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i have heard of them but never use them,longevity or sillage?thanks

Re: any experience using solid perfumes  Melange Perfume Cedar, Musk & Patchouli  Melange Perfume Tobacco and Tea Noir

Hey, I just ordered these this past weekend and hope they do the trick. We'll see.

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I have some solid perfumes - Crazy Lilibellule and some artisan made inexpensive ones - and I loved the Sweet Earth Coty solids sold in the 70's/.

My only complaint is they all seem to feel a bit 'gummy'.

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Solid perfumes tend to wear close to the skin.  They tend to last longer for the same reason (the molecules don't "lift off" the skin as readily.)

I have bought Pacifica solids but just gave one of them away as it had no sillage to speak of. 

I have another of their scents in the solid and the edt and layer them for maximum sillage and longevity (Waikiki Pikake.)

Another potential problem with solids is that they can sometimes go rancid before you finish using the perfume.

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I haven't had much luck with solid perfumes. I've tried a few, and I can never smell them!  They also seen to be pretty oily on my skin, and I much prefer the sprays.

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I have this: but I don't tend to use the fragrance. It makes for a pretty pendant. I have Daisy as the spray and use it more. Maybe I should carry the solid in my purse to refresh the scent during the day!  78

That way, I will use it before it gets funky ....

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I have a whole bunch of Pacifica solids and love them!

They smell so good. Granted they don't last much on skin.  The silage, for a few minutes, is ok/

I use them as hand moisturizers as they are organic.... and, also, worth mentioning, those little 10g tins last forever, and honesty, I moisturize whole hands ( palm too ) with them.

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I have tried them over the years, and currently have solids in: Tocca Cleopatra Robert Piguet Fracas Tocca Florence

HOWEVER, I do not suggest carrying these during the summer.  Solid perfumes easily melt, especially if they are well made.

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In my experience, solid perfumes stay closer to the skin and tend to go bad quicker than traditional perfumes. Not really a fan... :(

I love summer nights...

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I have tried solid perfumes before and for the most part I do not like them. They do not project well at all (for me at least). While they might be cool for an intimate setting they don't seem to work well for if you want others to notice what you are wearing.

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Everyone who said they have no sillage/projection is right, all of the ones I've ever used don't lift off the skin at all. I have to smell the spot where I applied it to smell anything and even then the smell usually seems different than the spray. I received a solid and 1.7 oz spray of  Sarah Jessica Parker Covet in a swap and the solid smelled off to me. Another thing I don't care for is that solids can feel waxy or greasy like lip balm, I don't like that sensation on other parts of my skin.

EDIT:  Another example is a solid I tried in Harajuku Lovers Harajuku Lovers Baby and instead of having the typical powdery Baby scent it smelled metallic like an oily penny.

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Re: any experience using solid perfumes

I haven't tried that many solid perfumes, but I'm not a fan. In general I find that the oils and waxes used as a carrier have an odor of their own that changes the fragrance, making everything smell sort of like scented candles.

As 30 Roses says, depending on the oils used, they can go rancid over time, some faster than others.

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I think there nice, they last longer then the bottles do I hear and some can look rather cute too, I have this one DL & Co Timeless: Lily of the Valley Pocket Watch and the scent last a while on me and the pocket watch looks rather nice and I enjoy looking at it, I do want the solid version of this because its a really cute necklace with the cat head Katy Perry Meow

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I've tried them and don't like them at all.  They don't last or project, and the scent is always tainted with the scent of the solid base, so they tend to smell a tad plasticky to me.

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Re: any experience using solid perfumes Pacifica French Lilac Pacifica Mediterranean Fig Lush Karma Lush Imogen Rose Lush Lust 

I like solids in general and find them more tolerable as a person with some perfume allergies.

The above perfumes are solids that I particularly like.

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I like solids,used them, although they are so close to the skin and there is no aura, as everyone has already said

Re: any experience using solid perfumes Maurer & Wirtz 4711 Original Eau de Cologne - I've not been a fan particularly of solid perfumes, although I did quite like the l'occitane ones that came in sweet little tins.  But I'm just thinking about buying the cologne stick of 4711 to use for headaches - it seems like it would be convenient & it's pretty cheap.

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I have the solid of L`Occitane en Provence Eau des 4 Reines

which I really like.

I agree, sillage isn't amazing, but I prefer my scents to stay closer to the skin, sillage bombs are too much for me. That being said, sillage isn't non-existent with this one i.e. you would smell it if I brushed past.

I have had no problem with it going bad either and I've had it for about 4 years. It stays in a cool dark place mostly though, so maybe this helps.

Though staying power is not great, about three hours. But solids I find are also very handy - easy to carry around in a bag because they're small and not a liquid so good for planes too.