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Dear all,

excuse me my ignorance, but could you please explain me how the new regulations will affect us perfume lovers? Which kinds of fragrances will be reformulated (what kind of backups should I make)? Only oakmoss/citrus containing perfumes, or iris, rose and orange blossom too? Thank you!

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There are so many regulations and reformulations already in place.  A few more will not make a difference to the "damage" already done.

Just find something good among the many scents available which - albeit reformulated - still smell pretty good.

"Pretty good" is what we have to settle on.

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Thank you for the answer! I agree with you, I just have had an impression that the upcoming set of new regulations is a drastic change. A lot of fragranticans are making their backups. That's why I wanted to learn more about it.

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Here's a link to more information on the upcoming changes: … -toll.html

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When all this fuss started, I got these two back-ups.

Every girl should get their own, you cannot possible get them all and be safe for any eventual changes.  Not possible.

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grater seriously sad.. and i have just started growing my collection over the past couple years...  i hope it doesn't get to the point of everything being similar to body mist's

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Why not tax perfumes with "allergens" or tax the ingredients to discourage use like any good nanny state would do. Or, require allergen warning labels on the items like the US does for foods containing wheat, nuts, soy, shelfish etc instead of banning ingredients wholesale.

You would never hear of the FDA banning wheat, soy and nuts forcing Nabisco or Nestle to remove it from all their food products just because some people are allergic.

It's ok to smoke and drink yourself to death and guzzle down diet drinks with apartame which can cause brain cancer but god forbid if someone has an allergic reaction to oakmoss. Why the majority is forced bend over backwards to please very small minorities is beyond me. I'll stock up on and wear vintage scents then make sure to carry a few epipens with me at all times just in case someone has an allergic reaction to my aroma and goes into anaphylactic shock.

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Geez  23 how many more perfumes are going to LITERALLY go down the drain?! Why can't they just have allergy warnings on the bottles the same way foods/drinks/substances do?

No wonder more and more of us are hunting down old school perfumes on ebay and paying more than we would for newer perfumes.

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I agree- the warnings should suffice.  I have celiac disease, major wheat intolerance and I get sick even if I stay in a regular bakery too long- the wheat dust is in the air and I breathe it in, but that doesn't mean there should be no bakeries!  That would be nuts.  I just stay away from places that would be a problem for me.  And my waistline thanks me for it, too.  19

Peace be with you.

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I am so worried, but sometimes I hope (fantasize?) that we will find better ways to create perfumes, on a smaller scale, more traditionally, but perhaps also more technologically.

I am not at all sanguine about it. I am deep into vintages already, but I also would like to get some of the last pre-IFRA "fresh juice."

Well, on the up side, a bunch of oak moss labeled and otherwise banned perfumes may miraculously get into the grey market, eventually trickling down to my level.

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kinetisphere wrote:

tongue lac: seriously sad.. and i have just started growing my collection over the past couple years... i hope it doesn't get to the point of everything being similar to body mist's