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Acqua di Biella is an Italian niche brand, established in 1871. in Biella.
Here is the story of the Acqua di Biella brand:

In 1865 Luigi Cantono goes to Germany to study chemistry and here he has also the opportunity of learning the ‘secrets’ of the production of what is known as Eau de Cologne. Once back in Biella, he decides to tool up his factories for the production of perfumes and body-care products.

In 1871 in the historical building in XX Settembre street in Biella, production begins of a fragrant cologne that he calls Acqua di Biella. In the “Perfumery Inventory: Raw, processed and manufactured materials” of Luigi Cantono’s company, dating back to January 1 st 1872, in addition to colognes there are also mentioned bear fat, castor oil, “flowers of Italy” and violet ointments and also analgesic paste, toothpastes, brilliantines, soaps, rose juice lip creams, face-powders, scented candles, etc.

In 1878 the Reale Manifattura Luigi Cantono is granted the Savoia coat of arms as official supplier of the Savoia Royal Household.

In 1880 Acqua di Biella starts to become well-known and appreciated all over the world. It is awarded prizes and medals, among them a first class gold medal at the international perfumery exhibition held in Melbourne, Australia in 1880, a gold medal in Milan in 1881, an Diploma of Honour in Biella in 1882 and a gold medal at the Turin exhibition of 1884.

In 1900 the Reale Manifattura Luigi Cantono is enlarged and introduces new manufacturing activities. The more modern and better equipped perfumery laboratories of the new Manifattura carry on unchanged the production of the Acqua di Biella line, following the original recipes, which are handed down with fond devotion. From generation to generation Acqua di Biella production remains strictly handcrafted based on careful processing, top quality raw materials and highly selective distribution.

In 1965 Luigi Cantono’s wife, Paola Corradi Cervi, descendant of an aristocratic family of Parma, introduces into the Acqua di Biella line new and sophisticated fragrances with a French flavour and also refreshes the brand’s image, giving it a refined and elegant new style.

In 1980 Consuelo Cantono, the sensitive and talented “nose” of Acqua di Biella, recognising the importance of expanding the Acqua di Biella line introduces new fragrances taken from the old recipe book of the Reale Manifattura, and which share the same qualitative values.

In 1996 Chiara Cantono, fourth generation, joins the company. A rebel with an independent streak just like her great-grandfather Luigi, she had left Biella in 1978 and moved to the more cosmopolitan Milan.

There she obtained a degree in architecture, developed a fifteen-year expertise in product planning and communication and started a promising office in Milan. In 1996 she feels the time has come to honour her family tradition, by making use of her professional experience to revitalize the legend of Acqua di Biella. Taking up the challenge, Chiara Cantono wishes to build on her great-grandfather’s experience creating, with the help of great essence producers, a new line of peerless fragrances. An olfactory trail through the memories and experiences her family and those of the Biella area, that are the inspiration for all the fragrances.

In the Cantonos’ story there is one person who left an important mark. Alfonso Sella, a good friend of Chiara’s father and husband of her paternal aunt, Ada Cantono. A great botanist and scholar of Biella’s customs and dialects, he personifies the harmony between erudite culture and popular knowledge, between the love of art and a passionate interest in nature. In the numerous texts that he wrote he was able to restore life and literary vigour to the vanished popular traditions of his land. Chiara and Consuelo dedicate the dialectal names of the new Acqua di Biella fragrances, Baraja, Janca and Bursh to this extraordinary uncle.

In 1999 the whole Acqua di Biella production network, distribution system and product image are reorganised, staking everything on the quality, selectivity and internationalisation of the brand. The production is focused on alcoholic perfume. After selecting the best and most reliable suppliers and the highest quality raw materials, the production is entrusted to skilled craftsmen capable of ensuring compliance with the standards of quality of the house, keeping the entire production within the Piedmont territory. With the fabulous cologne called N° 1 starts the creation of a line of extraordinary fragrances that share the quest for quality and excellence, as well as the experience of a family, and of Piedmont, the territory full of history and ancient traditions to which it belongs.

The new silver packaging, with its precious chisel, that accompanies all the fragrances, is a tribute to the crystal-clear and wildly turbulent rivers of the Biella area. It gives a feeling of freshness and indomitable strength, together with a refined elegance.

The square bottle and black urea resin cap bearing the Acqua di Biella seal recapture the precision and simplicity of the original packaging. The label carries the coat of arms and the awards conferred on the “Reale Manifattura Luigi Cantono”.

In 2003 Acqua di Biella, with its brand-new image, is offered again in Italy and abroad through a strictly selected network of specialized and niche shops.

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Designer Acqua di Biella has 8 perfumes in our fragrance base. Acqua di Biella is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1871 and the newest is from 2016. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Maurizio Cerizza.

perfume Acqua di Biella N° 1 Acqua di Biella N° 1
1871 for women and men

perfume Baraja Baraja
2002 for women and men

perfume Bursch Bursch
2005 for men

perfume Ca' Luna Ca' Luna
2007 for women and men

perfume Cashmere Twill Cashmere Twill
2008 for women and men

perfume Janca Janca
2004 for women

perfume Kid Mohair Kid Mohair
2008 for women

perfume Preja Buja Preja Buja
2016 for women and men



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