Topic: Fragrances not tested on animals?

I was wondering, if anyone had a list of fragrances, in my case colognes for men, that aren't animal derived or tested.

I am really getting into scents and am enjoying fragrances lately.
But, don't want to support anything that harms animals.

I am not looking to debate the topic..I am merely looking to see if anyone has a list or if this topic was brought up previously.

My own research says that Chanel, Bvlgari, Estee Lauder, Clinique don't does anyone know any others?

Luckily..Chanel and Bvlgari are my favorites!!!!



Re: Fragrances not tested on animals?

I feel that! Have you seen this site? Happily quite a few perfume houses never test on animals or use derived ingredients...

Hugs & Kisses

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You're a doll, thanks for posting so quickly.
No, I've never seen that page before..Just linked to's great.
Thank you!!!!

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A Couple of houses to try are

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful
Jo Wood Organics
Marks & Spencer

I would'nt count The Body Shop now that they have been bought out by L'Oreal. The major shareholder of L'Oreal is Nestle. And if you are concerned about ethics I wouldn't touch a Nestle company with a bargepole.

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Re: Fragrances not tested on animals?

I used to be quite careful about this aspect, that's why a lot of products cought my attention, because thay had "no testing on animals" sticker on them. About cosmetics, soaps, creams, medicine (even though on medicine I can;t find the info all the time), and everything beauty-related product, I check this...

For my dog's food I always get info. I never buy even a tiny biscuit from ones that torture animals "testing".

But about perfumes... Kinda difficult to do that. First of all cause they have no stickers or something written on them to inform. Can I just asume they test on animals if there's no info on the box that they not? Don't know...

That's why I lately buy a lot from avon and yves rocher... at least I know they're safe from this point of view. Don't care if they smell "cheap".

Actually, I prefer washing with plain water alone, and smelling like nothing than using animal-tested stuff. But many times I'm not informed...

P.S.-just saw CACHAREL tests on animals. oh god. I'll never buy a thing ever from them.Oh... and DOVE... awful!!! Gotta read it all careful. Oh... ralph loren, and everything from l'oreal and glade and pantene and pampers, sunsilk,tide, VICHY (!!!),windex,... godddd...sooo many

Gotta do serious reserch online before I buy who-knows-what animal torturing substances !!!

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although it's better than nothing, operates under a rather weak criteria , because it is based in the US which is a long way behind the EU in terms of restricting animal testing of cosmetics. It actually includes companies that test cosmetics on animals. Interestingly, PETA Europe have a different, better policy. If you are in the US, a better guide would be, then select USA under the 'Choose Location' option at top right. If a company doesn't appear on this list, then steer clear. The only beef I have with this site is that it does not take into account the parent company . For instance, the Body Shop appears on their list, whilst parent company L'Oreal does not.

There is a whole wealth of information on this site, including some tips on when companies play around with the wording as a mere marketing gimmick and when 'cruelty free' means no such thing.

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Thank you so much for this information.  It will now be a point of reference when I buy anything.  We don't live in the dark ages and I feel that companies should come up with better ways of testing their products.  Of course, it will cost more and will eat into their profits and we all know about the "bottom line".

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look, I did some more reading...

Chanel and Yves Rocher are on the same "not testing on animals" side, but I read on a site that they lie, and that they just buy ingredients from ones that don't test on animals, but within the chanel/yr company, they do tests on animals. Is this just rumors and exageration? 

The few 100% safe companies seem to be more than niche...

what a revealing info for me. I'm really thinking of throwing/giving away every fragrance that's animal tested. I don't even care how it smells. Just thinking that liquid tortured animals... brrr

Re: Fragrances not tested on animals?

Re: Fragrances not tested on animals?

there are several brands that don't test on animals.  but is seems that they buy from providers that test the substances on animals

and there are some who buy ingredients from providers that don't test on animals, but after buying them, they test within their own company.

either way it's bad.

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If you can't find them on a safe list, then you can probably assume they either test on animals, buy ingredients that are tested on animals, or give someone else the contract to do the testing. Sometimes you can see on the bottle who actually makes the product.

My bottle of Laura Biagiotti 'Roma' says on the bottom 'P&G Prestige'
That is Proctor & Gamble. One of the worst offenders.

The only other thing I can suggest is you write to the company and see if you get a response. But try and read between the lines of what they say. They are clever with their wording.

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Grrrrr, I thought I researched Chanel carefully.  Gosh, I thought I could feel good about wearing their scents..and now I am worrired.
But, I am very confident that Bvlgari does not.  Their website says they don't.
And I think maybe I'll start looking at Kenzo too.

I am so glad to find other people who care about animals, too.
Thanks everyone.

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Don't be worried. The very fact that you are starting to ask these questions makes you more aware of the issues than 99% of people.

I really don't want to seem that I'm moralising. I'm not. Look on my shelf and you wil find brands tested on animals.  You can give your cash to whoever you want for whatever product you want.

