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Country: France
Main activity: Fragrances
Parent company: First American Brands

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Parfums Daniel Aubusson was a French fragrance company that launched its first scent, classic chypre Histoire d'Amour for women, in 1984. The company issued a series of women's and men's fragrances throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Histoire d'Amour remains the best-loved fragrance from the company, and received a flanker, Histoire d'Amour 2, in 2003.

Designer Aubusson has 15 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1984 and the newest is from 2004.

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perfume Aubusson Couleurs Aubusson Couleurs
1997 for women

perfume Aubusson Flore Aubusson Flore
1998 for women

perfume Aubusson Homme Aubusson Homme
1992 for men

perfume Aubusson Man in Blue Aubusson Man in Blue
2004 for men

perfume Desirade Desirade
1990 for women

perfume Fleur de Desirade Fleur de Desirade
1995 for women

perfume Futuros Futuros
1987 for men

perfume Histoire D`Amour Histoire D`Amour
1984 for women

perfume Histoire D`Amour 2 Histoire D`Amour 2
2003 for women

perfume man.aubusson man.aubusson
2000 for men

perfume Perle d`Aubusson Perle d`Aubusson
2000 for women

perfume Perlissima d`Aubusson Perlissima d`Aubusson
2002 for women



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