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hi guys i recently bought a chanel eau tendre perfume, and i was watching on youtube how to spot a fake.

my question is if the perfume is made in usa or france? Chanel Chance Eau Tendre , cause on the video the authentic perfume was made in usa and the fake in france, and mines being made in france have me concerned. i purchased mine from a department store in my country.

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I think what's more important is to check the serial code engraved on the bottle and your box.  I believe that a reputable department store will not sell a fake Chanel.

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some perfumes are made in France, believe it or not))

if you have doubts about your bottle, there are others things to look at. check out this website:

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Bettany87 wrote:

I think what's more important is to check the serial code engraved on the bottle and your box. I believe that a reputable department store will not sell a fake Chanel.

For this one needs a magnifying glass, and then I can spot it, very faintly in ink on the glass bottom, and the exact same code, also very faintly in ink on the package.  This is proof.

That number has approx. 5 digits.

Then there is a separate Ref. number, strongly printed on the package.

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If you bought your bottle from a department store in your country, that alone raises the chances significantly that your perfume is NOT a fake. However, it is true that it is possible that even they stand, an albeit small chance, that they are fake.

Chanel makes their frags in both US and France. So that is not an indicator of anything. I will say that contrary to what others have mentioned, the batch number (or serial number) is no longer a sign that it is authentic, either. I received 2 different counterfeit Chanels, and BOTH had these batch numbers etched on the glass, along with the MATCHING number on the counterfeit box.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I have 'tested' sellers on Ebay by PURPOSELY ordering bottles of Chanel on Ebay without knowing if they were authentic or not (until it arrives). The reasons why I have done this in the past was to:

A) See how quickly I can catch that it's a counterfeit or authentic, and

B) Inspect the little details on it (or non-details on it), and look at what to avoid in the future, and to warn others about it as well.

I don't see a loss in this because Paypal will always back the buyer up when a buyer purchases a counterfeit bottle of perfume. So if you purchase a counterfeit bottle of perfume on Ebay, just so long as you realize this before giving the seller feedback, you can be rest assured that you will receive a full refund. It's a bit of a hassle, and somewhat time-consuming, but if you have the time for it, it's worth it, imo. I no longer have the time to do this anymore (as I am a full-time student now), but I quite enjoyed it when I did it.

Things to look out for:

1) Take note of how visible the tube in the bottle is. If you can see it super-clearly, and it looks somewhat 'thick', that is a sign it is a fake. Note my photo below. The fake is on the right, the authentic is on the left. It should be almost invisible and barely detectable. This is the biggest giveaway in detecting a counterfeit perfume. I say this because some sellers will use AUTHENTIC bottles of Chanel, but fill it with counterfeit juice. When they do this, bottle alone will not tell you if it's fake or not. However, they need to change the 'tube' due to damaging the first one, so they replace it with a cheap tube. Also, when this is the case, there are often tiny little scratches along the neck of the top.

2) Always look inside the cap, and compare how it should look to a guaranteed-authentic one.

3) If at all possible, weigh both bottles. Counterfeits typically weigh more than authentic bottles.

4) Take note of uneven-ness or bubbles in the glass (in the pic below: look how thick the counterfeit's glass is on the bottom. And notice how it is very thick on just the one side).

5) Also, if at all possible, fit your cap onto a guaranteed authentic bottle of the same size. It should fit perfectly on. If it doesn't, that is a giveaway that it is counterfeit.

Please know that #2-5 will only apply when the counterfeit is used with a counterfeit bottle. But if it is used with a genuine bottle, you must pay most attention to #1.

Even though you purchased your perfume from a department store, here is a thread on Ebay knock-offs that you may find very useful: … p?id=43238 

P.S. I apologize for the long post. I honestly didn't think I wrote that much.  tongue

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Great post Robynlovesperfume. Really interesting!

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thanks everyone for your posts 11

Re: is my chanel perfume fake

thanks everyone for your posts  11