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Borsari is an old Italian perfumery house, officially established by barber Lodovico Borsari in 1897 in Parma. It is a perfumery based on a traditional Parma perfume.

Their first fragrance is Violetta de Parma, originally created by monks for the Duchess Maria Luigia (Marie Louise), the second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. She was deeply in love with violet flower (she used its motif in her signature and wrote letters in violet ink) and supported researches by the monks at the Monastery of the Annunciata who obtained the violet essence identical to that of the very flower and its leaves. Lodovico Borsari obtained the secret formula for this perfume around 1870 and started to produce it for broader audience.

Violetta de Parma became very popular in its simplicity and its fresh, powdery sweet and timeless aroma. Another successful creation of the house is Aqua Classica di Parma, made in 1880.

Designer Borsari has 18 perfumes in our fragrance base. Borsari is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1880 and the newest is from 2010. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Pierre Constantin Gueros.

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perfume Aqua Classica di Parma Aqua Classica di Parma
1880 for women

perfume Bouquet di Violette Bouquet di Violette
1980 for women

perfume Fontana Deco Fontana Deco
1925 for women

perfume Goccia di Cristallo Goccia di Cristallo
1930 for women

perfume Notte Romana Notte Romana
1939 for women and men

perfume Violetta di Parma Violetta di Parma
1970 for women

Borsari Arte

perfume Assenzio Assenzio
2010 for men

perfume Black Calla Black Calla
2010 for women and men

perfume Boccioli d'Arancio e Zenzero Boccioli d'Arancio e Zenzero
2010 for women and men

perfume Lemongrass e Cassis Lemongrass e Cassis
2010 for women

perfume Neroli, Bamboo e Fior di Loto Neroli, Bamboo e Fior di Loto
2010 for women and men

perfume Rosa e Pepe Rosa e Pepe
2010 for women

Viaggio in Italia

perfume  Acqua Della Macchia Mediterranea Acqua Della Macchia Mediterranea
1997 for women and men

perfume Acqua Delle Terre Rosse Acqua Delle Terre Rosse
1996 for women and men

perfume Finestrella Finestrella
for men



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