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Country: United States
Main activity: Fragrances
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Parent company: Estee Lauder

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Aramis was a pioneer in the men's prestige grooming products and fragrance market. The brand was launched in 1964 by Estee Lauder Companies, it was named for a character in Alexandre Dumas' beloved classic "The Three Musketeers." The original Aramis fragrance made a splash upon first introduction and continues to attract new devotees with each generation.

The scent is a classic masculine mix of woody and spicy notes that fans say never goes out of style. For many men of a certain age, Aramis was the first after-shave or men's toiletry they used. The original after-shave is still available and the fragrance is offered in Eau de Toilette, shaving soap and body wash.

Aramis is also a brand that produces other fragrances for both men and women, and is the parent company of Tommy Hilfiger fragrances. Notable offerings besides the original scent include New West for her, introduced in 1990, and classic men's fragrance Havana, first introduced in 1994.

Designer Aramis has 34 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1966 and the newest is from 2016. Aramis fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Bernard Chant, Ilias Ermenidis, Claude Delville, Raymond Matts, Edouard Flechier, Yves Tanguy, Jean-Claude Delville and Trudi Loren.

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perfume Adventurer Adventurer
2014 for men

perfume Aramis Aramis
1966 for men

perfume Aramis 900 Aramis 900
1973 for men

perfume Aramis A Aramis A
2007 for men

perfume Aramis Always for Her Aramis Always for Her
2006 for women

perfume Aramis Bermuda Tonic Aramis Bermuda Tonic
2005 for men

perfume Aramis Black Aramis Black
2015 for men

perfume Aramis Cool Aramis Cool
2005 for men

perfume Aramis Cool Blend Aramis Cool Blend
2010 for men

perfume Aramis Devin Aramis Devin
1977 for men

perfume Aramis Ice Aramis Ice
2003 for men

perfume Aramis Life Aramis Life
2003 for men

perfume Aramis Vintage Edition Aramis Vintage Edition
From decade: 2000 for men

perfume Gentleman Gentleman
2012 for men

perfume Gold Gold
1998 for men

perfume Havana Havana
1994 for men

perfume Havana Pour Elle Havana Pour Elle
1996 for women

perfume Havana Reserva Havana Reserva
1996 for men

perfume Impeccable Impeccable
2010 for men

perfume JHL JHL
1982 for men

perfume New West for Her New West for Her
1990 for women

perfume New West for Him New West for Him
1988 for men

perfume Surface Surface
2001 for men

perfume Tuscany Per Donna Tuscany Per Donna
1993 for women

perfume Tuscany Per Uomo Tuscany Per Uomo
1984 for men

perfume Voyager Voyager
2016 for men

Perfume Calligraphy

perfume Perfume Calligraphy Perfume Calligraphy
2012 for women and men

perfume Perfume Calligraphy Rose Perfume Calligraphy Rose
2013 for women and men

perfume Perfume Calligraphy Saffron Perfume Calligraphy Saffron
2014 for women and men



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