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Country: Germany
Main activity: Fashion
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Bogner is a German brand famous for their sportswear, cosmetics and accessories.

The company was first started in 1932 as a small manufacturer in the center of Munich, and has maintained its quality for over 75 year. The founders were Willy sr. and Maria Bogner, and their son Willy jr. together with his wife Sônia continued the tradition and now manage the company nowadays.

Willy Bogner senior initially started the brand with ski wear. He was a famous cross-country skier and ski jumper who won 11 German championship titles in the Nordic combination. He combined his sporting career and import of skis, accessories, and knitted goods from Norway to his home town of Munich. His wife Maria Bogner was the first to design a smartly cut winter anorak perfect for competitors on the Olympic team. She also invented stretch elastic pants presented at the first Bogner fashion show in 1948, and they were later called The Bogners.

The brand is available in over 30 countries worldwide and it includes collections designed by Sônia Bogner - elegant, cosmopolitan ladieswear, Bogner Woman and Man with sporty casual wear, and Bogner Sport with the Ski, Golf, Wellness, and Resort lines. The younger brands Bogner Fire + Ice and Bogner Kids are designed especially for children.

Design of Bogner collection actually started in 1937, when Willy Bogner senior married Maria Lux, who was from that day on responsible for designing the collection. In 1955 she invented the B accessory, the silver letter which is a symbol of the brand, that has hung from all the zippers since that time.

In 1972 Willy Bogner jr. joined management team running the company. He was also a successful skier, studied business and clothing technology, so he took charge over sports collection and advertising. Subsidiaries were soon founded in the US (1973) and Switzerland (1975); tennis and golf collections also entered the manufacture. In 1977 William Bogner died and his son took over managing the company. His wife Sônia became responsible for designing the ladieswear. The first licensed lines also appeared: Bogner Eyes and Bogner Parfums.

In 1989 the young, exciting sportswear and snowboard collection Bogner Fire + Ice ws launched. It was named after Bogner’s international sports film "Fire and Ice" . In 2000 was characterized by licenses and expansion for Bogner. License lines such as Bogner Jeans (2000), Gloves and Time (2002), Bogner Golf Korea (2002), and Bogner Ski (2004) were introduced. Some of the most important awards that the brand received were FiFi Awards for Bogner perfumes, and the silver Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany for Bogner Ski.

The first Bogner store in the US was opened in New York in 2008. Other stores were opened in Salzburg, Kitzbühel, and St. Moritz. After 2010 franchise stores were opened in Istanbul, Kiev and Yekaterinburg, and Bogner Asia was founded.

The exhibition "Bogner Live – Tradition + Vision" was set up in 2011 at the Apolda Avantgarde Gallery and everyone interested was able to see the history of the company from its foundation in 1932 until now!

Designer Bogner has 27 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1985 and the newest is from 2013. Bogner fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Dirk Louwen, Martin Gras and Evelyne Boulanger.

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perfume B Bogner Man B Bogner Man
1999 for men

perfume B Bogner Woman B Bogner Woman
1999 for women

perfume Bogner for Man Bogner for Man
2010 for men

perfume Bogner for Woman Bogner for Woman
2010 for women

perfume Bogner Man Bogner Man
1985 for men

perfume Bogner Man Classic Bogner Man Classic
2005 for men

perfume Bogner Woman No.1 Bogner Woman No.1
1985 for women

perfume Bogner Women Bogner Women
1990 for women

perfume Bogner Wood Man Bogner Wood Man
2002 for men

perfume Bogner Wood Women Bogner Wood Women
2003 for women

perfume Deep Forest Deep Forest
1995 for men

perfume Fire + Ice for Men Fire + Ice for Men
2011 for men

perfume Fire + Ice for Women Fire + Ice for Women
2011 for women

perfume Snow Man Snow Man
2000 for men

perfume Snow Woman Snow Woman
2000 for women

perfume Sonia Sonia
1987 for women

perfume Sonia Bogner Now Sonia Bogner Now
1991 for women

Bogner Sports Team Collection

perfume 1936 1936
2012 for men

perfume 1960 1960
2012 for men

perfume 2012 2012
2012 for men



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