Topic: Hair: layers or no layers?

So for all of you pretty ladies... what is better?

Hair the same length all over or layers?

My hair is mid back long, straight, with very very little waviness in it....

I know when it's all the same length is has no volume, although the hair itself isn't thin.... but I always end up with it up in a ponytail or bun.

When it's layered, and right now I do have some layers especially around my face, it has more volume and looks better when loose.

However I noticed that ever since I got layers I cannot grow them . They get split ends and need trimming constantly.

Can it be that layers "rub" or "grind" and that's why they get split ends?  I didn't have this problem so much when it was all the same length, but now I cannot grow it all the same.

What is your choice?

Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

when you have thin long straight hair is very hard to wear layers, I have the same type of hair and it looked terrible with layers...

your hair stylist should use scissors if they use another type of cutter (i'm not sure what's its actual name in english) its easier to develop split ends because it stress it more

I grown out my fringe too, I liked it but my hair looked so thin... it looks more normal now. You may try with some volume mousse or curlers to make them look less flat.

Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

Yes I relate to your question. My hair is longer than yours but also straight.

I think that it depends on whether you prefer volume or a simpler look.

I think that some haircuts get a lot of split ends because they do the layer (or finish the hair ends) with a knife/blade (sorry, don't know the right term in English) instead of scissors. Of course you get a lot of texture but this is the worst you can do and your hair will get split ends very soon. Scissors should be very sharp also for a clean cut.

If you are doing layers (or any kind of haircut for that matter) always demand the stylist to use only scissors. I have noticed this helps a lot.

There is also something else. With hair like yours and mine: if you have layers then you MUST style your hair if you're wearing it loose. At least blow dry it a bit with a round brush. It is very hard for a layered haircut on straight hair to air dry to perfection (I've had it sometimes, but it lasts only for a couple weeks before it starts growing and getting out of control). So if you have time limitations in your routine then consider it before getting any haircut.

Now is there a compromise? Well, I have also discovered that a completely flat haircut is not what I want. I look like I go to elementary school. So I go for long layers. This is: layers separated only a bit from one another, which allow me to pull up comfortably a pony tail (without looking like I have three super long hairs and a lot of shorter ones). I go with two but you can have three and still will have good volume.

In addition to long layers, I also have (like you) these soft ones around my face (my face is very round so this contours it very well, it's more flattering than not having them).

And finally, fringe helps immensely. It gives the illusion of volume around your face (blow drier + round brush and NOT flat ironed) and if you make it side part it's universally flattering. If you ask for fringe it should be not too thick.

That's my experience, hope it helps.  glad

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Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

layers! tummenupp

Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

ninive wrote:

your hair stylist should use scissors if they use another type of cutter (i'm not sure what's its actual name in english) its easier to develop split ends because it stress it more

I noticed the same. I have had layers for 15 years, nearly half of my life, and if they use the "knife" (no idea about the real word) it's split ends galore. With scissors, no problems for 6 months.

I like my layers because I have naturally wavy hair. It has its own life and I have no control over it, but with a good cut it looks quite nice, with minimum effort (brush and go/express chignon and go/ponytail and go). I tried the non-layered look last year and it just didn't work. The length varies from shoulder-length to midback but it's strictly layers from now on.

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Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

I don't do layers only because I'm extremely low maintenance with my hair and only get it cut once a year or once every other year.

You have to be willing to get your hair trimmed and cut rather often because layers that grow out are awkward looking at least for me they are

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I prefer same length with full front bangs. I'm not a fan of layers just because they look awful if not maintained properly and I know I don't have the time to devote to taking care of them and getting them trimmed constantly...the only part of my hair that I constantly trim are my bangs and I like to keep it that way glad                                                 

I also find I get crazy split ends with layers, which in turn causes my hair to thin so its a no-go for me.  Layers give the illusion of volume, I don't need that because my hair is healthy and thick without them.

Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

I have layers and a fringe (bangs).

My hair is very long and naturally curly wavy, heavy and thick. Layers and thinning for me make my hair feel lighter and because my face is small stop my long hair from dragging down my appearance. But I do have long layers. I don't find I get split ends any more of less with layers and they grow just fine. Yes, they do need to be trimmed every so often but I do this maybe 4 times a year, which isn't much IMO. I do take care of my hair, but nothing much special, shampoo & conditioner...

I think it's only if your using heat like hair dryers and straighteners or curling irons that you get serious problems with damage. I never use heat on my hair and I'm always complimented on how healthy my hair looks. (I used to think this an odd compliment 'healthy', but I like it now)

I think for you, if all one length makes your hair feel flat then maybe layers are better for you. They give hair a better shape I think. And maybe a side fringe, so you have some give in your hair around your face without having to get a block fringe. I don't know why they wouldn't grow though  hmm Unless you're letting your hair get progressively longer so it seems like they're not growing out.

I don't think trimming is high maintenance...and it's better for your hair anyway.

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Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

I voted for layers.  Hair should be done with sizzors only, no blades.

I get my hair trimmed every 8 weeks.  Long layers are low maintenance.

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Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

Layers? For me it's layers and pieces. I found this out the hard way. I have doll hair, straight, fine and very thick. You have to cut a shape into it to give it any style at all. I kept asking for layers and I kept getting them. Hated my haircuts. What I wanted and didn't know how to ask for was pieces. Piecing or pieces are one bit of hair that is cut to do something (flip up, down, go back, go forward. Now I love my haircuts. I say thin and layer the back, piece the front and razor a minimal fringe. Yep hairdressers have their own language and it differs between countries. If I could wave a wand I would get my hair colored in the U.S and cut in Ireland. (the training is much more rigorous than the states and they apprentice much longer).

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my mom went to a chinese hairdresser once, she wasn't completely satisfied but the cut came out very good and she only wanted something short for the summer after all. I told her she was lucky he used scissors to layer her hair since most won't do that even if you ask, in fact that's one of the reasons she changed salon. She paid half the price and doesn't get split ends, she has very fine grey hair, the only problem with them is the language barrier.

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I like layers because they help thin out my hair, but putting my hair up in a ponytail is usually a mess; and like others said, it grows out funky. So I voted same length

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I didn't vote because I'm in between both choices.

I say the longer, the better, and with that 'V' thing going on in the back, so that the hair in the very middle of the back is the longest, and with subtle layers (not a lot of them), and with NO bangs. In my humble opinion, nobody looks as good with bangs compared to when they don't have them.

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I prefer long layers. Layers are more versatile because it's easier to get volume if you want it, or go sleek and straight if that's what you want that day, and I think they should be long enough to get into a ponytail or a bun. It's a bit more high maintenance and costly but I think they're worth it. I think layers should always be done with scissors to minimize damage and frizziness. I've had them done with that razor thing in the past and regretted it. Scissors create more of a clean cut and the layers are more controlled and precise. The razor is an invitation to split ends because it sort of "scrapes" the hair and creates frizz and damage.

Re: Hair: layers or no layers?

buyer63 wrote:

Yep hairdressers have their own language and it differs between countries.

This is very true!