demanded to speck with a manager. I did receive a full refund, but only after a massive inconvenience. I have since used FragranceNet, with much better results. I placed my order with FragranceNet, paid the $20 International shipping fee, and 10 days later got all my fragrances, packed really nice. My advice for Australians, don't use FragranceX!!! Cheers.

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I can see this thread is pretty old but I just wanted to share a recent experience. Since FragranceNet is no longer shipping to Canada I wanted to use some of my Christmas money to try to some new scents. I ordered eighteen "travel size minis" from FragranceX. One of them was clearly labeled as being unboxed. When my order arrived I found that in addition to the one I was expecting to be unboxed, five others were unboxed as well. Of the boxed scents one bottle was completely empty and another had a broken lid that prevents it from being opened. The bottles that were not damaged, boxed or unboxed, were often only 1/2 full.

Contacting customer care was very difficult. I emailed them multiple times before receiving a response. They asked me to send photos. I sent one email with five photos attached (I edited the file sizes to make them smaller in case their email accounts wouldn't accept huge attachments). I randomly received a refund for $7.42 or something, which was approximately what I paid for one bottle, but not exactly. I phoned to follow up and they said they had only received one photo. I highly doubt that as all of the photos were in the same email. If they received one, they received them all. They then processed a refund for $15.00. Again, this number seems to have been pulled out of thin air. Nothing has appeared on my credit card statement yet so I'm not sure if I'll be receiving both refunds or just the fifteen-dollar one.

I asked the woman on the phone about the unboxed scents. She replied, "Our minis don't come in boxes." I told her that I found that misleading as one of the perfumes I bought was labeled "unboxed", so I expected that, but the others were not. In fact, many of the minis were shown with their boxes on their respective product pages. She reiterated that minis don't come boxed. I asked her why, if that was the case, twelve of my perfumes DID come in a box. She said, "Well, we sell more than twelve or fifteen perfumes." Lady needs to take Logic 101. Basically, the final conclusion was that most minis from FragranceX come unboxed but they don't inform customers of this anywhere on their site and there is no way to know whether or not you'll received a boxed or unboxed mini. You can't rely on the product description or photo to determine if your mini perfume will be in a box.

If anyone has a recommendation for a reliable site that is currently shipping to Canada I would love to know, as both FragranceNet and FragranceX are in my bad books at the moment!

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Hi there lipglossandabackpack,

I can recommend I have placed many orders with them, and they have always delivered in good condition and are 100% authentic. They are a little dearer than FragranceNet, but they have free delivery on all orders. If you login, and then you place items in your shopping basket, then logout, you will receive an email with a code that gives you a 10%-15% discount, just a little tip for you.  I know they ship to Australia, and I think they do ship worldwide. They are located in Hong Kong, but I'm sure they ship worldwide.

There is also, they are also very good.

I hope this helps, cheers.

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I have placed many orders with FragranceX, too many to remember, and I have never had a problem - even though I asked them to ship to me in the Middle East and to a friend in the US, and it never takes more than 11 days to reach.

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both of them are pretty bad , and im starting to think they are the same company under 1 roof  . fragrancenet always takes a week to get my order out the door a then takes another 3 weeks 1 month total pretty pathetic . now i only use beauty encounter , order is packed and shipped within 24hours and with express post option i get my stuff in less than a week .