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I always have a dream that I buy an old vintage bottle on an little marked and it turns out to be a real collectors item and worth a lot of money. But I don't know which perfume bottles to look for. Does anybody know what to look for ?

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i think that is a nice dream thaigirl and i'm sure some of us have similar dreams, i know i do especially after a long day at work! It is possible to achieve I suppose but would require a lot of work, time and luck! You would have to research more on vintages to find out what people crave and which are more rare etc. Then you would have to spend time either on the internet or on ground to look for them, at yard sales etc. Most of the time online, the sellers already set a high price if deserved, on the perfume which means little profit for you to sell on again. Sometimes there are sellers who miss the value of what they are selling and you could luck out, but this is not the norm.

Good luck if you are going to do this as a hobby or a side job, I am sure it at the very least will teach you more about perfume and its value and history!  34

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You would have to educate yourself or get educated on perfume bottles from people and resources in the collecting world.

You would have to know what to look for, how to authenticate, etc. The best way to learn that would be from developing experience and talking to collectors and/or dealers.

Books may get you started. I did a quick search on amazon. I searched "perfume bottles" and then filtered the results so it showed only Books (I just clicked "Books" on the left (not "Antique and Collectible Bottles" or any other narrow field)). Many of the price guides and other books are old, but they can be helpful for educating yourself on what to look for - even if pricing is out-of-date. Try to get these books used for better pricing.

I think you have collect out of love not just desire for $$. Without love, the chase may become tedious.

As you can see from this video, part of it is luck-of-the-draw (her mom and her mom's mom collected perfume bottles - and she lives in L.A. -- not some dinky town in Kansas). Location is somewhat important if you want to be a serious collector. If you live in Oregon and you want to be a full-on Civil War collector, you're in the wrong part of the country.

Happiness is a smartly-staffed perfume shop or department, stocked with plenty of paper blotters, testers, and empty drams.

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thanks you pollyjean

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I've had that same dream.

Honestly the most you can expect is probably a couple hundred dollars if you have something really in demand. I've seen bottles of  Guerlain Mitsouko vintage pure parfum almost full and  Guerlain L'Heure Bleue sell for 200-300 USD and the seller picked them up from an estate sale (IDK for how much but she started bidding at 0.01 cents and there was crazy bidding on it)

I think Czech perfume bottles would go for really high if they were in good condition, they're not just considered antique they're practically historical.

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Re: Getting Rich from Vintage perfume bottles.   Sometimes you just get lucky.  I found my bottle of Bakir listed on Aunt Judy's Attic ( for $225.00!! I won't be selling mine but it makes me smile whenever I dab on a little bit.

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Oooooo, I was just asking someone about vintage Bakir. I don't like to talk about my finds until they arrive so as not to jinx myself. I just won a vintage Bakir  for right around $60 I believe. Will post pics the instant it arrives. I did check out what it was selling for prior to bidding as high as I did lol! Oh, I'm really excited now!

Oh and btw, Thaigirl, when you learn the secret to getting rich, please let me know!

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In collecting and selling that collection I think it takes passion to enjoy and, a lot of research, along with a realistic view on what you have.

Buying of these types of goods are almost always  emotional in many cases and worth only what someone will pay for them.

If you really want to get into collecting perfume bottles, start reading up on bottles that people want.  Go to some high end auctions and just watch which botttles are sold and for how much. Go to museums to look at the bottles they may have on hand.  Go to estate sales, swap and shops, and garage sales, and auctions like storage auctions for sure.

Sure you might find a deal on ebay but usually its not without a lot of legwork, which is time you have to account for in the sale price of anything you sell.

When you work on your own you have to account for all of your time (rearching, going to estate sales, etc) so that  when you sell something you are paid for your time.  Otherwise you find that the 225.00 item you spent months researching and buying and reselling basically netted you less than what  a person minimum wage would make if you account for all you put into it.

So I think you should be realistic and practicle about the time and effort put into it, and the money netted out of it,  if this is what you want to do.  Do it as a side thing in addition to your normal thing, which is what most people tend to start with.  If you find you can make it a full time gig, then sure do it at that time, but don't start off that way unless you have unlimited funds to start big.

Good luck!