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Does anyone remember a perfume called Devon Violets ? It was my grandmother's favorite.  I remember going with my mother to buy it for Grandma years ago.  It was this tiny white bottle with violets painted on it and they didn't carry it everywhere.  I think it came from England.  Does it still exist or has anyone ever heard of it ?   Thanks.

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I have some of this, bought on eBay a few years ago. It is still available from some eBay sellers, especially in the UK. The UK listings are quite affordable. … 86.c0.m282

Of all my violets perfumes I am least impressed with this and wouldn't recommend it to anyone, frankly. I can see where it might be sentimental for you because of your grandmother, though, and that is reason enough to obtain some!

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Yes, purely sentimental ! No way am I going to really wear my grandmother's signature perfume. I wanted to obtain a tiny bottle for my mother for old times sake.

If you do know of some better violet ones please post again. Something more up to date might be better for Mom ! My grandmother used a wringer washer and didn't have access to all the wonderful things that we do.

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My personal favorite of the ones I own is Annick Goutal La Violette.  This is sweet, candied, and has a spicy rose note.

One that I do not own (but only because I can't justify buying it when I have so many other violets) is Santa Maria Novella Violetta-- Aedes in NYC carries it if you can't find it elsewhere.  I got a sample at the store last year.  If I could own only one violet, this would be the one.

Also good are:
•  Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse.  this comes in the Edt and EdP; the latter is colored deep purple and is longer lasting; the former is very light and nice for wearing when going to sleep, or spraying the sheets.  I got mine at  Berdoues has recently come out with a few new ones.  Violette Cherie is extremely sweet.  I have not yet tried Violette Divine.  see:

•  Borsari Violetta di Parma-- but I do not prefer this one.  Maybe I ought to test it again.

• L'Artisan Verte Violette has an iris note that I do not wear well.

• Penhaligon's Violetta is quite green.  I wear this one least often, really have to be in the mood for it.

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Thank you

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I have an adorable little bottle of this scent on my dresser- I like looking at it better than smelling it. It smells a lot like violet pastilles  it's so cute and delightfully old-fashioned!

My bottle is navel-shaped (if that makes any sense) and clear, and the fragrance is green. The box has a cut-out window and has violets on it.

Vermont Country catalogue may have it or may find it for you- they like to search out vintage articles-

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Yes!! i do remember this!! i used to get given little presents by my father's patients at Christmas and one year i had a little bottle of Devon Violets. so it was one of the first perfumes i ever had. i used to like it and wear it but my stepmum said i smelt of old grannies and bought me a bottle of Avon Topaze instead!!. i don't live in England any more, but i wouldn't be surprised if you could still get it on internet somewhere. further violet is these days one of my least favourite notes, so i can't advise further on other violet perfumes. Yardley used to have one called "April Violets", which i seem to remember was quite good.

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Thanks to everyone that responded. I found a lot of two bottles of this Devon Violets on eBay and won it at a reasonable price. One for me and one for Mom. When it gets here we'll probably say , Oh, it smells like Grandma, I don't want to wear it. I'm going to try out some of the violet prefumes recommended because I think they might be more up to date and wearable in todays world. Thanks for walking down memory lane with me, it was fun.!ByesZG!!Wk~$(KGrHqN,!hEEw5sM1PbvBMR4uk!(4g~~_35.JPG I won for $5.50 a cheap nostalgia trip !
Of course it smells like old Grannies perfume, it IS Grandma's perfume !

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What pretty bottles! Did your grandmother have similar bottles?

I finally got to try Berdoues Violette Divine on Saturday at Colonial Drug in Boston. Not just violets, it is more woody (sandalwood and cedar) and supposedly mandarin as well. Too sweet for me, but you might like it.

I also tried Caron Aimez - Moi for the first time, and there are definitely violets prominent in that. Worth a try.

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The bottle I remember was round with violets painted on it. Some of the other posts describe different shapes though.  I think the bottles that I found on eBay are souveniers.  That would make sense because it was supposed to be this special imported perfume and I remember the sales clerk making a big fuss over it when she sold it to my mother.  It wasn't just another Coty perfume and I think it cost more than average.

Re: Devon Violets Caron Aimez - Moi  is a lovely violet-oriented scent- and so is DSQUARED² She Wood

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I had to post an update and get ready to laugh ! I got the two bottles of Devon Violets in my mail today. It was two nice big bottles and I was looking forward to sharing one with Mom.

However, I put a tiny drop on me and it didn't smell sweet at all like it did on my Grandmother back 30 years ago. I don't know if it was spoiled with age or what. The only way I can describe the smell is that it was like a dog had lifted his leg on the violets !

It was just too funny not to share with you ! I will try out the recommended violet fragrances . I'm sure that those will be better . They say you can't go back and I think this is a good cautionary story for vintage perfume buying. Don't spend too much .

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Congrats Sunshineandroses even if you don't like the fragrance the bottles are so beautiful and unique, worth every penny.

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Oh, dear, that is too bad!

The Devon Violets I bought on eBay was exactly the same as the one in the following listing, and they were fresh smelling-- just not really a high quality violet: … 500wt_1154

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Mom and I put some of the Devon Violets on paper and allowed it to dry for about an hour and then it did smell like Grandma's perfume.  I think it was fermented in the bottle or it may just smell bad on me.  I didn't really want to smell like Grandma anyhow.  I can still use it for potpourri or sachets since it smells okay on paper after evaporation.

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Hello Sunshineandroses with the beautiful bottle of Violets your Grandmother wore. If you would care to bring the fragrance you recently acquired up to date, add one drop of Celery Seed Essential Oil. Try not to shake the bottle in any way, let the existing product find it's way to the single drop. It will mingle and blend itself. When you open the bottle if you can wait a few minutes, days would be better in this case, it will seem to "sing" as if She is calling you for a hug. If the vessel holds the genuine Devon Violets scent, is should come to you as a fresh youthful scent just out of the first production. If not perhaps someone has adulterated the product.



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Thank you , we'll try that.  It was fun to track it down and I'm glad I only paid $5.50 for the two bottles.  My mother and I joked that I was so full of p___  and vinegar that it was no wonder that Grandma's perfume didn't smell sweet on me !   My mother is 84 now and not in good health, anytime we can share a good laugh we do .  Now we have this little science experiment with Grandma's Devon Violets to entertain us and it's been great fun.
I do appreciate all the responses that I got on this. Thanks to all.