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Hello all,

I have been on a quest to find the best permanent purple hair dye to match the shade in the photo below. The length of my hair is the same as in the photo. 

(click for big photo)

I have poker straight Asian dark brown with reddish highlights hair naturally. I box bleached my hair before dying, hoping it would achieve colour on the box.

Dyes and methods have tried; Manic Panic; Punky Colour; Side Effects; most of the (L'Oreal, Garnier) common box dyes that I have access to at the drug store; getting it professionally done (could only afford a few highlights, it didn't last and it cost so much). All of them you can see here on this link.

I’m looking for something that will last on my hair. Those Manic Panic, Punky Colour, Side Effects don’t really last, as they shouldn’t since they’re not permanent dyes.

My problem with the box dyes are the colour turns out to be too dark, it’s almost black. It is only after a few washes the colour becomes reddish purple, then it just turns flaming red. :( I might try Sally's Beauty Supplies next.

If anyone has any suggestions on products that worked for them that would be super! Or what I'm doing wrong, please let me know.  glad I do use two boxes of dye since my hair is so long.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

I dont know of a permanent shade that color...but manic panic it lots of fun but only lasts like 2 weeks...:/. I love the enchanted forest shade but it only stuck like ten days. Good thing is that its conditioning and you dont permanently alter your hair with strange colors. I think thats why so much of it is semi permanent...

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

There has to be a significant lift on dark hair in order for the purple to be as vibrant as in the picture, so it will more than likely be a two-step process. You will probably have to lighten your natural hair first.

I can't paste the pics for whatever reason, but here are the links: … 80205.html … urama.html

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

Sound like maybe your shampoo is stripping the color right out of your hair, sulfates tend to do that. 

The color reminds me a little of eggplant, I don't mean that in a negative way, but that is what the color makes me think of. Let me check on something...

Edit: Maybe take a looks at Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color line... It looks like maybe you could find a color similar to what you are looking for depending upon your current color.

If I were you and really wanted to be sure you get the color you are looking for I would just go to an Aveda Salon and have them mix it up and apply it for you. They have lots of options for hair color there and can make it darker or lighter depending on what you prefer.  glad

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

I have been doing my hair in punky colors for many years, and this has been my favorite purple hair dye for the past three years:

N'Rage Purple Plum … lt,pd.html

It goes on very dark and slowly fades to a deep plum in 1-2 weeks, then it goes to blue-based purple and periwinkle colors after another couple of weeks. I don't find it as difficult to work with as Special Effects, which explodes purple all over my bathroom and bedsheets and stains my hands something fierce.

I have my hairdresser bleach bout 50% my hair then apply the dye myself later. Her neato trick to keep the grow-out graceful is to bleach the hair nearest my head underneath a top layer of non-bleached hair, that way my darkened brown hair melds more with the colored sections; the dye darkens the unbleached hair but it obviously fades faster than the bleached parts.

All the other colors from N'Rage are terrible (the red is truly awful) but Purple Plum has had me consistently purple-headed for years.

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

I feel like it might be a mix of two dyes? It looks like one of those burgundy or plum garnier ones, mixed with something brighter.

Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

Hey, not every Shoppers carries it, but many the larger ones should. Definitely this is the best semi-permanent colour enchancing product I've come across in years: 

It's made by the same company that does Ice Cream haircolour. Essentially you apply it like Manic, but this is used to refresh your colour on a weekly basis (but actually lasts longer, depending on your washing habits), I wouldn't use it as the main colorant over bleached hair (but you can). So essentially you would use a semi-colour like the Manic for ex., or if you can find it my choice would be FUDGE Paintbox, and then use the mask as maintenance.

A few other tips: the semi's will last much longer on their own if you add a little conditioner and a couple of table spoons of rubbing alcohol to the mixture, which soften the hair cuticle allowing deeper penetration. Wearing a plastic cap to keep colour warm also helps. Wash in the coolest temp. water you can tolerate, and sulfate-free shampoos will help, but avoid those containing SULFONATES, which are actually stronger cleansers used by some companies to replace the sulfates. ( lol whole other topic here  wink )

Good luck!

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

I've seen people on youtube recomending the Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids, apparently they are permanent and the colors are amazing smile

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

Fudge Paint Box hair dyes are really cool glad I had purple streaks in my hair back in 2011 and used this colour here called "Blueberry Hill"

But I reccomend you use this one here called "Raspberry Beret"

It doesn't last toooooo long unfortunately though hmm Probably like a month at most but if you can't find anything try these glad Plus my hair is bleached white-blonde so the colour would have faded even easier on mine. Despite this though, the colour is really worth it.

