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Aroma M is an American niche fragrance house founded by Maria McElroy. An accomplished artist as well as a certified aromatherapist, McElroy spent seven years in Japan studying Japanese art and culture, Shiatsu massage and Zen Buddhism, all of which helped inspire her signature Geisha collection.

Designer Aroma M has 14 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1995 and the newest is from 2016. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Maria McElroy.

perfume Camellia Camellia
2014 for women and men

perfume Geisha Blanche Geisha Blanche
2000 for women

perfume Geisha Blue Geisha Blue
for women and men

perfume Geisha Green Geisha Green
for women and men

perfume Geisha Hana-Cha Geisha Hana-Cha
for women

perfume Geisha Marron Geisha Marron
2016 for women

perfume Geisha Nobara-Cha Geisha Nobara-Cha
1995 for women

perfume Geisha Noire Geisha Noire
2007 for women

perfume Geisha O-Cha Geisha O-Cha
for women

perfume Geisha Pink Geisha Pink
for women

perfume Geisha Rouge Geisha Rouge
2011 for women

perfume Geisha Vanilla Hinoki Geisha Vanilla Hinoki
2016 for women and men

perfume Geisha Violet Geisha Violet
for women

perfume Voluptuous Nostalgia Voluptuous Nostalgia
2015 for women



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