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Jasmin, I don't know you well and we only met, this morning, over at the Kitty thread. 

You have on your Wardrobe shelves some 90 plus perfumes, some may be minis, I think you said that.  Those scents are all of a good caliber.  Good choices, great variety.

Don't misunderstand me, I am only saying my take on this:  Why would you want to spend a penny more to get imposters of what you have already ??

If you take into consideration that it will take you a long, long time to use up what you have sitting there on your Wardrobe,

go ahead, use them, enjoy yourself that you have so many.

The same $$$ that you don't spend to buy imposters of scents you have you can put into a jar, and then buy another good quality scent to add to your Wardrobe, one of your Want List.

Just my two cents, how I feel about spending hard-earned $$$.

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That ANGEL does not perform does not surprise me.  It is a controversial fragrance.  Some love it, others don't.  Moreover, there are rumors of harmful ingredients lurking in that particular fragrance. 

If I start saying this, it will create a stir, because we had long, long discussions in the past about ANGEL and its questionable reputation. 

So, google it, read what comes up in the internet and come to your conclusions.

Re: Best Imposter Perfumes?

Walgreens has a line of Imposter Fragrances called Instyle Fragrances...Their version of Angel is really nice...And sometimes they have a special of buy one get one free.

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They have Glow,Eternity,Lovely,Juicy Courture just to name a few..You could look on their website and read the reviews.

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I have never tried Preferred Fragrance brand, although I have heard of it before. I have, however, tried the Belcam version of ANGEL, which is called Radiant. Actually this was the first time I ever smelled ANGEL (or an ANGEL duplicate), and I just loved it! I eventually bought 2 bottles of Radiant, and then went on to buy 2 original TM ANGEL bottles. Belcam's Radiant is a VERY close dupe, and I am very satisfied with it.

The best things in life are always worth waiting for. <3

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I've tried the Jordache dupes...They totally sucked! I didn't like the bottles at all. I haven't personally tried this ladies dupes, but I've heard good things on youtube! You might check into it...She has Angel I know.. … Detail.bok


I love this girls videos, she always has great tips~

Hope this helps!

Hugs & Kisses

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This might be some help.

The brand Bodycology had a line of eau de parfum 1.0 oz sprays (may have been discontinued).

One of the scents is called "Hug Me" and it smells a lot like Angel maybe a little more chocolate.

It is high performance (smooth, long lasting) not cheap or raspy. The retail was something like $9.99. It might appear still in drugstores and off-price retail closeout stores.

Also keep in mind that Bath & Body product manufactures for drugstore mass merchants and specialty stores use Designer releases for inspiration. They won't tell you it is an Impostor and use unique package design but smelling it will tell you it falls in the "inspired by" category.

Good Luck

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I don't remember the brand, but when I was a teenager I bought a $6 bottle of an imitation fragrance of Cool Water. I bought it at Rainbow so long ago; I bet they still sell it. tongue I do agree with Udaria that saving up for the real thing would be a better choice. Back then I didn't have $20-30 to buy the original fragrance...but I ended up liking that imitation one better because it is sweeter and seems to last about the same. Bottle looks almost the same too! I'll have to pilfer through my mom's perfumes to find it because I gave it to her.

Bodycology has some nice body lotions. I miss the buttercream frosting one they had, but the cupcake one does just as well.

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The year was 1993 when I first encountered some inspired by perfumes under CLASSIC MATCH Collection.

Recently I have imposter of Angel/Innocent/Eau de Star mix and JPG Le Male/Cuba.

The name of Angel copy is "Marquise Bleue" by LUCA BOSSI perfumes but was surprised to find out that it was made in China. The scent is great, a mix of the 3 Mugler frags and long lasting as well.

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Can anyone recommend a line of impostor perfumes available in Denmark or Sweden? Like JoshuaRyan, I like to smell good everyday but prefer to use my real deal perfumes sparingly, for special occasions, most of them being samples or decants or halfway used (passed down from my mom/sis). You guys who live in the USA are so lucky... spoiled for choice :-)! Here we have a huge luxury tax on all perfumes, and the only impostor I've encountered so far is Lidl's Suddenly Madame Glamour, selling for twice its UK price. (And no, it ain't sold out at our local Lidl, despite the internet hype about its beating Coco Mademoiselle in a blind sniff test).

Btw, it's not feasible to purchase bottles from the US or UK, as we get taxed at least 30 US dollars at the post office for any shipments exceeding 10 US dollars.

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How about Federico Mahora? I never tried these knock-offs but I think some of their fragrances are very good according to many reviews.

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I like the imposter brand Stitch Perfumes. I had a knock-off version of their Angel which was closer to Mugler's Innocent, and less fruity and dare I say more rounded.

I also liked their version of D&G for Women (the one with the red cap). Glorious fragrance. They last for ages too.