Topic: About perfume trading & swaping

Hello Wonderful Fragranctica

This was brought up in swapping  section & I thought it was a good idea to bring up over here as well.

A lot of us have perfumes we don't want anymore or want to swap away
I was thinking that in our perfume profiles or else wear there should be a section where we list the perfumes we are willing to trade.
Also on the perfume page itself there could be a link (kind of like the links you have so ppl can be directed to wear to buy that perfume) a link where others could check & see if it is available for trading within our community.

Ok that's all for now.

I was just searching pages & pages over in the swapping section & decided that it could definitely be simplified a bit

Kisses all

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Re: About perfume trading & swaping

I'd second that...i have shameful amounts of samples....