What I can't stand is 'greenwash'. Pretending your products are ethical or environmentally friendly when they are no such thing. The worlds consumers ( i.e. everyone on the planet, myself included) Could do with a little more education and need to know that they can vote with their wallets, whether it's perfume tested on animals, or cookies made with palm oil grown in deforested areas of Indonesia, or that cheap Wal-Mart t-shirt made by an 8 year old in a third world sweatshop.

And thats my 10 cents worth.

Peace out

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ves Rocher says it doesn't test on animals, it doesn't use animal ingredients and everything fine and pink, except they say nothing about the ingredients.

Oriflame does a bit better, it mentions something:


Oriflame is proud of its longstanding pro-active animal welfare policy, and only “animal friendly" ingredients are used in our cosmetic formulations.

No ingredients derived from dead animals, or sourced while causing harm to animals, are used. Only animal by-products such as milk, honey, lanolin and beeswax, which are sourced without causing suffering or harm to animals, are used.

Furthermore, accessory products do not contain animal materials sourced while causing harm to the animal, such as skin, fur or feathers of animals bred primarily for that purpose (e.g mink, rabbit, snake). In addition, animal hair used is sourced from a live animal without causing injury.

Oriflame finished products have never been tested on animals, and we have never tested, nor commissioned the testing of, cosmetic ingredients on animals. [HIGHLIGHT=#c00000](does this mean they also nver buy from providers who test on animals?)[/HIGHLIGHT]

We have consistently demonstrated our support of the resolution of the ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. [HIGHLIGHT=#c00000](does this mean they also don't buy from those who test?)[/HIGHLIGHT] We have welcomed the provisions in the EU Cosmetic Directive 7th amendment which regulate animal testing, while providing a balance between animal welfare and consumer safety. This has resulted in the current ban on animal testing of finished products, and the phased in ban on testing of ingredients, starting in March 2009.

Oriflame sounds better though... better than Yves Rocher.

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It's SO HARD to go green, cruelty free and Vegan! I must confess that I failed miserably after spending thousands on organic foods and products...Products that BY THE WAY really sucked....My final straw was perfumes...I'm just too much of a perfume junkie to give up some of my favorites...The FDA lies  too and I realized that unless I wiped my ass with leaves, grew all my own food and made my own candles I would be a hypocrite.....

I really wanted to believe in Chanel though! I know tons of raw vegans who use Thymes fragrances...( not sure if they're in this data base but they rock glad) Oh and BPAL oils are awesome and tested on Elizabeth....

Hugs & Kisses

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I don't try to be vegan... I just don't eat meat, except fish. I don;t see any harm in milk,eggs,honey... doesn;t harm the animal.
Oh, and I don;t buy real leather-made stuff. On the plain leather I can see the pores. Brrr...
And about real fur... you know, all furs are taken off the animal while the animal is alive. Because it's the only way to get the fur off intact and in good condition. Think about that before you wear/buy one...

But these perfume/cosmetic suff is really difficult.

I use little cosmetics,. so I managed to get 100% cruelty free ones, but it's extremely difficult about perfumes.

The only 100% cruelty free brand I found is L'occitane. It's listed everywere as 100% clear. They don;t test, don't pay for tests to be made and don't buy from providers that test on animals. Wich is good, till now I've got one on the list. LOL

Laundry detergents that are being tested on animals also seem to be very difficult to avoid: Tide, Ariel,Omo,Lenor... just few.Actually, most of them do animal tests. How on earth an I going to wash my clothes "enviormentally correct and cruelty-free"?...

Am I gonna do home-made soap for washing my clothes? And put it where I put the detergent? Sounds damn weird. Maybe I'll do that, though...I'll think about it. At least for MY personal laundry, I'd sure could do that.

Oh, pampers and female hygiene stuff is also animal tested. I use lunette (or divacup/mooncup, whatever, it's called lunette here), cause always hygiene products are tested on animals.

We're surrounded by those cruel products, it's extremely difficult to avoid them.

and... lollipopsneeze... it's true, there's no way to do this thing 100% correct. But at least we can avoid the very nasty ones.
Im mean... I know that the making of computer carcass might have contributed to enlarging the ozone hole, and my frodge uses freon, and all that... but i can contribute a tiny bit by not using substances for wich animals are kept in "animal death camps" and are tortured ... that's very difficult too.  :(

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I know this is an old thread, but I sent e-mails to Lolita Lempicka and Armand Basi a while ago asking them if their final products or the ingredients are tested on animals, and the answers I got were:

Lolita Lempicka:
Our products are not tested on animals. All Lolita Lempicka products are tested by alternative methods. We take care that all new ingredient introduced in our products have not been subject of animal testing.[font=Verdana][SIZE=10pt]
[/SIZE][/font] "new ingredients" made me

Armand Basi:
[font=Verdana][SIZE=2]None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.[/SIZE][/font]

Are these companies good then?

I forgot to ask if Armand Basi use real fur in their collections though.

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Re: Fragrances not tested on animals?

body shop


and Yves Rocher

are brands that DO NOT test in animals, and actually tend to be the most ecological any brand should be.

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