As you probably already know asian hair hardly ever comes out the colour on the box. So for you it will definitely be a process of lightening your hair first. (My boyfriend's asian and I dye his hair so I know how it works haha) On his hair I used this:

and on his natural asian hair it came out as a light brown, so I suggest you use something like this product first and then add the purple glad

Good luck glad Hope I helped! haha

Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

Oh my gosh!  Thank you all for the suggestions.  I've got a lot of research to do on this.

Thank you so very much.  26

Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

Hi, fellow Asian here with hair dye experience.  I've dyed my hair purple before, and I'm just gonna tell you to give up on those drug store box dyes.  They rarely ever work for bright colors, except if you are going for red and you've had your hair lightened before... Although there is a violet-brown in the Garnier Olia range which probably would show up as a nice red-violet on bleached hair (not gonna last long though.)   You basically have to have bleached blonde or dirty blonde for purple to show up really nicely and stay for a decent amount of time.  You can probably get away with starting with a reallyyy light brown, since that is less damaging for your hair.  I don't think there is a permanent purple color, except Pravana. I've found Special Effects Wildflower to be good, but it is blue-toned.  You can mix in some red to make it warmer though.  You just have to make sure it's a "vegetable" dye that doesnt require a developer like the box dyes. The purple from Ion Brilliance Brights is also pretty good and it's cheap.  That one is best when mixed with a bit of conditioner because the texture is really thick. I've heard good things about Pravana being long-lasting. I've always had the impression that unnatural colors were meant to be touched up like every other month or every two months though, and in my experience all of my haircolors faded really nicely over a decent amount of time. Definetely use shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair because normal shampoo strips the color right off. There are also toning shampoos and conditioners that deposit a little bit of dye into your hair to keep the color longer.

Alternatively, you can dye your hair red, then dye purple over it.  Use Loreal Hicolor Highlights in Magenta (found in Sally's Beauty, you'll need maybe 4+ tubes for long hair) with volume 30 developer and your hair will turn vibrant pink-ish red since it's already been bleached a little. Since this dye is made for dark hair, it also lightens your hair before depositing the color, and I find this a little gentler than straight up bleaching. Now that your hair is red, it's easy to throw on a purple dye like Special Effects and even if it fades, it will fade into a nice wine color.

Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

I've just had he ends of mine dyed purple at a hairdressers and didn't ask what they used - it had faded drastically after only a few washes! I think Fudge are pretty good also. Manic panic dark pink used to grab in my hair quite well but I left it on for aaaages before washing it out. Good luck!

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

I have a great deal of experience in dying my hair purple. I've tried just about every brand on the market and have been doing it for YEARS and Years. I never bleached my hair and it is a medium to dark brown.

The absolute best brand of dye you can get for this is Special Effects. I was partial to the color deep purple. It's not a permanent dye, but it lasts about 3-4 weeks, washing everyday. The fade out is amazing. I liked it better than the initial dye. It's a gorgeous magenta ombre fade. I avoided most permanent dyes because of the intense damage they do to your hair over time. The Special Effects is safe. I used it for years in various colors. If your hair is dark, Purple Haze will not take. Here is their site:

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

After all the great advice and research, I took the plunge and dyed my hair with Ion Brilliance semi-permanent in Purple. I bleached my hair first. 

It turned out well! It took so many tubes like (4.5) of the dye. It was really thick so I added very little 10 developer in it. I heard that diluting dye with conditioner is counter productive since conditioner fills up and smooths the cuticles.

I did get up getting the Kromask in Violeta, haven't used it yet but I hope it helps with making the colour last.

I wish the Special Effects was not so bleedy. (Really, I had hair dye all over my clothes, towels, headboard, jacket, earbuds for a long time like a month) I do prefer the SE purple shade more but this turned out well. And it doesn't bleed all over the place.

Thank you all again for the great advice!!  I might try different purple dyes in the future.

Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

This is what I came up with using two diff. colors in the manic panic line.

I started out by using bleach blond hair extensions (I got from Virgin Hair Stop in Houston) in two blond colors (you can get the same effect with adjusting the time your bleach stays on your hair per section.) This way, you are not damaging your own hair. 

I'm still looking for a PERMANENT way to have great color like this and thank you for the suggestions!

Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

I think there no any product available that provide you permanent Purple hair color.

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Re: Best Purple Hair dye?

You're not going to get it permanent, obviously, but Manic Panic lasted the longest for me. The best color, though it didn't last for love or money, was by Adore, and the color was called Purple Rage.

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