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Can anyone suggest some great lime fragrances? I love the way it smells giving me an energized/cheerful boost and a cleansing of the mind. Thanks a million.

(UPDATE) Thanks for all the suggestions, who knew there were so many.  I have narrowed down to 4 of your suggestions (possibly a 5th one) and have already purchased samples.  Thanks again on my choices!

Rochas Eau de Rochas Homme

Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2012

Guerlain Guerlain Homme L`Eau

S.T. Dupont S.T.Dupont Essence Pure ICE Pour Homme

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Re: yummm LIME - suggestions?

Hi  15 try....

Classic  Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio  Clinique Clinique Happy - doesn't last very long, but so citrusy fresh  Kenzo L`Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo Pour Homme  Guerlain Guerlain Homme L`Eau  Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2012 - this smells really good, very limey/ citrusy!  tummenupp

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Thymes Eucalyptus Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul Thierry Mugler Mugler Cologne Caron Eaux de Caron Pure

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions?  Muelhens 4711 Original Eau de Colognd

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Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Guerlain Guerlain Homme L`Eau +++1

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Re: yummm LIME - suggestions?

BONJOUR.TRY S.T. Dupont S.T.Dupont Essence Pure ICE Pour Homme

Carpe Diem.

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Re: yummm LIME - suggestions?

After asking some expert in the community regarding their take on what is best lime perfumes based on their experience I have been advice with the following :  Pierre Balmain Monsieur Balmain  Frapin L`Humaniste  Profumum Roma Acqua Viva

I wish I can find them .. I love " niche " perfumes .

Honorable mention :  Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2012

This is getting a lot of attention lately in Fragrantica community as it is described as a well done " cucumber - lemon " perfume .

2nd Honorable :  Izod Izod

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Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Guerlain Eau de Guerlain

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Rochas Eau de Rochas Homme

My perfume is a little spritz of happiness every day.

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts for Men

Lots of yummy lime, and a bit of agave. Love this scent on my husband.

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Gap The Natural

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Perry Ellis 360° Red for Men

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Montale Aoud Lime

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2012    glad

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions?

B&BW Coconut Lime Verbena.

and (not a cologne)Yankee Candles Vanilla Lime (available in a candle, diffuser, room spray, plug in and/or car scent

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Guerlain Guerlain Homme L`Eau Guerlain Guerlain Homme

Both amazing lime scents the original is a little more focused on the lime and the rum. but both amazing.

Re: yummm LIME - suggestions? Comme des Garcons Energy C Lime Geo. F. Trumper Extract of Limes Cologne Penhaligon`s Extract of Limes

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Re: yummm LIME - suggestions?

I will definitely mark this one to check it out as I still didn't figure how to start with Penhaligon`s house there collection is HUGE !

Definitely it will be this and :  Penhaligon`s Lavandula