Topic: Do you remember Shulton Desert Flower perfume?

Another topic brought a memorable perfume to mind. Do any of you remember a perfume from the 70's and 80's called Desert Flower? It came in a lovely pinkish bottle and best I can remember the bottle kind of resembled the I Dream of Genie Bottle shape. I've read "Shulton" made it but can't find any notes or anything else about it. I just remember my father gave this to my mother and I ended up with the Desert Flower. I can shut my eyes and remember the scrumptious scent of delicate flowers and fruits. Just wondering if anyone remembers this lovely perfume or the notes. Here's a picture I found on Ebay but I remember a solid pink bottle. Maybe I am thinking of the lotion bottle. I'm not sure.!Br!U51QBWk~$(KGrHqMH-DkEvDblpdyjBL)1f0unHg~~_35.JPG

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Hi blondeangel- Yes, I remember the [COLOR=#d99694]pink bottle of Desert Flower! I don't think I ever smelled it, though-[/COLOR]

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I remember the packaging more than the actual bottles - it had big 'cactus flowers' on the boxes in yellows and oranges if I recall correctly!

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I sure do remember it, I just bought a gift set on ebay.  Shulton used many bottles for DF, including the one in your picture.  The pink bottle was body lotion.  The scent is a soft, powdery floral with a tiny bit of spice.  The fragrance it most reminds me of is Chanel No 22.  DF is a little sweeter.

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I remember as it was today.  I had a set in my late teens ( 70s) where the lotion was a soft pink color and the bottle had a rubber old fashioned form around the bottle that was removable.  It came with the cologne as well.  It was absolutely delish!

I did  find some in Ebay but I'm concerned about the shelf life.

Why is it that all the items out there that have seen the test of time are discontinued?!  I can think of another-Muguet des Bois, the original Coty fragrances etc

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Yes , I remember Desert Flower by Shulton. It was always around in gift sets at Christmas. It was a neutral scent that was good for gifts. It got choked out by the musk oil fad in the 70s . My mother would buy it for my aunt and the aunt would buy it for Mom. I thought that was crazy to exchange Desert Flower sets at Christmas but it was tradition.!B)SY6Cw!Wk~$(KGrHqMOKi0EwP)SYcysBMM17Nd2jQ~~_3.JPG!BiodC+gCGk~$(KGrHqMH-C0Es-ZkrfpLBLQB2EjC2g~~_3.JPG

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I saw a half bottle of this in a thrift store last week. I smelled flowers, a bit of fruit and maybe some musk and sandalwood.

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Hey Blondeangel, now look what you got started. After I found the pics of Desert Flower on eBay I decided that I wanted to smell it again. The next thing you know I bid on some of it. I remember being about 11 years old and sneaking some of this out of Mom's set in the bathroom cabinet. It was mild and sweet as I recall or Mom would have smelled it and scolded me. Mom never wore her perfumes and I liked to get into them which is pretty much how my fragrance fetish got started.

" Have you been playing in my perfume again ? You're too young for perfume . "

But Mom, you never wear them and it was just a drop !

" Stay out of them, I can smell that on you . "

She had Arpege, Wind Song, Intimate, Interlude, Tweed, Evening in Paris, Ambush and Woodhue just sitting there on her dresser gathering dust and I just couldn't keep my grubby little fingers off of them. She may as well have left a box of chocolates on her dresser opened !

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