Topic: how do you recognize fake perfume bottle?

do you have any experience to share?

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I was going to buy a bottle of armani mania from a local store, when I noticed the size was 100ml. At the time, I used to wear Mania regularly and could only find it in 45ml and 90mls only. So naturally, I had some doubts and asked the SA if I could have a close look at the bottle. The cap didnt fit properly, the glass was full of bubbles and the color was orange rather than peach. I realized that it was a fake and left the store without buying.

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I have had a few close calls with eBay sellers; I was tempted to buy, but I asked for pictures of the product. All of them had characteristics that were off: the fragrance was a different color (excluding the ones that typically change color like Angel, Pink Sugar, etc.), the cap was the wrong shape, or the lettering was off.

Here is one that is obvious: … p?id=20690

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Personally I noticed that fake bottles usually have air bubbles inside the actual glass..... and are in a general a tad "off", especially around the lines were the glass, or metal come together.

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The scratchs on the bottles.

The number of production codes can not be the same, check on the bottom and the box.

Well I only buy on trusted sellers glad

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Sometimes it gets quite tricky.. Comparing bottles from trusted shops and pictures on forum is very helpful. As well as official web pages.

There are lots of things - glass quality (should be clear and have neat seams), sprayer system quality (which often gives away fakes by being different or wider, or by having too visible upper part e.t.c), material used for cap, its shape and how it fits. The box too, how good the printing is, it should be accurate and text & pictures sharp. On bottle you can check if printing doesn't come off too easy. Checking spelling is also essential. On box, you can compare how markings are located, where the product was made. Of course number on box and bottle. Also, you can check the batch code in internet. Just in case. )))

I will quote my old posts on this:

First. The price. If it's too cheap then you can see it.. (but note then sometimes there's a huge discount in some chain stores )
Second. The place. Buy from trusted places or department stores etc. Don't buy in places who don't have license to sell, say, Dior if you want to buy something from Dior. You often can find retailers in the same site (I guess Dior has the list- store locater)
In Russia there's online 'stores' that sell 'confiscated by customs ' cosmetics and perfumery and other fake stuff. Customs never sell that.
Third. The serial number. On bottle and box. It should match.
Fourth. Quality of package. Very few perfumes come without polythene wrapping. If it comes wrapped (and nature unfriendly) it should be transparent, clear... (maybe if it's an old perfume standing there for years wrapping could be a bit scratched). (I'll add that polythene should wrap around smoothly and not have extra material on top of it where it is sealed. )
Fifth. The smell. Counterfeit 'perfumes' are often made improperly. Normally, when perfume is attached to alcohol, it is placed in cans for few days to settle. Fakes are often skipping this step, so the composition is messy, flat, unpleasant after time if you  sprayed that on skin. Note that it smells similar to original. The contents in 'precious' bottle can fall apart in months. Also, alcohol they use has to be lowest quality.
Sixth. Size. It's often 3.4 oz bottles are fake ones. Or 90ml bottles (often something like close to 24.16$ for fake in Russia). (Again, check and compare size ranges)
There are also 20 ml package that has one package and different names on those.
It's easy to avoid fakes if you buy from big chain stores.

P.S. It's prohibited to send counterfeit production in USA.

And another one

Cheap counterfeits are highly dangerous. Do not ever use them on skin- they contain ingredients that weren't checked for safety to use and you may end up in hospital.
So buy only from sellers that have license to sell those brands. There was never fakes from chain stores,even if one of two spotted and thought their purchase was fake they never took it to research the contents, just shouted all over internet. Mostly their 'fakes' were just perfumes that gone bad (yeah, they keep them boxed, but under warm lamps and who knows where that box were placed in warehouse). Interesting fact, that people who sell 'elite' perfumes often are those who says that they buy their production in same place where stores do (as if! ) or say that stores sell fakes.

Be careful and good luck ^^